I smell sex and candy


Unfortunately all I had today was candy.

Have you ever made cotton candy? I love cotton candy. I always wanted to know how to make the stuff and I got to find out how the last two days.

I’ve seen much more complicated setups but the one I used yesterday and this afternoon was pretty simple. Basically it’s just a motor with a small bowl with holes in it sitting on top of an axle. Around that goes a big old metal pan to hold the candy. Cotton candy is just plain old sugar with some flavor added, pretty much. You let the bowl heat up (there’s a little heater in there) and then turn the wheel on and it starts spinning and out comes the spun sugar which you put your little stick in and twirl it around while going around the bowl in a direction opposite the spinning of the bowl holding the sugar. It’s actually pretty neat. No cover or anything but I suppose if you are inside or in a stall at some freakshow that wouldn’t be an issue.

Hangin’ round downtown by myself
And I had so much time
To sit and think
about myself
And then there she was
Like double cherry pie
Yeah there she was
Like disco superfly
I smell sex and
candy here
Who’s that lounging
in my chair
Who’s that casting
devious stares
In my direction
Mama this surely
is a dream Hangin’ ’round downtown by myself
And I had too
much caffeine
And I was thinkin’
’bout myself
And then there she was
In platform double suede
Yeah there she was
Like disco lemonade
I smell sex and
candy here
Who’s that lounging
in my chair
Who’s that casting
devious stares
In my direction
Mama this surely
is a dream
Mama this surely
is a dream
Yeah mama this must
be my dream


Try using it in a field with the wind blowing. Yesterday wasn’t a real huge day but today we had a great turnout.

I suppose I should tell you what we were doing and how I got roped into being the cotton candy man.

We had community easter egg hunts at two of our restaurants this weekend. One in Bremen yesterday and the other in Villa Rica this afternoon. Nothing fancy, just the egg hunt, plenty of sugary sweets and cake and cookies along with popcorn and one of those air jump things. The kids loved it. We had them at four p.m. so yesterday wasn’t a huge turnout. Four is sort of early for a Friday afternoon what with traffic and school and whatnot but today… today was an entirely different beast. People started arriving at our store 30 minutes before it was to start and we ended up with at least 200-300 people. It’s a good fucking thing I like my job. I made fucking cotton candy for an hour and a half solid before I got a break and then they all just sort of melted away. I had so many ‘cobwebs’ hanging off my arms and back and hair I asked the lady making popcorn next to me to get me a butcher knife so I could be ‘cotton candy man’. I’ll probably have nightmares about it tonight.

So here I sit eating my healthy dinner of McDonald’s, sun burnt and covered with a pink sugary substance.

At least I didn’t have to dress up as the easter bunny!

I never want to see any more fucking cotton candy as long as I live.

Shower and a nap. In that order.

While you aren’t doing anything of import why don’t you do send your condolences to Fat Hairy Bastard, whose father has passed away. Thanks to Holder for letting me know.

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  1. Why not send down a detachment of the Alabama National Guard and let them go on searching. It seems the Arubians have quit. Also we have heard NOTHING at all from our own FBI who is down there. Makes you go “ummmmmmmm” dont it.

  2. no one admitted to harming her or killing her, they aren’t releasing information right now.

  3. I think that the boys aren’t going to confess to anything because It gives them enough time to think up some more plans so that they could get away with it. You know damn well that no girl in her right mine at seventeen anyway is going to go on the beach with three guys in a country they don’t know by themselves it sounds to me that someone story is off balance. I feel really bad for the family, but also why would you let your seventeen year old daughter go to a country by herself, oh but besides the chaperons and the 124 classmates. I think that she may have had a couple of drinks or so but I don’t believe that they brought her back to that hotel like they said. They are just trying to cover up the crime that was committed.

  4. I have to agree with Michelle here. They are just getting more time to cover up whatever crime was commited. Don’t forget that the 17 year old is the son of an Aruban judge.
    I also feel very sorry for the family. At one point in time I allowed my oldest (my son) to go to Cancun with his class and a couple of chaperones. At that point in time it did not bother me at all to let him go, but now I would think twice and probably not allow it at all.
    I suppose it is possible that she is still alive, but I highly doubt it.

  5. I know the aruban people, I’ve been going to Aruba since 1984. I know the young people get loud and excited in the few bars available on the island. The Aruban people are, for the most part, extremely fine, honest people who are very proud of the little island. I know it’s difficult to believe, but it is not in their character to be evil. I can only assume the person who did this, if anything was indeed done, is not Aruban.

  6. Steve – That is like saying that everyone from Georgia is an illiterate redneck. Redneck I may be but certainly not illiterate (although that could also be debated). I am sure that most of the people that you have met in Aruba ARE nice decent people, but as human beings go, there is always a scumbag in the bunch somewhere. Otherwise Aruba would have no need for a police force.
    One point though in your defense, is that all of the suspects are Dutch, Surinaam, NOT Aruban.
    One of the things that point to someone lying is the fact that the three boys that are being held have all changed their stories at least once.

  7. For Natalie, I pray that she is alive and will return. For her parents I pray they never give up.
    But I pray that many hearts will open.
    I pray the USA brings all of them home.
    And to close this email, I pray that teens that have never drank before, think about it and talk about it with something that has, like their parents.

  8. I am going on a preplanned trip to Aruba on Thursday w/my husband and 2 daughters. We planned and paid for it in March based on the beaches and safety Aruba boasts.
    We are still going and are regretful that our trip will be marred by the current sadness for Natalie and her family. We will remain faithful that Aruba is a fine and exclusive place to visit and that anyone can make a bad choice which leads to an unsuspecting and unanticipated end. I bet Natalie was from a friendly town where everyone knew and trusted eachother and she projected that trust to these strangers. She was raised to think the best of people and who, at 17, didn’t make at least one bad decision?????
    I say we pray and hope that her family reaches closure. We reflect on the fact that anything can happen anywhere and that one terrible incident does not define a country…if that were true, the US would have no tourism!

  9. I live in a small town like that. The kind where you don’t need to lock your door to run down to the grocery, and my children are very trusting.
    This certainly shouldn’t define Aruba (or anywhere else for that matter) but people need to be a little more wary of strangers, no matter how trusting or polite they may be.
    I am going on vacation at the end of July, and Aruba is one of the places I am considering, even with this going on. The main thing that might stop me is finances (three children get mighty expensive) NOT this.
    Hopefully her family will find out soon what happened. I am not sure what would be worse, one of my children being killed, or just not knowing what happened to them. I shudder to even think about it. As much of an asshat I might be at times, I love my children and they are my life.

  10. The truth of the matter is that such things could happen in Alabama, or anywhere else, perhaps even more than it can happen in Aruba. It is truly unfortunate that it (whatever it is) did happen to Natalie in Aruba. But I think that’s not enough ground not to go to Aruba, or anywhere else for that matter. I don’t think that Natalie’s mother is at fault in any way either – kids go overseas and, quite frankly, it must feel somewhat safe to know that your daughter is in the company of 124 colleagues and 7 chaperones. And we can’t really tell what may have actually happened – whether she went to the beach on her on volition or under the influence of alcohol. I really do pray for her safety – but I am also aware that my prayers don’t always get answered.

  11. This is truly an unfortunate situation for all involved…I am a mother of 3 lovely children who are “intelligent (straight A-s), responsible, and just downright ‘good kids'”…but you know what? I shudder to think what they might consider doing while I am not in their company, things we as parents hope never happen, things we know that naive, trusting, good-hearted children will do (because they ARE naive, trusting, and good-hearted!). I beleive that every teen makes a not-so-right decision at some point, a decision that will “teach them a lesson”…and in some cases (due to the horrendous actions of OTHERS) there will be an ultimate price paid for a lesson to be taught to others. I believe Natalee was a good, responsible, intelligent young woman…a loving, trusting young woman…a young woman whose innocence and naivety was stripped from her by those we can not even relate to, nor would we want to. My prayers go out to her family and friends, and most importantly to her mother…God help me (not to mention those involved) if I was ever in her shoes! (To those of you who seem to be attacking her mother for allowing her to “go to another country alone”…PLEASE!!! She was NOT alone, she was doing what every red-blooded teen in ANYWHERE does…celebrating her Graduation! (& with over 100 of her classmates and chaperones, might I add!)) Do NOT judge someone until you have walked in their shoes! Prayers of “closure” to you Mr. & Mrs. Twitty, family, and friends…may GOD bring your beautiful, loving daughter back to you!

  12. @Cindy: I understand you feeling your kids are smart by being straight A students and all… but that has absolutely nothing to do with experience and common sense.
    Being book smart does absolutely diddly when dealing with people our here in the real world.

  13. I think since this is an american girl missing they should extrodite the 3 guys to the US for handling. Also, I think the Arubians are dragging their feet hoping it will go away. Therefore, I think we need to boycott Aruba – no cruise ships should stop there, no americans should go there as tourists until Natalie is found and the 17 year old is convicted

  14. As a student who went to Cancun a few years ago for my senior trip, I can relate I look back on it now and think to myself that could have been me!! We partied like rock stars and were so naive of what could really happen to us. We didnt have chaporones or anyone looking over us we did what we wanted when we wanted. Us girls went to clubs by ourselves and drank all night.
    Besides that, I pray for Natalies’ safe return but we all know that will not be the case…

  15. Mr. and Mrs. Holloway,
    May this terrible time come to pass.
    My sincerest prayers go to you and your family.
    I feel your pain.

  16. i just hope they find the girl, for the sake of her parents and friends. this should go out as a lesson to eveyone. but at the same time things like this happen everywhere, to people everyday, no matter where you are. young kids get drugged all of the time. there really is no telling what exactly happeened to this girl but whoever did this will pay for the rest of their lives, not only in punishment but also with their mind thinking of what they have done to somone so precious and innocent. my heart goes out to all of natalie’s friends and family and i wish you all the best. and may God bless you all.

  17. The situation can be easily settled by our country becoming involved. We now go across the world to help people who care nothing for us as American we spend our tax dollars on a cuase which at this point has not solution but for American to lose there life and families here suffer. The senator and state rep from Alabama needs to become involve along with the Consulate from the Netherlands for the United States. People come to this country everyday and treated far better and more respect where is the justice in that for Natalee and her family. This happend to shed a light on people traveling abroad to show that if someting happens you are almost on your own. LAso more importantly if God did not want this to happen it would not have happened. 911 was as an expample that no one can ignore and still to day we are having episodes from him because of how we have handles things > i understand that we are not privy to everything but neither are we not able to figure out things. The sad part is that until people begin to respect people and not party lines the world will continue to churn out of control. The prayes of the righteous avail much.

  18. I travel abroad quite a bit. It never ceases to amaze me how reckless, young white, american girls are when they go abroad. Especially girls from the midwest and south. It is almost like they have taken the reigns off them for the first time, and they just do whatever they want to do, regardless of the consequences.
    Different country. Different world.
    This is a tragic outcome from a bad decision.
    Natalee Holloway was by no means “stupid”.
    She just trusted the wrong guy (the dutch kid
    whose father is a judge). But then again, if
    she had met him Alabama, he would have been
    considered quite a catch. At least by most
    Alabama parents standards.

  19. I honestly think that America needs to be more involved with pushing for answers from the 3 boys who are lying through their teeth. And you know there is somthing going on because of who the Dutch teen’s father is. That is no excuse, if they were ordinary people with no high ranking authority they would have been busted and the case would have some more evidence. I shudder to think where Natalie really is and if my feeling is correct they will never find her. I honestly do not think she is still on the island, or they would have found her by now. A
    And what about the evidence of the polka dot undies and condoms? Nothing more said about that huh?
    They need to put some pressure on the three teens again, keep going over and over it again and again. They are bound to crumble sooner or later. And keep the Dutch teen’s father away from him and everyone else right now. No high Ranking influences should be allowed right now.
    God bless the Holloways and the Twitty’s our hearts are open and praying for you.

