Can You Hear Me Now?

Fall Back. Spring Forward.

Or maybe it’s spring back and fall forward.


I get it. Spring forward and Fall back.

I’m sure I must be brain dead or something. I’m riding home from drawer change tonight and it struck me. Spring Forward. Fall back. As in the seasons. I’m sure I already knew that but for some reason the play on words hit me as if I had just learned something. Working where I work must be steadily retarding my brain or something. Just give me another decade and I’ll be a gibbering drooling fool.

Oh wait, I already am.

Can it get any worse?

So here it is about 10:30. Or 8:30. Shit, it’s 11:30 and I have to get up at 5 am. So does that mean I’m getting up at 6 or 4? Can’t I just call in and forget this shit.

Why can’t the government just let Mr. Sun and Mr Earth’s rotation take care of time. They seem to have done a pretty fucking good job of it prior to our meddling. Now you have 482 different time zones (unless you are smart and live in Arizona) and they change twice a year. What the fuck?

So I need to be in bed. It’s midnight now and I am not going to be worth a crap in the morning.

The girls are in South Carolina tonight. I suppose I’ll sleep on the couch as I usually do. If I happen to be off I will sleep in the bed but I am so afraid that I will oversleep when the wife isn’t here that I crash in the living room.

On an entirely different note (pun not intended but well used) I love music. I hate earphones though, thus the reason I don’t have an iPod. The earbuds are fucking irritating and headphones are almost as bad. That’s one of the reasons I gave the Marine my Jabra Bluetooth earpiece. I tried it for a couple of weeks two different times and I just hate it. I love the quality of the music with headphones but I always feel like I’m missing something with them on. I also can’t do like the wife does and only keep one in her ear while she’s pretending to pay attention with the other one (the deaf one). I am not easily fooled.

Wait a minute. Actually I guess I am, but I digress.

When I bought the Blackberry last month (did I tell you I’m selling my Samsung i760 on eBay?) it came with a set of earbuds. These are kind of nice. They are heavy. Damn, they actually have metal in them and aren’t some cheap ass piece of crap plastic junk that I’m going to tear up in two days. I set them aside. Since there’s no one in the house but me and I don’t want to hear the yipping of the dog as I kick him through the house I figured I would try them out tonight. Very nice. I also like the media player that comes with the Blackberry as well. The only problem I have is that it won’t let me hide shit from it, so along with every fucking song on my SD card I also get 2 seconds dings and pings and assorted whoops in between songs. I don’t want that shit going off when I’m listening to music. Can’t they fix this shit?

Speaking of eBay, the auction on my phone should have been complete several days ago but they killed the first one. AND charged me $27 bucks for it. “KEYWORD SPAMMING” Here’s a keyword for you. Two, actually. FUCK YOU.

I had it listed as a Samsung i760, almost new. Hell, I have used eBay for about seven years now, but I am not on there very often and I don’t know anything about keyword spamming. It IS almost new you bunch of shitheads. They fucking waited until six days into the auction when it was up to at least the amount I really want for the phone, THEN they cancel the fucking thing. Bullshit. So I have about three bids right now and it’s only going for $250 right now. If’n you are looking for a Windows Mobile 6 phone, head your happy ass on over and bid. Just because I hate the fucking thing doesn’t mean that you will. I understand it’s supposed to be a pretty good phone but after three months of usage I hate it.

Now the Blackberry Pearl this thing’s the shit. It had better be for $450. It’s not the perfect phone by any means but it’s pretty cool. I think someone needs to ship me their iPhone and let me use it for a couple of months so that I can see if I like it or not. You go into the Verizon place (or wherever the fuck you shop) and they have these stickers on the screens and very few working models around so you can’t really tell how much of a pain in the ass it is going to be to use or if you are going to like it or not. And these geeks that write the call phone reviews are all fucking retards anyway. What the fuck do they know and how many times have they had to try and cover two different shifts with people that have called in in three different stores while they are driving somewhere anyway. With a cup of coffee in one hand and a smoke in the other. Now THAT’s the test of a goddamned phone! If I can call out and answer while playing with myself at 80mph that’s the phone I need and don’t give me any of that hands free bullshit. The same thing applies to hands free devices that does to earbuds and head phones and retards that look like they are talking to themselves in the car need to be run off the road anyway.

Well, now that it really is late I have to hit the sack.