How's This For Creepy?

Want to get real creeped out?
Samuel Rael is/was an attorney. In 1995 he decided he wanted to make a movie. The name of the movie is Deadly Run. Here’s the synopsis from IMDB:

Respected and very wealthy Atlanta, GA-area realtor Bobby Wilson has a wife, son and daughter, but does some things unknown to them. He has a cabin on a rural tract 200 miles to the north, to where he often flies his airplane carrying abducted, minimally-attached females, who he there releases as game and fatally hunts. A girlfriend of a victim convinces a cop to help close in on Bobby.

Another damned slasher flick right? The thing is, Samuel had an unpaid adviser on the film from start to finish. The adviser thought it would be a good idea to have the killer out in the woods for him to hunt down as prey. He also found the cabin in the North Georgia mountains where they did quite a bit of shooting. In Deadly Run the bad guy held women captive in the cabin.
Samuel Rael met this guy in the mid-80’s when he was an attorney. He defended him on several charges over the years, including trespassing, arson and false solicitation of charitable donations.
When he wanted to make the movie his client/friend was full of great ideas. That makes sense since the guy in question is Gary Michael Hilton, the freak that likes to kill people in the woods. I’ll bet the serial killer experts are having a field day with this.
So the question begs, when did he start killing. Is he living out some sick kind of fantasy that was still only in his head 13 years ago or had he already started killing people? According to Transylvania County, North Carolina Sheriff David Mahoney, Hilton is not currently considered a suspect in any unresolved cases during the time the film was made.
I think I would have to start looking at some of the murders around that time period nonetheless.