  20. I agree with the majority of all the responses, america really needs to get more involved, it is shown it is all a cover up. Those boys are lying. They need to be seperated. I hear the dad is suing so he can see his son. He knows his son did it. Probably helped get rid of her. I feel in my heart in a crime of passion they did something to her. I feel like she was tooken advantage of and they killed her. Not on purpose but out of passion. They know what they did to her. Aruba officials messed up when they let them go the first time. They had plenty of time to conjure up lies. Its a damn shame too because her parents are still there, heartbroken, cant leave cause they dont have their daughter. I continually pray that they can find the truth. I believe in my heart they will find out the truth. It lies with those boys.

  21. @Posted by: Richard at June 14, 2005 10:14 PM
    Do not protect aruban citizens like that, vacation is difrent than living on the island. Everywhere u can have evil persons & not everyone is the same. Aruban people is like every other people if they have to kill they will do it, so don’t talk like sins does not happen in Aruba or like it’s Eden because it’s not. & guess what “yes” the lovely aruban goverment is protecting the 17 year old.

  22. i just want to say from the bottom of my heart, that i’m sorry. Sorry for her parents, sorry for her friends, and sorry for her. i hope that she is okay.But for future reference, parents please dont send your kids to foreign places.

  23. I cant help but wonder if the lighthouse itself has been searched!I have watched and listen to every report and I have not yet heard anyone say that the lighthouse was searched. I live less than 50 miles from Natalie’s hometown in Alabama and I am sadden beyond belief that this has happened to her and her family! My heart and prayers go out to them all!

  24. I pray for Natalie and her family. I pray that she is found and that she may be reunited with her family. I have tears running down my face from just imagining the torment that her family is going through. Wherever you are Natalie, God Bless you.

  25. My question is why would anyone that was on the trip with Natalie leave without her? They say that there were chaperones on this trip along with other students? Why in gods name would they leave and go home without her? She had to of had other people staying with her in the hotel, how would they not notify someone that she had not showed up for her flight home and not have shown some sort of concern? I have seen many girls discuss that she was acting weird that night. That she was hanging with these 3 boys. Did it ever occur to anyone that she was probably slipped a rufey in her cocktail which would disable her from any logical thinking? She is said to be a honor student and had so many friends. Where in the hell were her so called “friends” the evening that she disappeared? If she had been acting weird, someone should have been keeping an eye on her and not allowed her to stay out all hours of the night with strangers, no matter if she had met this guy from the previous nights before ( which has been also reported).
    As for the authorities, I think they really have screwed up. They took in 2 innocent people, not focusing on the three that are truly the ones that needed to be looked at. In which case, they were able to interact, get their stories straight and dispose of any evidence that could possibly link them to her besides their initial interaction at the bar. I think the finger should be pointed not only at the chaperones, but at the authorities for waiting so long to arrest these bastards. Having been so lax about all of this could have really made a difference in bringing Natalie home.

  26. What if someone else is involved ?
    Suppose that…
    Joran & Natalie were dropped off near the Marriott… Natalie thinking that a walk down the beach to the Holiday Inn would be a romantic way to end the trip and would help her sober-up…and Joran thinking the “real make-out” area is right here…
    Suppose that…
    Either Natalie said “No” or things got rough or there was an alcholic drug OD…or Joran intentionally killed her… whatever happened N. died.
    Suppose that….
    Joran is now panicked; she ruined everything… he had to get out of this; he needed to get rid of the body; but, he couldn’t do it himself;
    Suppose that…
    Afraid to tell his friends, he called the one person who had always gotten him out of trouble… He needed help.
    His Father.

  27. This is typical rich kid stuff.
    They feel they’re above it all.
    They think they can come and go, and do as they wish.
    Often because who daddy is.
    Nevertheless, that’s beside the point.
    Also, I don’t think Natalee was very “Street Smart”.
    Here’s a girl, very young, alone in somewhat a peaceful environment but still in a strange place, and away from people that know her.
    Probably acting a little reckless (as most of us did at that age)
    Now a days, besides talking to your kids about life’e dos and donts, is not enough.
    Exposing your children to “Street Smart” values, is an extra level of protection.

  28. OK. Does Natalie have a cell phone! Call the number try to track it down and there u’ll fined her. Gosh she is alive u just have to look for her. And get the CIA the FBI to look fo rcauze I know we can fined her.

  29. Now there’s an idea that I am sure nobody has fucking thought of yet. I hope that if I get lost that nobody has to fined me or else I’m done for.

  30. I’m with you Richard,
    We should alert the authorities in Aruba, and suggest that they dial Natalee’s cell phone number.
    Now why has not anyone thought of it before? Not.

  31. come on now, if she had a cell phone don’t you think that at least her mom would of tried calling. be real

  32. I agree that the mother is not at fault. You can’t lock your kids up until they’re 21, and you can’t go on senior trips with your parents hanging around!
    I do, however, put blame on her “friends” Not that they need any type of persecution from outsiders, because they’ve learned their lesson by now. No matter what, you should always, ALWAYS watch your friends, especially females, and especially when you’re drinking. But then again, I know when you’re on a trip, you’re ALL drinking and there’s not one of you that will be the designated “babysitter”.
    Where were the chaperones?? That’s my biggest problem. No one has ever mentioned anything about their responsibility to watch over these kids. And I can say that but I know that it is really hard for 7 people to watch over over 100 students.
    And what’s worse is the fact that these boys are so young. It hurts me to know such young people could be capable of such darkness. Serious problems in our world.

  33. Most people do not have their cell phones set up to intercept or make International calls. On a visit to Aruba last year I inquired with my cell phone carrier on setting up international calling for my vacation only. I was told this was not an option. Case being if Natalie did not have international calling privilges calling her cell phone would be useless.

  34. So, is it true that this boy confessed he killed her? Because I’ve read many news saying this isn’t true and that police have not found her. Please confirm this.

  35. Jacki – I haven’t heard anything like that yet. As far as I know they have not found her, and nobody has actually confessed anything. Watching the news channels like everyone else, well, maybe less, I hate the news.

  36. If any of you listen to the reports her cell phone was left at the hotel. It was with her passport. The chaperon that stayed behind used it the following day to call the kids upon their return to the States to ask them some follow-up questions.

  37. Why would anyone want to go to Aruba, it is one of the Drug capitals of the world. Everything is run by the Drug Kingpins in Holland, not on Aruba.

  38. I dont think the people in Aruba investigation this dissappearence are doing a good job in getting to the bottom of this.
    Questions? how did the Dutch kid get home if he was dropped off.
    What time did he get home??
    He sent a text message to his friend through a cell phone. Where was he when he sent the message. In other cases in USA they can tell where someone is when they make cell phone calls. It has worked in the Peterson Case and the Case of the Child in California, in putting the Suspect in a place.
    I dont think the Media is doing a good job either. Someone has to KNOW what happened to her. Aruba is not that big, people are talking, discussing it. What are people saying?? Open a TIP line…
    NYC cops would have solved it already… taking evidence days and weeks after the crime out of a house where the girl never was, what are they looking for at that point. Yes it could happen anywhere, But Aruba does not have expereince with investigations of this kind. If it was my daughter I would get private investigators to start asking very serious questions of.
    Someone knows what happened to her..

  39. This is getting so frustrating – Natalies disappearance is no longer on the headline news and its been over two weeks without any answers. I can NOT understand why in the hell it is so difficult to find this girl if the Island of Aruba truely wanted to!!!!!! I say – let Natalies mother at the boys!!!!!

  40. I pray for all who are involved to have the strength and faith to get through this horrible possible end to such a loved and valued young woman who seems to have had her life ended so abruptly. My heart goes to all of you.

  41. Lets be honest here, tourism is the only thing that this counrty has going for it. They are doing as little as possible to help the Holloway family in my opinion. By the time they find Natalie, the evidence of what happened will be gone and they will try and spin it as an accidental drowning or some other garbage. I have been to Aruba several times and the “safety” factor is one of their biggest things they tout to tourists. If they lose that, they know they will lose millions. Thats why they are not doing everything they can to help the Hollways. They would like to help Natalie’s parents find her, but its not the top priority.

  42. It’s obvious the boys know what happened to her; they were with her last. Why don’t they MAKE them talk? You know, the boys in the US have a way of finding out what they need to know. This is not some Sunday school. Starve their asses, keep them there until they talk! Find a way! Or let the mother at the Dutch kid; I would have ripped his head off (or at least he’d known I’d been there!) Natalie is American – send the three here to the US. I bet we could find a way to make them talk. Aruba is dragging this out way too long.

  43. Perhaps in her drunken condition the boy forced a BJ on her, or otherwise failed to pay attention during one, she asparated/suffocated, and in panic, he dumped her body on the north side of the island waters, well known for sharks. Having already lied, he can’t come clean. I sure hope the truth is not as bad as my imagination!

  44. Hello, I am Dimitra from Greece.
    I lived in Alabama as a student at Jacksonville State. I am very shocked and sad for whatever happened to Natalie. I pray for her ! and I hope that God give her mom strength to cope with it. I agree that Aruban authorities are not doing their BEST.
    Let them bring the THREE of them in Greece and we can show the world
    I believe that US should start taking REAL CONTROL of the situation ! and not
    let it go away !
    OUR PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU ALL: NATALIE HER MOM, AND ALL RELATIVES – FRIENDS – SOCIETY standing by them at these difficult moments.

  45. I am a Travel Agent near Natalies Home
    Town. I was everying news cast, search
    the internet, but as someelse said, the
    information has gone to almost nothing
    today. I feel sure the authorities
    now more than they are saying. I have
    been to Holland where prostition, drugs
    and everything else is legal. Natalie
    is either dead in the water and sent
    somewhere else to be used by drug lords
    and worse. Venezuela is only 17 miles
    from Aruba, no one is looking there.
    There has been to much time now, The
    news even talked about the pier at the
    Marriott where the fishing boats come in. Perfect way to get someone or a body off the island. The authorities
    on this island will do nothing to harm
    the tourism. This is a very poor island except for tourism and drugs. I
    pray for her return, as I am the Mother
    of 3 daughters and one son. If I could
    afford it, I would be down there looking to and I don’t even know the
    family. The United States should have
    done something before now. All evidence is gone now. But like her mom
    said God hasn’t told us to give up yet.

  46. I have been following this story, as many around the world have. I pray for a safe return. As a new mother, I think of how much I love my daughter and how it grows each day. There is nobody to blame except the one that has harmed this young woman. I want to let the family know that I am praying for them and their daughter. God Bless.

  47. My prayers are with all of Natalies family. Having lost a son at 22, I know the horrifying pain.
    Does the 17 yr old or his 26 yr old friend have access to a boat, and have they been searched. To me, if they do, there’s the answer.
    I hope after this is over, there is a serious US boycott, since our FBI may have solved this already, if allowed.

  48. To: Natalie’s Mom
    My prayer’s are with you… Continued strength in resolving this terrible incident. I wish I could afford to be there to help you and your family. You are doing an incredible job!

  49. I also live in Birmingham, AL, and everywhere you go you hear this story mentioned. I pray for her and her family. God bless you all.

  50. Being a young girl myself, and experiencing alcohol, I would say she just wanted to have a good time, and alcohol increases the desire to want to have a good time. It is possible that if she is dead it was a freak accident and people are scare to speak of it. I don’t think she thought the night would end in death, but I do think she knew leaving with three guys there was a possibility that they would want to have “fun” with her.

  51. I know Natalie’s family, my kid’s went to school with her dad, uncle and aunt. Her grandmother goes to church where I attend. If Natalie is anything like her family that I know she was a good person and I don’t believe that she would voluntarily get in a car in a strange place with three boy’s that she had only known for two day’s.Our prayers go out to Natalie and her faimly.

  52. Nobody seems to be looking at the bigger picture . All of these boy,s parent,s, are VIP why don,t u all take a minute to find out who they are .
    it,s not that the boy,s don,t want to talk” they can,t even be interview by any one, cause they have a choke hold around there necks .

