Custom Photo Cards

I am pretty awful about sending cards when it’s time for people’s birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc…I am much better at sending emails and thank you notes that way. I don’t think it’s the cards that I have a hard time sending, it’s just about anything in an envelope for some reason. I pay 99% of my bills online and the other one or two on the phone before I will mail them. That doesn’t mean that I think cards are bogus though. Just look at the custom Photo Greeting Cards that CardsDirect has for instance.

I really like the photo cards. If the picture is well done then sending out photo cards during the holidays is a really cool idea. has over 70 different designs of greeting cards to choose from and some of them have really nice designs. I prefer the full color photo without any borders or doo-dads myself.

You can get a box of 100 for a little over $100 and while that may sound like a lot, think about it. When is the last time you printed out $100 photos on your inkjet printer and how many photo cartridges did it take? Not only that but it’s not just the photo, it’s the whole card, inside and out. The time and money I would save by ordering from CardsDirect make it worth the small expense. Heck, I might even get them in the mail rather than just sitting in a box in the top of my closet like the last Christmas Cards I bought.