Today Show

So I get this call about 7:30 this morning from one of my managers. Apparently Meredith from the Today show and film crew were at one of my restaurants. Of course the only though going through my mind at that time was ‘fuck!’

Apparently they were wanting to interview a truck driver or something. I don’t even know what it was about. Obviously since I leave the house by 6:30 every day I don’t watch a hell of a lot of daytime TV. I’ve looked on the web site but haven’t found anything there yet.

Anyhow, apparently they showed up around seven this morning or so and of course does my manager call me or my boss or even his boss? Fuck no, she calls the senior vice president. TWICE. Told him she was sorry for calling him but figured she would cut through the red tape and new that before anyone could shoot inside the store she had to get permission from the communications department.

That’s all fine and dandy except that he wouldn’t know who to call. As soon as I found out about it I called the person at the corporate office that had to OK it, and he did. Real simple and it could have happened when they showed up if the damned girl had just called me like she was supposed to. Now I have to put up with shit from above with my SVP wanting to know why the managers are calling him. It’s about par for the course with this manager though, she’s been doing stuff like that to her old district manager for the last five years. Her hearts in the right place but she’s just not willing to do the things we pay her to do, the way we pay her to do them.