  53. I am very saddened what happened with Natalie. But as some of you stated this can happen anywhere. In the U.S. there are many girls (and boys) who disappear daily, either being a victim of foul play or runaways. Aruba is one of the safest places I have ever been. I vacation there every year and have been for the last 20 years. The people there are awesome and very friendly. It is refreshing. This comes as a shock to all of the natives since crime is very low there compared to anywhere else in the world especially the U.S. There are no shootings ever since guns are illegal! Re Natalie, only she knows what happened to her and she is not here to tell us. Before we cast judgement on the Arubian people and their law enforcement, let the police do what they need to do. They have allowed the FBI to help, remember? I am sure they want to have this case resolved too. We have to remember that Aruba is not the U.S.A. and they have their own laws & procedures. No one over here would like a foreign country to come over and tell us what we are or what we are not doing….. My prayers are out for Natalie’s mother and family.

  54. I pray for this family every day and follow this story in hopes they will find Natalie and bring her home. It may sound crazy to many of you, but I sit and watch TV and court TV has a program with psycics who have found missing persons. Only if they would maybe try that as a last resort. The government and police of Aruba aren’t doing a damn thing!

  55. With so many Carlos and Charlie’s locations in the world, I imagine there are thousands and thousands of women up to the ages of even 70 who remember back in their past of when they left a Carlos and Charlie’s locations in some tropical tourish setting with a strange man…I did and looking back on the difficulty I had getting him to take me back to my hotel…I am glad to be alive…That was when I was 26…I’m 53 now…Yes, we have all made mistakes…we need to share them with young women so they have more sense than we did…..

  56. They should definately engage psychics to help.
    This is just horrible……..How do they accept the statement “something bad happened to Natalie” without demanding those boys explain !!!
    The US and Bush should definately step in . My prayers are with Natalie and the family every day!

  57. I agree also with Ashlee and Michelle. Those piss ants are not going to confess and I feel that they need more pressure put on them. Now they were the last ones to see her alive and can’t nobody tell what exactly happened.
    My heart and prayers goes out to Natalee’s family.
    But if any of you can remember this happened back in 1998 to Amy Bradley.
    She took a cruise with her parents and little brother and vanished off the ship. She has been missing for 7 years now.

  58. I believe there is a slight chance she may still be alive. I firmly believe that one if not all three of those in custody had physical contact with her first. She is not the only American girl missing there – I remember hearing about a young woman, on a cruise with her family, that disappeared there years ago. Sightings of her in a not too nice part of town were reported up to a few years ago. She was in what seemed to be a prostitution ring.
    All I can say is pray for Natalie, her family, and her classmates. Thesse animals didn’t just hurt her.

  59. The US and Bush should definately step in . My prayers are with Natalie and the family every day!
    Lucy Nathan, it’s not quite as simple as Bush or the US just stepping in. This is a foreign country that has it’s own laws. We can of course apply leverage, but can’t just hop in and interrogate people on foreign soil. This is most certainly NOT the first American to be kidnapped on foreign soil either. It’s just that she’s a white, good looking girl. The media doesn’t give a fuck about anything other than ratings, or you would hear about the other hundreds of kidnappings and dissapearances that happen each year. Since her family is at least upper-middle class, she is white, blonde, and pretty, the MSM is going into a feeding frenzy.

  60. The US and Bush should step in????
    What else, take the Islnd from the Dutch?
    What are you people?
    How many horrible things do happen right here in America?

  61. OOOOO DUHH, I got the answer, we are back to the wild, wild west. Lets shoot first and then ask questions, Yesssss!!!

  62. —————————————–
    The US and Bush should step in????
    What else, take the Islnd from the Dutch?
    What are you people?
    How many horrible things do happen right here in America?

    A damn site more than happen in Aruba. That is what pisses me off. Everyone is so up in arms over ONE missing girl. Not to belittle Natalie, or what is happening to her family, but it happens every day in the US and noone gives a shit.

  63. I believe Natalie’s mother is taking the absolute correct action in saying she will not leave Aruba without her daughter and I applaud her. Someone on that island knows where her daughter is and what has happened to her.
    Undoubtedly, if it weren’t for the American press, the 2 original black scapegoats would have been charged and found guilty of a crime they didn’t commit.
    Bush pressure in the right places works wonders. It’s called leverage….they need our tourism. We need this young girl back.
    Let’s trade.

  64. I hope and I pray they find Natilie soon. I feel sadened for her and her family. My prayers are with you.

  65. Why not just pray for her. Do not argue over who said what, and what happened. JUST PRAY that God will take care of her and her loved ones!

  66. Offer a reward (money talks ) if the price is right everybody talks. Like the old west Dead or alive, we just want to bring her home and say our good byes or celebrate and praise the lord he has granted a second chance. And we will all be more protective of ourselves. When your having fun every ones need a babysitter. And sometimes thats not a pleasant job. they have to be really patience with the party person and take responsibility for their safety. Two heads are better than one.


  68. What other girl would that be? Perhaps you could provide a link to the news clip on that one? I highly doubt it since you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. Perhaps you are referring to the 23 year old girl that was missing/abducted off of the cruise ship between Aruba and Curacao in 1999? I wouldn’t exactly call that the same damn spot and considering that it was six years ago, that is a pretty big stretch. BTW, learn a bit of internet etiquette and NOT talk in all caps.

  69. There are speculations that she may have even been abducted and sold for prostitution.
    I hope the people resposible are found, and brought to jutice.
    Nonetheless, the authorties in Aruba should realize their coffee break is over, and it’s time to really do some work, and stop worring that this is case is receiving too much press, and feel this will hust tourism.

  70. I go 2 aruba almost every year and nothing like this has ever happened.
    There is one advantage that they with living on the ocean, one word, SHARKS. that’s wat they did they killed her and fed her to the sharks. All those boys should be arrested.

  71. i hope & pray that the police or
    somebody finds this poor girl &
    pray she’s still alive. also the
    person who almost killed her needs
    to be in prison for good.

  72. My heart goes out to Natalee’s family during this very difficult time. However, I, like many others question why the parents of an 18 year old girl would allow her to travel out of the country with only 7 other adults to look after 124 students? There is no possible way that 7 adults can look after that many students effectively. Why would her so-called “friends” allow her to leave the bar with 3 strange boys from the island? My husband and I have been to Carlos & Charlies and it’s not a place I’d want my 18 year old daughter to hang out.
    I have been to Aruba and consider it one of the best places to visit in terms of safety and beauty. My husband and I have stayed at the Marriot and loved every minute we spent there. I still believe Aruba is a beautiful place to visit, however, I am beginning to question if I’d return simply because of the way this case is being handled and because of the way the law works in Aruba. I truly feel Natalee was in the wrong place at the wrong time enjoying her first taste of freedom as a young girl and made some very poor decisions.
    I do not feel Aruba is doing all they can do to solve this case. It is so frustrating to watch the news and hear the same crap day after day with no new developments. This case would have been solved by now had it taken place in the US. What they need to do is shove each of those boys into a corner and not let up until someone talks. The dutch boy and his father are extremely arrogant and need to be pushed much harder!!!
    Aruban authorities need to stop worrying how this affects their tourism…instead they need to do whatever it takes to find Natalee so her family can have some closure to this horrible nightmare. In my opinion, the longer this takes to solve, the LESS likely I am to return to Aruba, a place I once considered the “best” place to travel.
    I fully support Natalee’s parents decision to hire someone from the states to help find her…that’s the only way this case is going to be solved.

  73. This case should have been turned over to the New York Police Department.
    Those boys would know how to handle this case.
    Secondly, there’s too much at stake with the little Dutch boy and his family.

  74. Aruba is a nice place to visit, but this case needs to be solved or Aruba will never be a “Happy Island” again. A Police Sub-station should be set up near the lighthouse and people should be barred from the beach during the hours of darkness. Chaperones need to take greater responsibility by giving a safety briefing upon arrival and have a sign-in and sign-out roster that everyone has to fill out on a daily basis. There is excuse to find out that someone is missing at the airport on the day of departure! Each student should have another student assigned to them who knows their whereabouts. This is called the “Buddy System” and it works.

  75. We( Americans ) should all boycott Aruba until this case is solved. I personally will NOT visit this place if given a choice.

  76. Mrs Twitty, I would love to hold you in my arms and tell you everything will be alright. I know you don’t want to hear this but, God Doesn’t Place Before You More Than You Can Handle. My son (to me) is like your daughter. If anything ever happened to him….I don’t know you but I love YOU!! You’ve shown so much streangth in the time of YOUR need and if when you feel you can no longer go on, please give me a call..My son gratuated on the 14th of June..Once again, Hold on and Be Strong. I’m not a prayer but I’m praying for Natalie.

  77. Just my thoughts: #1. A person from mexico comes up missing in the usa and the mexican national guard want to load up and come to america and get the mess settles asap.. I dont think so. When in rome do as the romans do. When in aruba you are subject to their laws no matter what nationality you are. # 2. Suspects father is a very important judge with lots of power…naaaa he is a school teacher studying to become a judge.. might get his degree via mail order.. but he is not a judge… #3. Red blooded american or not…a 17 year old going to a foreign country where drinking is legal is a real risk.. Think about it. now for the big one. i think natalie has been abducted by a ring of people who are in this busines and some of the suspects involved know all about it and are , at this time, trying to avoid telling on a much bigger deal than what meets the eye…. just my thoughts… i will pray for her safety and her safe return to her parents… from john in kc, mo

  78. I can relate to sending a child away on a senior trip. I think I was naive back then–I truly believed that the CHAPERONES going on those Senior trips were indeed CHAPERONES. What a joke. MISTAKE #1 was realized when I got to the airport and met the “chaperones” as they were getting on the plane–I was ready to backstroke and NOT let my daughter go on her senior trip. Those chaperones are there hired by the company that get’s these senior trips together–and it’s a free ride for them and that’s IT. They don’t care–and are not watching out for the kids. My daughter called me after being gone for 2 days and was ready to come home. MISTAKE #2 was realized then that it was nothing but a PARTY TRIP. We don’t party like that–and as I was a fairly new “single mom”, I didn’t have the money to bring her back, and apologized and told her she was there for the duration and would have to just be careful and make the best of the situation until she came home with the group 5 days later. She called me every night. If I had it to do over, it would NEVER have happened. BUDDY system–yes that is what you need–but no one was keeping up with the kids when they were there–so no one cared. HANG ON TO YOUR BABIES TIGHT–DON’T LET THEM TALK YOU INTO A TRIP LIKE THIS– I am so thankful mine made it home–and that was 5 years ago. God was with her.

  79. Innocent. Trusting. Not street smart. Natalie was all these things? Based on what? I’ve watched the news. I’ve read articles. I have no more information on this girl’s character than anyone else. How do we know she wasn’t a promiscuous teen? How do we know she wasn’t experimenting with drugs (1st time, 2nd time) – – who knows? I wonder if we would be so quick to assume “sainthood” if Natalie were black? I don’t mean to suggest she deserves anything that might have befallen her, but.. let’s hold out for the rest of the story. This may not be a case of naivete at all. It may be just another story of recklessness, irresponsibility, and bad choices.

  80. I personally think they took Natalie to Venezuala… I mean you know they are selling whites as slaves over there now

  81. Things have quieted down since it looks like a black Aruban wasn’t involved. It is sad that racism is so tantalizing. Would the story have made headlines if the woman had been black, or hispanic?

  82. I have been to Aruba and curacao and my belief is that Natalie was kidnapped. she may be in curacao or even venezuela where prostitution is the order of the day. This may be a similar case to Amy Bradley’s story which i read about for the first time when this story broke. the DJ on the boat could have played a part in the transportation and the three boys might be a little richer today.

