Penile Amputation

I tend to get worried when I am sitting at my desk and I hear the TV talking about penile amputation and making vaginas out of left over parts and whatnot.

Holy cow, the wife is watching this.

I consider myself pretty open-minded but there were a couple of mutants that just flashed across the screen.


how do they go pee?

Why would they want to lose the ability to pee standing up anyway?

What’s the meaning of life?

Heck, they don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for that transgender surgery shit. Come on over to doctor richard’s basement and I’ll fix you right up with my rusty garden implements on the cheap. I might even hit you in the head with a hammer if you are in need of a pain killer.

Dude, if you are born as a man or woman, you need to stay that way. Fooling around with that stuff is just freaky.