A Two Handed Drinker

Damn. Now that was a good nap.

I hadn’t planned on sleeping but it just turned out that way.

The wife and girls went to church for supper tonight. Now before you say it, “Gawrsh, they let the Miles household into church!”, the girls particularly enjoy it. The wife isn’t exactly church-going and I would rather have my toenails ripped out of my feet with a pair of pliers than have to sit through a sermon. Except for all that God clap-trap and preaching church is OK I guess. I always felt that it was a good place for the kids and the social environment. Unless you go to one of those snake handling places, I guess.

I used to attend church as a kid with my great aunt. Speaking of whom, I don’t remember if I have posted this or not but it’s me at around 3 and my great aunt.

Richie and Big Helen Late Sixties.jpg

I see that I must have posted it before, it was already on my server.

Anyway, her health isn’t too great. She’s eightiy something, has diabetes, glaucoma, heart problems, has broken her hip at least once, is pretty much blind because of the glaucoma and is in generally piss poor health. I really need to drive in to Atlanta and see her soon but I hate too because she has changed so much mentally over the last couple of years. Not for the good either. I actually get two days off next week for the first time since before I went to Nassau in the middle of February, perhaps I will make the trek to Atlanta then.

While Atlanta is on my mind, the Georgia Renaissance Festival is happening soon. The last couple of years we have made it an annual thing and year before last we left the kids with babysitters and had a freaking blast. This past year even Zonker met us down there. Normally I end up going toward the last weekend but this year I am off the weekend of April 12th and 13th. As it stands now I am planning on being at the renaissance festival with beer in hand on Saturday the 12th. If you have a compelling reason why I should change it to Sunday, let me know as I am flexible. It would be pretty cool to get a couple of bloggers down there. This year they have the Royal Lipizan Stallions show and that’s supposed to be pretty cool. Photo opps abound!

I thought I had some photos from last years ren fest up on Flickr but apparently not. I have solved that world issue and here are some of the photos from last years jaunt to south of Atlanta. Mind you, some of the pictures were on my phone. I may get around to sending them to flickr one of these days.

Updated – oops, I just pasted the photo link, forgot all about that img src crap…

I told him nobody should drink two at a time, but do you think anyone fucking listens to me? Oh, hell no!