  83. My girlfriend was visiting in aruba when Natalie disappeared. Something about Natalie just caught my attention. I watch the news everyday for some good news, but honestly now I feel something horrible has happen to Natalie. I feel she’s not on that Island aruba. The dj from the boat had access to the ocean and I think they took her out to sea. I hope they torture those cold heartless little punks in jail. Some good old fashion torture will make them talk. My heart goes out to the family, we miss you Natalie…….

  84. I can’t believe “Boycott Aruba” that is unbeleiveable! There are so many wonderful people on that island.People out there searching and lending a helping hand. Why make everyone suffer because of some sick person or persons! You would have to boycott every country around the world because the world is loaded with more of them. Common sense goes a long way, sorry but Aruba is a friendly and hospitable place to go, the only reason there is so much publicity about this is because Aruba has such a good track record and low crime rate!!!

  85. My question is. her friends say they were at a blackjack table when they first met the dutch kid.. were they at the table first or did he approach the table after they were there. (this would seem like he was staking her out) they said he was quiet. that means he was listening

  86. Robin, didn’t anybody tell you that most Americans are sheep? They follow the crowd blindly and spout shit out of their mouths without bothering to think of the consequences just because someone else said it first, Any yes, before anybody opens their fucking mought, I AM, an American, I just don’t have to have anybody to tell me what I should think or believe.

  87. The 3 boys took natalie to the party boat. All 4 attacked her. They tossed her overboard. The parents of all the boys know, as well as the arubian authorities. It is a big coverup involving all of the above. They are waiting time out. The track dogs will track natalie’s odor to the waters. Natalie’s family is hoping against hope. My prayers are with them.

  88. Ask not for whom the bell tolls…
    Several years ago in Aruba, I was struck by the island’s beauty, but also by the many isolated areas. Once on a spring break dinner cruise in Mexico, that was mainly h.s. and college students, I was appalled at how the organizers forced liquor on us at every turn, during every round of limbo, etc. My husband and I were too old for this dinner cruise, but didn’t realize that until we saw who our shipmates were. The goal? Get everyone drunk. During many spring breaks in Mexico, we were struck by the constant flow of American high school students making themselves vulnerable by drinking and often missing the last cruise back to the mainland. I disagree that this case gets attention because Natalie is an attractive white woman. This case is extraordinary because no one ever expects evil in paradise; it’s extraordinary because Aruban or Dutch law rules. It’s extraordinary because Natalie’s face is the face of every missing child, and until we have closure, we can only imagine. Natalie is every parent’s child. The bell tolls for all of us.

  89. Okay folks, lets take a break from Natalee Holloway .
    God only knows that her family is drunk with worry and fear.
    On a lighter note, lets ponder for a while of the fact that Elvis Presley was Michael Jackson’s father-in-law.

  90. I think she is on the island. I see her in a cave or something like that in the lower Northeast side of the island. about 3 miles from the coast. I have dreamed this several times since she disapearred.

  91. I think she is on the island. I see her in a cave or something like that in the lower Northeast side of the island. about 3 miles from the coast. I have dreamed this several times since she disapearred.

  92. 1st of all why dont everyone quit critizing this girl who is God knows where and everyone is out looking for her and start sending her parents support. Everyone needs to quit “who would let there 18 year old daughter go to another country” she had just graduated, she was an adult leave it alone, its done. Some of you are some of the most inconsiderate people. Who cares about what if she was black freaking racism is not the point, not everything has to be about blacks. The bottom line is they want to find their daughter whether its the worst of scenarios or not. I know I would not go home until I knew where my son was, whether he was God forbid dead, or being someones slave. So you people put yourself in their postion and think what would you do. Natalee is not a bad person because might of gone out with 3 guys, you dont know maybe she was forced and all of them are lying, her friends arent bad people because they werent watching her every move. Dont you think there going to live the rest of there lives blaming themselves and the same for the parents. Have any of you ever been drunk and done something stupid? Well quit your damn negativity and be positive for a change.

  93. There are so many strange things in this case…
    Why the investigation have been so naive???
    They looked for Natalie where the boys told police they were…near the lighthouse, near Marriot…if they changed the story why police looked for her in those places. It’s obvious that the boys are lying, so why police and investigators didn’t think that these boys told a story so they can mislead the search. They will not mention a place near the place where they dropped the body (daaa…)(if that is the case).
    The dutch boy’s father has a suspicious attitude. Press heard him insisting to his son: “don’t say anything, don’t ever say anything”…They had plenty of time to hide the body, police release them for one week…there are so many possibilities. The new suspect in custody has a boat…with a boat available the possibilities multiply. You can drop a body in a barrel with holes to the sea, you can freeze a body while you think what to do with it…and seven days is plenty of time. The behavior of the three main suspects is very suspicious, first a version, now they are fingerpointing at each other. The FBI would crack the suspects long time ago. Where was the dutch boy all those days that he was free, with who, he sneak on his father that night, he likes to gamble, so he is not a typical angelic kid that his mother want to project to the media.
    I also think that Natalie’s mother should consider the assistance of a psychic. There are good psychics that can help to solve a case like this. Because this dutch kid will not crack…he seems to be the typical handsome kid that believes that can get away with anything. The Aruban way of investigate is highly questionable…

  94. I personally think they took Natalie to Venezuala… I mean you know they are selling whites as slaves over there now
    Posted by: Jaycylyn at June 22, 2005 02:55 PM

    I am assuming that you have some sort of proof for this claim.

  95. The 3 boys took natalie to the party boat. All 4 attacked her. They tossed her overboard. The parents of all the boys know, as well as the arubian authorities. It is a big coverup involving all of the above. They are waiting time out. The track dogs will track natalie’s odor to the waters. Natalie’s family is hoping against hope. My prayers are with them.
    Posted by: Mary at June 23, 2005 09:47 AM

    Damn, one if Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Good story, could have happened. You must be one of those stupid fucking psychics that seem to be hanging out here now.

  96. I think she is on the island. I see her in a cave or something like that in the lower Northeast side of the island. about 3 miles from the coast. I have dreamed this several times since she disapearred.
    Posted by: CB203 at June 23, 2005 01:57 PM

    Thank you for your wonderful psychic ability. I saw her in my dream last night too. She was blowing me. Next time don’t hit fucking POST twice asshole.


  98. as horrible as this may sound, I hope she is dead because if she is not she is dealing with a faith worse than death. All kinds of things go on in countries like this and I fear that if she is alive she is being treated very very horribly. I feel very sorry for her family and hope they are able to find her, but it does not look likely at this point. Those boys are not talking. I believe that something horrible has happened on that beach that night, however I do not think she was forced to go against her will. Let’s be real here, she was a 17 year old girl in a tropical place on her last night. She may have been a straight A student (as they feel the need to say everytime this is mentioned on the news) but that does not change the fact that she is young with raging hormones. I am in no way calling this girl a slut but lets be honest here!!! Unfortunately for her she ran into some scum; whomever that may be. I pray that if she has gone onto a better place, that her passage over was fast and is not being dragged out even as we sit here and type our oppinions.

  99. Do you all know what happens to young American soldiers who, as a consequence of PTSD, kill or wound fellow soldiers? They get crucified by the public and thrown in jail. It is expected of 18 year old male and female soldiers to function perfectly and make reasonable decisions and if they mess up there is little sympathy. And why is it that the bad judgement of this Natalie Holloway carries so much sympathy? Because so many Americans and especially the conservatives are so incredible hypocritical. Also because of the “Americans are Superior Humans and better than other nationalities” and an “All American White Girl has been hurt by Inferior Non-Americans”. Let’s keep in mind here that there NO COUNTRY in this world where there are more crimes committed than in the UNITED STATES. Also: THE NUMBER OF PRISONERS AND THE CRIMES COMMITTED ARE A REFLECTION OF THE SOCIETY ITSELF. So what does that tell you about the American Society? The case in Aruba is an exception, whereas the messed up American Society is a continous reality. Concerning the judicial system: believe it or not, but there are actually countries out there, who unlike America, try to seek justice over vengeance and take more careful approaches in order to not convict innocent people. And for all you morons out there who are objecting right now, what country has the highest crime rate in the world again? Oh ja, its the United States, because the judicial system in this country works so well and is so much better than the Dutch (Arubian) system.

  100. Well after reading a couple of the entries posted here i have realized that there are still many close minded people in the world. A lot of you are missing an important issue here which is the not-so-kind-heartly manipulation of local men, in foreign countries, towards american women who are traveling to these foreign countries. It doesn’t have anything to do with age or her friends not watching after her, they were all there to have a good time and celebrate their last high school moments before heading down the rough road to college. A personal experience that happened while i was on vacation with my family in the carribean islands was the local men trying to flirt and get my attention to try to make me go somewhere with them. I was surprised that in Natalie’s case it went to such an extent, but these young men were probably staking out her and her friends to see which one would be easier to get away with without nobody noticing. It is unfortunate that until this day there are only speculations of what happened and the truth has still to come out. Personally i believe that these young men did something bad and are scared to come clean with all the media attention that this story has caused the island of Aruba.—Prayers for Natalie’s safe return and her family’s closure.

  101. I went to Cancun in 1998 for my senior trip. There was no adult supervision. My friends and I drank more than we ever had. Its encouraged over there. This type of situation has been waiting to happen for years. I look back now as a college graduate and think how that could have been me or my friends. We talked to everyone. We were wanting to have a good time and were very naive of the dangers. I hope and pray for the best in this situation. Its sad that you have to be on such guard while enjoying the best times in your life. Its sad, but thats the kind of world we live in. There will be, I am sure, some good to come of this for future Americans visiting other countries.

  102. The 3 boys took natalie to the party boat. All 4 attacked her. They tossed her overboard. The parents of all the boys know, as well as the arubian authorities. It is a big coverup involving all of the above. They are waiting time out. The track dogs will track natalie’s odor to the waters. Natalie’s family is hoping against hope. My prayers are with them
    I posted this before the father’s arrest. Tighten your seatbelts – the additional arrests are coming and the deep sea divers will find the evidence in a few days.

  103. Hello to you all from Greece. I am Dimitra again.
    I keep a close look at this story and I am amazed from what I am reading. Basically, each of your stories (on an assumption basis) may have some truth in it. I hope that God gives Twitty strength to continue the search, and I thank God that a rescue team is there (never too late to help !)
    I believe that this crime- by now- has been turned into a political issue and
    there is more to it than it was at the beginning – a search for Natalie.
    I hope that they (Arubian-Dutch) will manipulate enough Natalie for rescuing their reputation and their good relations with the U.S. Surely, the boy – since he did not crack up to now- will NEVER CRACK . I feel like it is not his father but the whole system there who is assisting him NOT TO tell the truth.
    By the way, I have great faith in the American judicial system – and yes I believe that: ASK NOT FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS- IT TOLLS FOR ALL OF US

  104. Hello to you all from Greece. I am Dimitra again.
    I keep a close look at this story and I am amazed from what I am reading. Basically, each of your stories (on an assumption basis) may have some truth in it. I hope that God gives Twitty strength to continue the search, and I thank God that a rescue team is there (never too late to help !)
    I believe that this crime- by now- has been turned into a political issue and
    there is more to it than it was at the beginning – a search for Natalie.
    I hope that they (Arubian-Dutch) will NOT manipulate Natalie for rescuing their reputation and their good relations with the U.S. Surely, the boy – since he did not crack up to now- will NEVER CRACK . I feel like it is not his father but the whole system there who is assisting him NOT TO tell the truth.
    By the way, I have great faith in the American judicial system – and yes I believe that: ASK NOT FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS- IT TOLLS FOR ALL OF US

  105. My prayers go out to Natalie and her family. Lets all stop being negative and just pray that she comes home safely. Miracles can happen and hopefully her mom will get her miracle.
    Jennifer from Brooklyn, NY

  106. This situation is a tragedy, and one that could have happened to any one of us. When I was a teenager I took chances. When my daughters were teenagers I took chances. I was lucky, and they were lucky. Regarding this notion of a girl “going off with three guys,” I think all women understand the situation. In her mind they were not “three guys,” they were one guy, whom she trusted, and his two subordinates. I was in that situation many times as a teenager, and would certainly not have characterized it as “going off with three guys.” In fact, the two buddies probably were not a factor in what happened to her, though they may be concealing what they know in misguided loyalty to their so-called “friend.” When the truth comes out it will be because of one of them. The problem is that she trusted the Dutch kid after knowing him only a couple of days, not being old enough to understand that it’s always “open season” (a hunting term) on women, anywhere in the world. It’s hideous that this predation of women is condoned.

