It's all about the boobs, man

No, really.
Whenever I am in that state where I just can’t function and just need a good laugh, there are a couple of sites I can go to that just cheer me up long enough to stumble back to bed. Mr Fab’s Neighborhood is one of those and right now he’s having a cleavage contest you should go check out.
19 bloggers have pictures posted of their tits, you have to match each blogger to the photo for a chance at $50. Sweet deal. Look at boobs, get paid. That’s the kind of job I really need. I keep telling my waitresses the same thing and for some reason they started jacking their jaws about sexual harassment. All that legal mumbo jumbo just takes the fun out of all kinds of shit.
Anyway, I may go over tomorrow and make several uneducated guesses. I do know that (or at least think) that V is Mr Fab himself. Not that I have ever seen Mr Fab’s tits or anything, mind you. At least not in public. There was that time though…
We are the perverts in your neighborhood
in your neighborhood
in your neighborhooood
we are the perverts in your neighborhood
blah blah blah I can’t remember the rest…
fuck it.