Tornado Damage

We had some pretty severe weather here in west hell this afternoon. The wind howled, rain was coming down sideways and there was the threat of tornados most of the afternoon. There was at least one that touched down north of here in Polk County. At least two people died because of it.

Mayor Shirley Franklin and Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue have also declared a state of emergency for the city of Atlanta due to storm damage and they are urging people to stay inside unless absolutely necessary.

Another tornado also touched down in Atlanta as well. Cabbagetown is a pretty historic area of town and about 20 homes were damaged or completely destroyed. The police are urging people to stay away for the time being.

The last big tornado that hit the city was back in 1975. I remember that one. There was a swath of damage for miles. Three people were killed in that storm.

I just got finished watching a video that looks like it was shot from a cell phone. It’s in a neighborhood near Camp Creek Parkway (west side of Atlanta) and clearly shows a funnel cloud moving through the neighborhood. Whoever shot it was obviously upstairs shooting out a window. All I could think of was “what a dumb ass”.

Here are some pictures of the tornado damage in Atlanta, thanks to Voxant Newsroom.










We were pretty lucky out here. The wife and kids were up and down the stairs to the basement most of the afternoon and without power while I was stuck at work. No damage to our neighborhood or anyone I know, at least that I have heard. My sympathies go out to those folks that have been hurt or the families of those that have been killed.