  107. I think you should go and walk the island and get boats and put them in the water and get people out in the water and let them search the bottom of the ocean. The boys should be put to the stand until they tell what happened and say the right story and not telling a different story.
    Caleigh Ga

  108. this message goes out to everyone of natalies family members. Our thoughts and prayers are with as you go through this terrible ordeal. We pray that soon you will find your loved one and bring her home. try to remain strong and we will continue to prayfor all of you.


  110. why say such stupid things. Wait for answers before you think anything so awful. Don’t you have any feelings for her mother who maybe one day will read this!!!!!! Don’t be so ignorant!!!!!!!!!

  111. Our prayers ae with Natalie’s family and our hope is that she is still alive and will be found.

  112. The media can’t get enough. It’s bad enough that this girl is missing/dead but the media MUST justify its existence between every commecial. Poor Sh++Hounds… reminds me of Cheech and Chong “Smell … smells like sh++, TASTE … taste like sh++,… good thing we didn’t step in it!” Talking Heads – GET A LIFE!

  113. Surprised they have not called in a psychic yet. Aruba is a small enough island where a psychic could really do its job. When all else fails, maybe someone will think of calling in a psychic. Worth a try.

  114. I feel right now that there is almost no hope of ever finding the truth. Those boys had too much time to concoct a story. Did you know the Aruba government can hold you without charging you for a hundred something days? Unlike here where its 48 hours. That’s absurd. The last I read they found torn panties and three condoms on the beach nearby. I hate to think what that poor girl went through and damn her “friends” for letting her get in a car w/ strangers. I would never let a friend do that here let alone in another country. Some break in the case just NEEDS to happen fast so her family can find peace.

  115. Did anyone hear that they were keeping it a secret that they already convicted those three boys of murder but didn’t want to say anything because they didn’t want to upset the family. Where in GODS NAME is she!!!!!!! Why can’t they just confess, they are already in deep trouble. My prayers are with natalie and her family. I HOPE SHE COMES HOME SAFE…….

  116. Yes, I heard all over the 5 pm est news that they had actually charged the boys with murder since their arrest 3 weeks ago but didn’t want to say for fear of upsetting the family THEN within 30 minutes theres another story saying that in fact they HAVE NOT been charged but could be as early as monday when they go before a judge to see if they can hold them an additional 60 days. Is anyone else questioning how in the hell the same Aruba government officials could make such contradicting stories to the national press??????? How is it possible to release such different stories?? Sounding like something isn’t right here. I watched a video with Greta Van Sustern on Foxnews.com where she pointed out how they were feeling very unwelcome, it was obvious that they were not wanted there. Hours after that video is posted – suddenly we have breaking news from Aruba. B.S. I believe this was all in attempt to get the media off the island, they have been charged, now – go home. You can trust I wont be visting Aruba ever! This is just unbelievable – this girl is missing and no one knows where she is or what has happened to her. More like – its beneficial for the citizens of Aruba to not speak about what they know. JMO

  117. I totally agree with you. This whole thing is a bunch of BS. The aruban government has to know where natalie is or if she is indeed not alive. Didn’t they have deep sea divers on top of this case from day one. It just doesn’t add up that there is no evidence of foul play or any of her belongings for that matter.I find it very hard to believe that nobody on that island saw natalie on the beach with that Dutch boy. WHY isn’t anybody speaking up, this is getting out of hand. If she was my daughter I would demand answers if I have to beatit out of people. I feel for her family deeply. May she be foung SOON……………………

  118. Suggestion: Law enforcement, searchers and family in the Holloway case. SEARCH Dumpsters at fast speed, check land fields. FOCUS on fields where trash from Holiday Inn and Marriott hotel and the seventeen year old’s trash may have landed.

  119. I just returned from Aruba last week.
    Although I was only there for 8 days I found the people to be concerned for the family and the case of Natalie. They seem very nieve about all the things that happen to people at the hands of others. We see soooo much of it here in the USA we almost ignore it.
    Just today on our news they spoke of a young female reporter that disappeared 10 years ago and has never been seen since. No arrest made.
    I think I am in the minority but I do not believe that any of the three young men harmed Natalie. I believe she and the young Van der sloot were left there by the other two and that perhaps he then left her alone on the beach. Maybe she passed out or walked on down the beach where she was picked up by someone else. I think the emails will tell a lot if they do know anything.
    Whatever happened the Dutch are keeping what they know quiet.
    The people there are not a mean type of people. Not violent or comfrontive.
    They have not been corrupted by the computer age`as we have. It is there (computers)but mostly in business. Not a computer in every home. The little island reminds me of USA 50 years ago.
    Very peaceful, trusting and everyone helping each other.


  121. Let’s try using the pscyhic’s from the united States, that help locate missing people. Also can help in convicting these pople with a more accurate story. I will continue to pray for Natalie and her family.

  122. Natalies mom has said she is not leaving the island of Aruba, untill she finds her daughter, or what happened to her .I think this is a great thing ,keep the heat on untill the case is solved.I am sure the tourist industry will feel the impact soon,,.If this is what it takes,so be it.

  123. To Terri who said this wouldn’t have happened of God didn’t want it to happen. Things occur every day that God dosen’t want to happen BECAUSE THERE IS EVIL IN THE WORLD! Did God tell Adam and Eve not to do something? Did they listen? The Lord Jesus Christ Christ had this to say on the subject: “The thief (satan) cometh not but for to steal, kill, and destroy. But I have come that you may have LIFE and have it more abundantly.” No Terri, God did not want this evil to come to Natalie anymore than he ordained BTK to kill. For his own reasons that we do not YET understand he is allowing evil to run it’s course. But make no mistake about it God hates evil and the Bible calls death God’s LAST enemy. He WILL put an end to all of it VERY SOON to the joy of all of us. I still hope and pray that Natalie can be found safe. But if not she is safe with Jesus and her parents WILL see her again in heaven if not again here.

  124. Where is my message!? You asked for a Email Address AND YOU GOT IT So why did my message disappear when I posted it the second time?

  125. If it was up your ass you would know it. If you would bother to read the directions that come up when some of you post, it states that your post will have to be approved. It has nothing to do with censorship as it does with comment spam. Either your IP address matches a known spammer, or your email hits a red flag. I normally approve posts within 48 hours or so, and delete all of the spam (links to drug and gambling sites).

  126. I hate to suggest that Natalies mom come home without the answers she so deserves but at this point, the 6th week, I am starting to believe Natalies mom could move the waves that so far have gone unturned by returning home. The press is having to move to other stories, the searches have found zip, the people involved aren’t budging and the authorities have no answers. This is just horrible, absolutely unbelievable. My heart goes out to Natalies family because eventually the decision to return home is going to have to happen.

  127. Unfortunately, there are too many pretty girls that are killed as Natalie. I have taken much interest in this case because Natalie is not just an honor student as my daughter is. She got a full ride scholarship at a large University. The only person that I know that got that is a Doctor who eventunately recieved a full ride scholarship to study medical research at the University of Chicago. Natalie was very special and a loss to the future of our country. She was killed when some prominate handsome boy wanted to ejaculate in a vagina of a beautiful woman. I would bet that she was drugged.
    I believe that Natalie’s family and our country deserve to see justice for Natalie. Unfortunately, the crime scene was cleaned up and the body probably will not be found unless the body washes to shore like Lacy Pederson did. The currents in the Atlantic are stronger(the Gulf Stream) so no body–no conviction. I don’t think that Joran would recieve a jury trial anyway–the USA and Netherlands judicial systems are somewhat different. Why would a judge convict the son of anpther judge?

  128. Unfortunately, there are too many pretty girls that are killed as Natalie. I have taken much interest in this case because Natalie is not just an honor student as my daughter is. She got a full ride scholarship at a large University. The only person that I know that got that is a Doctor who eventunately recieved a full ride scholarship to study medical research at the University of Chicago. Natalie was very special and a loss to the future of our country. She was killed when some prominate handsome boy wanted to ejaculate in a vagina of a beautiful girl. I would bet that she was drugged so her scences were impaired.
    I believe that Natalie’s family and our country deserve to see justice for Natalie. Unfortunately, the crime scene was cleaned up and the body probably will not be found unless the body washes to shore like Lacy Pederson did. The currents in the Atlantic are stronger(the Gulf Stream) so no body–no conviction. I don’t think that Joran would recieve a jury trial anyway–the Netherlands judicial systems may be different. Why would a judge convict the son of another judge?

  129. Unfortunately, there are too many pretty girls that are killed as Natalie. I have taken much interest in this case because Natalie is not just an honor student as my daughter is. She got a full ride scholarship at a large University. The only person that I know that got that is a Doctor who eventunately recieved a full ride scholarship to study medical research at the University of Chicago. Natalie was very special and a loss to the future of our country. She was killed when some prominate handsome boy wanted to ejaculate in a vagina of a beautiful girl. I would bet that she was drugged so her scences were impaired.
    I believe that Natalie’s family and our country deserve to see justice for Natalie. Unfortunately, the crime scene (No body)was cleaned up and the body probably will not be found unless the body washes to shore like Lacy Pederson did. The currents in the Atlantic are stronger(the Gulf Stream) so no body–no conviction. I don’t think that Joran would recieve a jury trial anyway–the Netherlands judicial systems may be different. Why would a judge convict the son of another judge? Natalie’s family shoud remain in Aruba for as long as possible to keep pressure on.

  130. mrs.holloway and mr.ya’ll need to threaten to kill them if they keep lying.bye the way you know that god maybe made that hurricane hit to maybe wash up the body.

  131. I feel that Natalie Holloway is in the house somewhere, dead or alive, the father knows and help with the kidnapping. They should search the house, basement, or anything resembling a basement. She is there somewhere or has been, if they buried her, then I dont know where, proably in cement somewhere. Youran is guilty, and I didnt spell his name right, I am a clairvoyant and I see things. I saw him strangle her on the beach and then he called his father to help him despose of the body.

  132. I hate Natalie Holloway! I’m glad this dumb whore is dead. FUCK her and her parents!

  133. I’ve read over and over that the Aruban people are not mean or hostile. I’m not hostile. I’d like to think I’m a decent person actually- but that OBVIOUSLY doesn’t speak for all of the American people. You can’t expect everyone to follow what’s normal just because it is assumed that that’s what they’ll do, even if that’s what they’ve always done. Not only that but if the young men were in fact involved, then it may have been a complete accident and the death of a young girl is the consequence- which is [probably] not the intended result of the overall situation. I can’t say I blame Aruban authorities- hell I don’t actually know what’s going on over there or what techniques they’re using, but what’s leading me to believe that authorites are not hiding anything is that we’re talking about a hot spot for tourism. So I would assume that by hiding the truth, they know that they’re making they’re system look like shit which will deter even more tourists than if they had known the truth from the beginning and told everyone what they wanted or didn’t want to hear.
    This incident will be with me forever and I feel very deeply for the family and Natalie’s friends. I am a 19 year old woman so I’d like to add, if something very tragic did happen (all you ignorant people will have to face the fact- someday you may encounter the same situation and by ignoring it in a case like this, you will not see your options in the future) in the last minutes of her life she did what she could for herself, some people are unfortunately “unlucky”. I hope you’ll see her again soon and I honestly feel your loss.

