Just Stopping By…

Holy Cow!

I almost went two days without posting. That is very unlike me. I don’t remember the last time I went two entire days without posting, even while on vacation.

Work has been pretty rough (when is it not?). I have been without a manager at one of my stores for almost three weeks now and it appears that they are going to leave me without one until mine comes back to work and that might be months from now if ever. It’s worse when my two remaining managers have the day off since I have to run both of the stores. I may get the use of a couple of manager trainees here and there but that’s not written in stone yet.

My patience with some of these people is starting to wear thing thin though, I know that. I got back from vacation 19 days ago and I have had two days off since then. I might get lucky and get a day off this week as well as possibly a half day, but I won’t know until it happens. That’s of course if I don’t kill someone between now and then.

I haven’t even taken the time to check comments or trackbacks it’s been so busy and other than a couple of posts here or there that will be coming up, this is the first time I’ve sat down at my computer in a couple of days.

Normally as soon as I arrive home in the afternoon I will sit down and blog for awhile but today it was so nice outside that that’s where I stayed for a couple of hours. I planted some broccoli in an old sandbox, one of those plastic ones that is shaped liked something, in this case a green turtle. I poked holes in the bottom for drainage and then dumped in some potting soil. As long as I can keep those nasty old green worms off of the stuff I’ll be OK. Is Sevin dust OK to put on Broccoli? I also cleared some downed limbs and pulled them up to a pile at the very back of the yard, put down a little bit of gravel in a walkway, hung some new garden lights and tried to decide where to plant some more stuff.

I have quite a bit of stuff to go into the ground this year. Elephant Ears, Cannas, Lillies, Gladiolas, Caladiums, Tomatoes, peas, strawberries, and tons of flower seeds that I am most likely going to just scatter on the hill and hope like hell they grow. I also have some shit to put down that will hopefully scare off the ants. I need to break out the spreader and go to town with that. I was sort of hoping to rent a tiller this year and put new grass down in the back but since I’m pinching pennies for the trip to Disney, that may be out until later on.