  134. As sorry as I feel for Natalie’s family, and I do feel sorry for them and hope and pray that they find their daughter or at least find out what happened to her, I don’t understand why the whole Arubian government and the country is being blamed for her dissappearance. People come up missing in this country everyday and some of them have been from other countries. Many are never found in this country either and crimes by the thousands are never solved here. My question is, why haven’t they questioned the other students and chaperones who were on the trip with her?? It is possible that one of them could have harmed her but no one seems to even want to entertain that thought. I think people have been a little too harsh on the government and the people of Aruba. If the same thing had happened here you can be sure this country would not let officals come in from another country and take over an investigation nor would we sit idily by and allow a 17 year old boy to be held as long as this Dutch kid has been held. There are many things that could have happened to her. I just don’t think it has ever been a good idea to just blame this on this one boy or the two brothers without questioning the other people who were on this trip with her. To do so might mean that someone else who might have done this walks free.It is a known fact that most teenage girls are abducted by people that they know well and the guilty person could be among the group who was with her.

  135. hi,
    im mick from colchester in england, united kingdom.
    first of all my thoughts and prayers are with natalie’s family, i have been following this terrible story since i was on holiday in florida back in june, i truly believe that those scumbag boys had everything to do with natalie going missing. the boys father is as guilty as they are, you see them on the telly and they have got guilty writen all over their faces, so why dont they do the right thing and admit to their terrible crime? i’ll tell you why, because they are spineless pieces of shit. i am a true believer in, what goes around comes around, and they will get what is coming to them. execute the bastards, even that’s too good for them, so why dont we feed them to the sharks, see how they like it. i hope they all rot in jail, and lets make that a cell with the prison hard man to give them a beating everyday and break a few bones for good measure.

  136. Fella, are you always this angry? There’s a trend with your responses in the case of Natalie. I don’t know her, but I feel her family’s pain, just as much as I feel the pain of every family that gets air time. I don’t think that the publicity has any thing to do with her being a pretty, blonde female. I think it has alot to do with having parents who were able to utilize enough resources to rattle publicity chains. What I’m trying to say is that maybe you’re directing your anger in the wrong direction. If you want to be angry get mad at a poor system which does not publicize every missing person case. Maybe we need one channel dedicated to missing person reporting, with a runner at the bottom to report immediate abductions. Maybe we need all cable channels programmed with this same runner when a missing person is reported. Maybe 5 minutes out of each hour of radio programming ought to be dedicated to missing person reporting…I don’t know, I’m just thankful that one family out of the many got a platform. With so much other crap that gets reported in the media, this is one case that deserves some attention especially in light of the complete botch job by the Aruban govt. So it’s selling a few newspapers! The bottom line is that the media is getting the word out and if I saw Natalie, I’d know what she looks like, would you? I appreciate your platform, I’m just not sure why you are directing so much hostility at a family who’s hurting so badly…feel the love 🙂

  137. This is a very serious matter at hand. A young girl is still missing. Her parents are horified at the fact their daughter is missing,this should not be made fun at or taunted in any way. People like Trish should be put behind bars for saying awful things about her. HOW DARE YOU!

  138. CALL UP A PSYCHIC ALREADY!!! I bet money that they would know where her body is or at least the area where it is. Call up Sylvia Browne she rocks at knowing what happened to loved ones. Im going to mine within a month and i’m going to ask.


  140. I hope that they find that poor girl! God will let her mother and father know what happened to her. Besides we are no body to judge people regardless what we think they may have done, please let god deal with the people who have hurt Natalee Holloway. He will bring justice for the parents just have faith in that.
    thanks for listening, Christina

  141. What ever happened to graduation parties at everyone’s houses? Sure it was the seventies, but we had a hell of a good time! Parents were there but it didn’t matter, they had a blast too!
    Who started this ‘going to an island trend?’………it sucks. Why do the moms and dads of underage girls allow them to go? What are they teaching their daughters? Beth should have never signed a permission slip for Natalie.

  142. I don’t think that Natalie is on the Island . It is possible that in the two or three weeks that the boys were free they with the father had time to take her out to see and dump her body.
    Because like the father said without
    a body there is no crime. thats why the haven’t found her on the island.
    Just a thought !

  143. For Trish,
    You are either a very jealous & HATEFUL person or you have no human feelings at all. What an horrible person or ANIMAL you are !

  144. Heavenly Father forgive us for our sin and wickedness. Provide strength and comfort to this family. Peace be with Natalie wherever she is. God bless them with closure if it is your will. Open the eyes of those who need to see and prick the hearts of those who need to confess.Thank you for your grace and may Beth continue to seek your presence. Amen.

  145. Hello. I hope they find Natalie and she gets home safe. I think those two boys from India did something to her and aren’t talking. They look evil and dirty. They should have never released those savages.
    I hope Natalie gets home safe. God save her.

  146. International Prayer Day for Natalie Holloway!
    I have been wanting to suggest a worldwide prayer day foranswers to where Natalie is, and who is responsible for her disappearence.
    When the young girl was missing in Utah, her father publicly asked for divine intervention. It took a while, but I knew she would be found- and it sure appeared to be a miracle. Lets make September 3, the day before Uron’s court date, a International Prayer Day for Natalie!
    NOTE: To the person who wrote the awful ugly words about Natalie, I fear for you because one day you will be answering to the Lord. I only hope that something so horrible and tragic will not happen to you- regardless of how evil you are.

  147. Maybe we should question that girl, Trish that wrote that horrible email. She claimed she knew her. Maybe she was on the trip with her and had something to do with the whole thing. Even if she didn’t have anything to do with this particular incident, she will probably end up doing something just as horrible with all that hatred. She has some serious issues.

  148. It wasn’t Trish that wrote the horrible email. She had written the previous one. The girl who wrote the horrible email was listed as: FuckNatalie.

  149. This is a special message for the asshole assuming the identity of “Fuck Natalee” You are a worthless piece of trash. You are obviously ugly, ignorant and have no chance of a happy life, that is why you are hateful and jealous. People like you are so resentful due to misfortune in life, relationships and/or opportunity that you must speak hatefully of those whom you envy. I am sure that you are a pathetic pussy and with the ability that you have to hide behind the illusion of “internet persona” you feel brave enough to speak abrasivly. I am sure that in public you are a scared little piss ant. If I ever heard you utter those words in person, I would fuck you up ONSITE! I am sure your pathetic ass has been beaten on more that one occasion, anyways. You are, and will always be that “person” that never fit in and is forever resentful because of that. The prosperous world casts you aside, and remember, people like you are not just forgotten, but never known. You should look into therapy or psychiatric help. Maybe you should learn to love yourself and you would not be so meaninglessly hateful.
    So, as to the important subject at hand. My heart, my anger, and sorrow all go out to the family of Natalee Holloway. May the Lord be with you and guide you to the truth. I have suffered the loss of a wonderful, outstanding young man who would have gone on to change the world, just as Natalee would have. All that we can be left with is joy and appreciation for the time that we were given with that person, even though it was too short and take comfort in the faith that God has a greater plan for all of us, and unfortunately, worderful people like Natalee may be too great for this evil world ridden with people like the one who spoke so hatefully.

  150. I believe that the judge’s son is nothing but a liar. He thinks that he can get off just because he’s dad is a judge. I hope that she is alive and she will be back together with her family. Sometimes I think that she might be dead in the ocean or in the landfill. Also, i think that Beth has a lot of courage to standing up and asking Joran to tell her where your daughter is. I keep her family and her safe return in my prayers.

  151. Has anybody ever thought of the father having anything to do with it? I hear all these stories of a slave trade type of thing and a porn movie maker having something to do with it. Remember, all these are just hearsay, but I always thought #1, the Dutch boy did it and his father covered it up. Which is why I have a theory that the father had something to do with a slave trade type of thing. Because my first thought was what if she’s in one of the neighboring countries. And not even in Aruba anymore. Because if the Van der Sloot boy did it, I don’t think he’s smart enough to hide a body. Honestly. I mean, if him and his cohorts did it, I don’t think they’re professional enough to hide a body. And I really really pray that it doesn’t come to that. I hope she is alive somewhere in some other country. But time is running out and I think the father has more to do with it than we all believe. Remember, he said that if they can’t find a body, there will be no case. We’re all praying for the Holloway family.

  152. FYI Courtney Cox Arquette is from the same hometown as Natalee. Has anyone heard any of her thoughts on this case maybe from the news or magazines?

  153. Will someone please stand up to these scumbags, and pull there eyes out by their optic nerves and pour salt in the wound, let me at them I’ll get answers for the family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. The father of the little dutch boy faggot Vanderslime, needs a little raping from some big bubba inmates. Put him in a cell for a couple hours with ten men on death row for murder, and I bet we’ll get answers. That’s what wrong with the system today, look at OJ for example, a week later he was mimicking the act of stabbing on camera with a bananna, and laughing does anyone remember that? The father outta be ashamed raising a kid like that and then he hides behind daddy cause daddy learned enough about the ropes trying to become a judge so his son can stand behind him, LET US AMERICANS AT HIM WELL USE HIM AS AN EXMPLE FOR THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Here’s what happened (unfortunatley), I believe that they were all at the club that night, and the three little mice, decided to slip a club drug into her drink. Unfortunatly, it didn’t kick in until Natalie got inti the car of Vanderslime. At that point, she probably began to go unconscious and that was when the three little mice began to take turns raping her in every which way. When they realized their DNA was ALL over her, they figured they had to get rid of the evidence before she woke up. So, they probably taped her up, wrapped her in a bag, and that’s when VAnderslime called daddy and cried that he needs help covering up the evidence. So daddy helped pay someone to put the body on a ship and leave the island, so he could rid of the body while they were focusing on her dissapearance, he was getting rid or the evidence. If he is followed by PI’S indeffinately, the truth will come out. That is my theory, and I’m pretty good at reading this stuff, I have a nak of knowing and seeing the image in my head. I’m not saying I’m psychic but I just am good at this. To Natalie’s mother, I say please hold a service for her when you get home, and try to begin to heal, although you will never have closure, please dream at night all the good times you had together, and the memories you hold. They can never take that from you. I know she is watching over you and wants you to come to peace. Please Please Please go see Sylvia Brown if you see this, she is a world renown psychic. If anyone knows, she does. May you find peace, and I’m sorry to have stated what I did but that’s what I REALLY feel happened.

  156. O.K. I’m sorry for what happened to this girl but common, this shit happens to innocent girls in the U.S. all the time. Why don’t they get as much attention? Maybe cause they’re not white. Get real, this girl was a bimbo. She left a bar with 3 guys she didn’t even know. Sounds like a slut to me!!! Not that she deserves what she got, but why so much attention? I just don’t understand!

  157. Trish, you are probably a fat piece of lard who was jealous. One day you will learn the pain that Natillies parents are feeling. When you have children, that is if someone will marry your fat ass, you will understand the importance of life and how much they mean to you and you will do anything in your power to protect them and keep them from harm. I wish that I knew you and you were in front of my face. I would kick your ass so hard I will show you the pain Natillies family is feeling. Our God is mighty and powerfull and you may not believe in him, but when judgment day comes you will pay for the evil things you have said.

  158. Everybody stop beating up on Trish! She wrote the message before the horrible message. You read a message then there is a dotted line and then you see the name of the person that wrote the message. My name is Julie and then you see my name under my message.
    I agree that the father definitely knows what happened to Natalie and is covering for his sorry*** wimpy son. I shudder to think of the times I put myself in danger on spring break and traveling by myself. That was many years ago and thank goodness I am smarter and wiser now.
    Young women please be careful and aware of everything. It is not worth the fun!

  159. I understand how it looks to many people, Natalie leaving the club with 3 guys and then getting all of this coverage when there are so many other people going through similar circumstances in the USA and all over the world. It may seem unfair, but she is a human being too, and yes it majorly sucks that not all of the victims in this world can’t get this kind of coverage, but at least one of them is…shouldn’t we support that?
    That being said, I have followed and will continue to follow Natalie’s case because I find it completely OUTRAGEOUS that Aruba government/police officials have the nerve to try push evidence off, and release those three idiots in the first place! This is one of the MANY reasons I am happy this case is being made such a big deal of in the media…and have you read of the other cases of missing peoples in Aruba and how those police officials brushed them off too? It has to stop. One thing I know is God is watching, and whether or not we find Natalie alive/dead and whether this case is solved or not, Justice will be served. My prayers are with all of the Holloway family, especially Natalie Holloway. God Bless.

  160. I’m hoping and praying for Natalie and her family. Hoping she will be found alive.We have been following all the news and its heart breaking for us I just can’t believe what her family is going through. Have you thought of using a physic? maybe that would be of some help…all our prayers go out to you…and hope this will end soon

  161. Has anyone heard anything about a body part washing up on shore in Aruba? My Mom heard it on the radio Mon. or Tues. I have not heard anyhting further about it on the radio, internet, or news.

  162. Who ever Trish is should be shot for saying such horrible things about this poor girl. Wonder if Natalie’s mother read what you wrote about her. How dare you! Wonder if this happen to you and your family, would you want me writting something like that for your mother to read!

  163. Why hasn’t anybody mentioned the arm that washed up on the beach? Does anybody know the DNA results yet or how long DNA tests take to get results?

  164. Yes thats the info i am also looking for the last thing on the news was about the arm and then it all went silent…….whats up!

  165. hi.
    first off, i think that this whole situation is a horrible one, and i wish the best for natalie, her family, and her friends.
    To all the people who are angry about the media concentrating too much on this case, i agree to some extent; althought, natalies case is different than many of the other missing children reports. The fact that the aruban government is not putting forth the effort they should plays roll in the media coverage this case is receiving. The fact that this abduction/murder/dissapearance/etc (whatever side you may be on) happened in another country also has a large impact on the media coverage. this is because the american government has no say in how the suspects are handeled, treated, questioned, etc. this is unfortunate because i think the american government would be doing a MUCH better job. HAHAHA i never thought i would EVER say the american government could do a good job at something!! Especially with an ass like bush as our president!
    I would also like to say that i am 17 years old, and am going into grade 12. I live in a small town in CA, i have alot of friends, i get straight A’s, im on varsity cheerleading… and i party every chance i can get. My parents think im an absolute angel, and i lie lots of the time to keep my reputation up. My friends are the same way, yet ive seen them do many drugs, and drink until they pass out. This is what mannnyyyyy 17,18 year old kids do, as much as the parents on here want to deny it. Im sure natalie was an angel to, but i also believe that she was like many other teenagers and wanted to go out and have a good time. I think that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. And i think its no bodies fault but the boys that did who-knows-what to her. As much as I like to beleive that she is still alive, my hopes are begining to fade, and all i can do is hope!
    and to everyone praying that god can help her, dont you think god should have helped the night she was abducted?

  166. never think
    and never want
    to touch the
    animals in the cage, espeically the
    i am so smart
    eh ???
    i think the this is
    living is wonderful
    in a
    vibrant world like this.
    everyone is happy
    mwahh ahahha… got it my point? cause if you dont your a dumb ass
    oh ps: 2,100 times per day parents or primary care givers feel the disappearance of a child serious enough to call law enforcement. (although many were false alarms) grawahhahaha just wanted to tell ya that natalie is an important bitch and sits close to my heart, but there are 2,100 that should be talked about every day on NANCY GRACE!!!

  167. I think all of you idiots thinking that the media is spending too much time and energy on this case should have your head examined! I agree that other missing children cases should also recieve this type of attention, but to say that the media is concentrating too much on any missing child’s case is idiotic! If it was your child, you most definetly would NOT be saying that.
    The whole case is being covered up by the Aruban officials. It’s obvious to everyone, but no one has the balls to bring it out. It’s being done to, so call, protect their island’s reputation. If it weren’t for Americans, the island could not function. It would have no income.
    I am very disappointed in not only the Aruban officals but also the FBI and certain other American officials that could be doing more and aren’t. I am not discrediting all that is helping find Natalie, for there are alot of people working very hard to bring her home. For anyone to continue to visit Aruba for vacational purposes is sending the message that it is not only ok for the way this case is being handled but also condoning it in the future. You must put yourself in Natalie’s family’s shoes. If you did, I’m sure you would have a change of mind.
    It’s time to step up America!!!!

  168. I am the mother of two grown daughters and the grandmother of two grandaughters of which one is nineteen and the other one sixteen. We never want to outlive our children. My heart goes out to the family of Natalie Holloway. I watch Greta on Fox New every night in hopes of something new and that they will find a clue. From all I have heard and read Vandersloot has an any streak about him and I think the father and son need to be watched. I can’t imagine a boy of 18 having an unlimited line of credit to gamble. Must really be rough. I think one of the mistakes made was the father and the cop being two good of friends and that has botched the whole investigation. Let me tell you I would never go to Aruba.

  169. Yes, my prayers are with Natalie’s family; I realize full well that this is an extremely tragic incident.
    But you can’t just say “Oh yeah, we’re the US, we own the whole freaking world, yeah, let’s step into Aruba and show those idiots how to run their police force and their government.” That’s just being a total moron, and that’s just one of the many reasons why practically the entire world hates the US. While many an American might emphatically disagree, we don’t own the entire world. We’re not Big Brother, where we can just walk right into a country and tell them how to do shit. We did once- Iraq- and we saw the horrible results, why the hell do you want to do it again?
    You think the Arubans are “dragging their feet”, “botching te whole investigation”? Don’t you think that Aruba depends almost exclusively on tourism? Why the hell would they want an incident this terrible to stain their history and chase away prospective tourists?
    And what about the thousands of people- teenagers, adults, infants- who go missing in the US alone every year? We say we’re not racist anymore, but the hate still flows in the veins of America. The media, I guess, just cares about Natalee because she’s:
    1. White
    2. Upper-middle class
    3. Pretty and smart
    I’m not saying she’s stupid; I’m not saying I hate her; I’m not saying I don’t hope for her safety. All I’m saying is that the media is completely blowing this out of proporition.

  170. i tuely believe a physic can help crack this case.
    did anyone see the “phycic detective” programmes on court tv(i think thats the channel) last night. amazing cases of the police using (noon paid) physic’s to help in unsolved murders/missing persons scenario’s….and gave the insight the police needed and boom,case solved!
    i did hear of natalies dad being in touch with one some time ago but never heard anymore since…
    call me wacky…but i dont think it would cause any harm in trying…
    the most important thing is that this does not turn into a cold case. God bless her soula dn her family…let there be a miracle….

  171. I believe 100% that poor girl is dead and that she died the night she disappeared. I believe also, along with so many others, that the son of the Aruban judge has everything to do with it and I think the father knows all about it and covered it up. Plain and simple. She more than likely is somewhere on their property and will never be found. It’s sad. She was a beautiful girl and my heart goes out to her family. There is no greater loss than that of a child. I know, I lost a son. I think that from day one the FBI should have been allowed to search anywhere they needed to. Far too much time has passed and any potential evidence is long since gone.

  172. I feel for the family of Natalie Holloway, her mother is so brave for searching for her daughter, my heart goes out to her. She is a very beautiful girl, I hope one day you find her.
    I pray for you now as I write this.

  173. What a bunch of speculating loosers. And a psychic (psycho),,, Please!!!!!
    She’s off drinking Mai Tai’s on her own somewhere. Yeah,,, your speculations are just as credible.

  174. Does anyone still believe Elvis is still alive? Come on, lets be realistic. Let the poor girl rest, the reality has to sink in sometime. As a parent you are never sapposed to give up hope, but I think the arm that washed up is hers. Unless someone else was killed? DUH!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. Does anyone still believe Elvis is still alive? Come on, lets be realistic. Let the poor girl rest, the reality has to sink in sometime. As a parent you are never sapposed to give up hope, but I think the arm that washed up is hers. Unless someone else was killed? DUH!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. It is seriously time for the Natalee / Natalie bleeding hearts to get a life. She’s dead and while everyone is worried about her, plenty of other “not as beautiful” people are going missing daily. She has suffered the same Terry Schiavo fate of death – get over it because it is the same fate everyone including myself will face. Two years from now no one will give a rat’s ass about Terry Schiavo or Natalee Holloway. Has anyone heard anything of Lacey Peterson? Didn’t think so because no one cares.

  177. It’s not IMpossible that she’s alive, but it’s highly unlikely. Aruba is some idyllic eden? Not as long as humans are there. Humans are the same the world around and there’s always someone who feels slighted or entitled or powerless and will take from others. From a glass half-full perspective, no matter how down-trodden or war-torn, or abused a population may be there are always still good hearted, giving people. As far as not travelling to other countries? It would be ignorant and stupid to do that thinking that “home” is any safer than away. Obviously be safe and cautious when travelling (ie don’t get drunk with people you don’t know) but the more you know about others and share about yourself, the better everyone will understand eachother.

  178. Ok Trish is it??? For starters, you sound as though you are a little bitter, perhaps Natalee stole your BF or something who knows and who cares. People like you meet a liitle something called Karma….and its coming to you in 3 fold. I have been following Natalees case since day 1 and I find it hard to believe that there is no evidence what so ever. Could it be that the Aruban authorities do know something and are withholding?? How about checking neighborouring countries? No doubt there are thousands of missing persons in America alone, but not enough is being done about this one case. Think about it. The first 48 hours are the the most crucial,however the first 48 hours saw the least action taken. Lack of common sense and care was taken here in this case. When an American citizen goes missing, US authorities should have the right to step in emmidietly. Face it the US has more man power and perhaps better meens of searching.
    I hope that Natalee is alive, and I wish her family well, and know that there are millions watching and praying for your daughter´s safe return.

  179. This whole is case is full of *#%$#$$
    This girl was a southern, white whore – nothing more, nothing less and she was just whoring herself while on vacation and was the unfortunate victim of the ultimate pitfall of prostitution – murder. I can’t believe how much crap and media attention this case recieves. That dumb bitch Greta van whatever the hell her name is from CNN covers this case way too closely and should really focus on other things – this girl’s body is just floating somewhere in the water. And it really is true that white female homicide cases receive more media attention than those of black or hispanic female homicides – that dumb Greta van whatever and her team of legal experts amd psychologists proves it.

  180. Dear,Everyone lets keep natalie in our thoughts and pray for her and i hope all those like nathalie and the identity of fucknatalie and trish don’t worry u might have got to say that but u will go to hell and burn there cuz god will see to it u do beacuse for u to sit there abd say something like that u must really be a worthless piece of fucking shit!!! beacause u must have no life to sit there and actully type somthing of such thing on your computer!! oh ya and by the way im only 13 and ya im young but if i saw ur ugly lard asses in a store or somewhere i would woop all of yalls asses at one time!!!!

  181. This is for Trish If you don’t like Natalie then why are you on this site.You and everyone else that is like you nead to get a life.GROW UP!!!!!!!

  182. Nathalie… I hope next time when you f*%^$ somebody you get killed… Maybe Greta will cover your story then. But after what you said, I hope she doesn’t. In that case I hope she has something better to do than to find out what happened to your sorry ass.

  183. I have to appologize to Nathalie, I didn’t mean you, I meant Omar… So, I’m very sorry. But not for you Omar…

  184. Hi there. Here is the deal as I see it right now. At least the judge’s kid is guilty of at least being where Natalle was when harm came to her. That is why he went home and talked to his dad. He knew he was in deep doo-doo. And I believe the dad at this point let his love for his son push him into making bad decisions. I think that is why the “crime scene” is so clean. Or no evidence coming up. I think he even went with his son and “cleaned” things up and got their stories straight. She was not sold. He would not have gone to his dad and told him he sold a girl tonight. I would not even rule out that the judge got in on the party with the one, two or all three of the boys and Natelle. He might have even done it. I just think if the judge’s kid was not involved(and the judge also) that the judge would have his kid rat out the two brothers and get away from them as quickly as possible. I would be looking into everything I could find on the judge. Profile him so to speak and know where he came from. If I figure out how he thinks I can figure out how he would cover this up and look in those areas. But anyway God bless her soul and let us hope they find her so the family can have peace.

  185. I Have A Few Comments And A Few Question.
    First of all u have so many people asking why would her mother even let an 18 year old go on a trip like this? if she was 18 then her mother really didnt have much of a choice. Also Whoever it was that commented on Slyvia Browne The Physchic I think that is a gret idea i have seen her on tv and she does an awesome job. and thirdly for all these people talkin about natalie is some whore or that she got what she deserved i hope to one day see u all damned to hell how would u feel if ur daughter were dead and people were sayin that about her? I also like many of you believe that the young vandersloot boy had very much to do with this as did his father and for the person that commented on if he wasnt guilty that his father would make him rat out the two other boys i 100% agree with that. I think that for some reason aruba and the people there are holding many things back that they know and its just not right wether its cuz they know these young men had everything to do with this or because they dont want to lose tourists its just not right. how would they feel if one of there people got killed/abducted over here in america and we were doing practically nuthin to find out what happened and then hiding the truth? Someone knows what happened and it needs to come out so natalie can be brought back home and given a proper burial. Now for my questions.
    I was at the store yesterday and saw on the front cover of a magazine that someone that they had in custody has either confessed to actually killing her or to wathcing her be killed. Has anyone else heard or seen this? Also why are there so many people trying to cover up what these 3 young boys did? or is it possible that it wasnt these 3 young boys that by some fate after they left natalie that someone else approached her and killed/abducted her i dont think its very likely but it could have happened. Well in closing watever happens my prayers and hopes are with natalie and her family right now and that she will be returned to her parents dead or alive because if my daughter was killed i would want her body found so that i could give her a proper burial.

  186. One more thing. Do they not have polygraph machines in aruba and if so why havent they tested these 3 boys on them. And if they dont why hasnt the FBI or anyone even brought up the subject of giving them a lie detector test or maybe they have and i just havent heard. Does anyone know?

  187. There are so many of you talkin about natalee’s case wouldnt get this exposure if she werent american white young and bueatiful. But thats not that main thing to focus on isnt that shes american and these young men are dutch Or aruban or watever they are its that they are all human beings and finding out what happened to a fellow human being and punishing those responsible is a moral obligation, not just a requirement of law. Anyone with a conscience should agree on that. There are very fishy things going on in this case from the suspects being picked up, released and then picked up again, the main suspects father being a judge in training on the island, one of the top police official are quite close with the suspects family, and any and all outside help including FBI and the Holloway’s hired Private Investigator have been waved away or chased away for not having a work permit in aruba. with all this and more how could anyone not think that something is seriuosly wrong with this case? I think that the fact that many aruban locals see her disaperance as her own fault is just gut wrenching to me how could u even say something like that when her family is looking in ponds digging in trash and werever else they can to find her? how could anyone be so uncompassionate? it couldnt be her own fault maybe she was a little niave and a little to trustful of people and thats what got her into this situation but that is not what killed her. if there was an abscence of these 3 young men then she would still be here with us today. I believe that these 3 young men were watching here and saw how nieve and nice she was and thats why they started talking to her and that they took advantage of a young girl and for that they should be eternally punished. i believe that these 3 young men, there families, and the police and citizend of aruba know more than they are letting out. u know on a small island people are going to start to talk there has to be rumors somewhere about what happened. Why are the authoriteis trying to botch this case? it only makes you wonder more when u think about what the police are doing theyre incompetent they have deleayed the investagtion and when they do investagte theyre doing a piss poor job at it. there are just so many things wrong with this case. someone really needs to do something wether we have to boycott aruba or not something needs to be done to bring justice to this young lady and her family. that is all i have to say right now except that my prayers are with you every night.
    p.s. Omar and the rest of you talking natalie down how could you? how would u feel if that was you that people were talkin about that way after u had been murdered for no reason?

  188. Bless Natalie and if she has past on to the other side Jesus and Heavenly father is with her. There will be judgement when her killer confront’s his creater THAT IS A PROMISE!!!!!!!

  189. Omar and the others of you who are anti- white and anti-southern should go back to your own country. Now whites are receiving the media coverage while others get the government checks. We all need to keep the family in our prayers, No try American family or anyone else deserves to go thru this. Southern by the grace of GOD.

  190. I just hope that Natalie is alive. I feel really bad for her family, friends, and anybody her ever new her or met her. I would hate for when I grow up, for my son or daughter to disapeare. I wish the best for Natalie!!

  191. I bet if you took the 3 boys and the father into a room with a cutting torch, after the 1st leg was cut off, all 4 of them scum bags would be singing a tune. I’m sick of it at this point, it needs to be beat out of them

  192. BOTTOM LINE! I feel for the family and it is tragic. She obviously didn’t deserve it, but she walked down a dark alley at night.
    I am so FUCKING SICK OF NANCY GRACE! Oooo the aruban authorities…like settle down. How bout doing a piece on why 18 year old girls should think twice leaving a bar in a foreign country at night with 3 guys!
    Where the hell were her friends? None of those dumbasses thought of going with Nancy? I have girlfriends that wouldn’t let me just take off at a bar with some random guys.
    She didn’t deserve it…but she made a big mistake! Take it from a person who has done their fair share of travelling. PEOPLE BE CAREFUL…DON’T TRUST…
    FUCK NANCY GRACE! She’s ur unreasonable american that just wants to bash another poorer country.

  193. i feel bad for Natalie and her family but there are thousands missing people all over america….and the fbi/media doesn’t spend that much time and money on each and every indvidual case what makes Natalie more important that all the other missing childeren?? but I do wish the best for everyone EVERYONE in the WORLD!!!!

  194. I bet if you took the 3 boys and the father into a room with a cutting torch, after the 1st leg was cut off, all 4 of them scum bags would be singing a tune. I’m sick of it at this point, it needs to be beat out of them

  195. The Aruban government is in talks with the Venezuelan government to test the arm found for DNA. However, the Venezuelan government has no cause to do so at this moment. And honestly, so those who hope she will be found alive, I think unless she is friends with Moby Dick, that is highly unlikely. She was shark food, that’s about it.

  196. And for those of you who think this is a race issue, I am white and I agree with Omar – it’s Natalie’s own fault she is dead. Who the hell leaves a club with THREE men whom you have just met? I may be dumb, but I am not stupid. And she, my friends, was stupid. I also blame her friends and the chaperones. Her friends should have NEVER let her go. Who waits until someone doesn’t show up (on their own) to the airport? Didn’t her roommate notice, or was she rich enough to afford her own suite? When my class went to South Africa we had routine check-ins and that seemed to work well. And we would have noticed that someone was missing before we got to the airport.

  197. I just stumbled onto this site and have read most of your comments and for those of you that are keeping Natalie in your prayers, good for you! I think that’s all that is left to do at this point. I am also from Alabama, only about 60 miles from where Natalie lives and it has really hit close to home. I can’t imagine what Natalie’s family is going through, but I pray that this will all be over soon and they will find closure. As for the boys in Aruba, I think they have forgotten just how hot Hell is, but their day is coming and they will be punished for whatever crimes they have committed.

  198. There are some serious cretins posting messages here. Call her cell phone. Dead people don’t answer phone calls. These idiots, Arubian authorities bungled this investigation from the beginning and the culprits will most likely walk. Yet, I find it a bit hypocritical that everyone form the US wants to critisize, look at our justice system, Michael Jackson, O.J.Simpson and Robert Blake all walking, give me a break.

  199. Man, Heartless, cruel, inconsiderate people. Arubans are bad?? HUH look at the posts in this forum. Why do you care to come to this site or watch Greta or Nancy??? Stop talking shit about them and stop watching their shows you pieces of shit. Maybe, just maybe KARMA will come your way and we will blow you off like you want done. Its not about Natalie, Its about someone disappearing and ARUBA fucking it up!! Dont you get that? Why dont you go on down to ARUBA?? Lets see I bet your a MALE right??

  200. I am from Birmingham, Alabama about 10 miles away from Natalee’s hometown of Mountain Brook. I saw somebody was asking the question about Courtney Cox. And yes she is getting some rare items from different stars and holding a silent auction tonight… I am not sure where it is though. As for all of you who are saying she was a whore blah blah blah and why would you leave a club with 3 guys?
    Well my 2nd cousin is good friends with Beth Holloway Twitty, and Beth was telling her how Natalee called her sometime that week and was talking about this guy she had met, and she was all excited about him and everything. I know for a fact she is not a whore! Mountain Brook (natalee’s hometown) is a small close community where bad things don’t happen and I am sure they drugged her in some way. For everyone that says she was stupid for leaving with them… think about this…When you were younger and went to the beach and met people… did you not walk down the beach with them and stuff, not even thinking something could happen? I know I have i mean you hang out with someone all week or something, you feel like you know them. and now that i look back on it… it wasn’t safe for me to walk down the beach with some guy by myself…and i thank God everyday that nothing ever happened to me. But i never even thought about something bad happening. and i am sure she probably didn’t think about it either. Ya’ll would just have to understand how sheltered Mountain Brook people are. So before you talk about how she got what she deserved think about what you have done that could have gotten you into some trouble! My prayers go out to Natalee’s family and to everyone who is searching for her!

  201. Nancy doesn’t deserve what happened!
    However, I do agree with those that think she walked down the dark alley…
    And to DMAN….what do you mean its not about Nathalie! Of course its about her. There are numerous fuck upS by american authorities everyday. Nancy Grace is an idiot plain and simple. She’s making a shit load of cash over someone’s pain…she’s no saint. I don’t watch her show anymore.
    NATHLIE didn’t deserve this….but she should be used as an example for thousands of people who travel on their own and make mistakes.
    Really what the hell do you know abou KARMA? Don’t dwell in things that no one has answers for.

  202. Man I just read a post by someone who says that americans should have the right to go in a country and overtake their legal buisness? Fuck NO!
    This is the problem with American mentality. You can not simpily go to whatever country you want and do what you want. That’s what americans have done in Iraq….that’s what they wanted in SA. What happened? Innocent people died on both sides 9/11 etc. Fuck man you need to get your heads out of your asses.
    God bless Nathalie Holloway….they should keep up efforts. Also they should be stressing how Young girls should be careful travelling. that is an important lesson here. I don’t think know if Nathalie was “whoring” or having relations with one of the boys.
    Pretty stupid to be walking around at night with people you don’t know. Someone said they got to know the person for a week and you start trusting. WRONG!

  203. It is unfortunate that such hatred spans this globe as does the existence of those who possess it. This beautiful young women is one of God’s precious gifts be her in body or in soul. For this reason, her fate will become known and as a result, those who took her there will pay dearly. You who have ill will toward her in your words will also one day meet your fate in a very cruel way as “what goes around comes around” for it is the law of life. So, you who write your garbage about this precious gift of God will surely meet your misery as it is lurking in your shadow waiting to rest upon your shoulder when He is ready for you to pay your due. Unfortunately, you will be too ingnorant to learn this lesson of life and will continue to waste your time on this Earth as a lost soul doomed to an eternal existence of misery. Those who have love in their hearts will look on with pity at your misery. So, good luck to you who have soured in your hatred for you will most certainly need it. Natalie is loved by many more than ever hated her, and those who are party to her fate are already suffering immensely and they know who they are. If you would like to join them, please feel free because you will never be missed on this Earth. Please, go and join them so that we may be rid of you and your hatred. Please, contract an incurable disease that makes you suffer long and miserably before you are sent to the same eternal existence. You know who you are and you cannot hide from the Mighty One. Please, slowly rot away from the inside out just as you already are.

  204. I feel bad that natalie probably suffered a horrific torturous death, and i feel sorry for her mother, butWhat kind of girl would get in a car with 3 boys she doesn’t even know?? I did alot of partying when I was her age but i would of never done that especially in another country. She was to begin college on a FULL ride scholarship, so she wasn’t a dummy. And Nice friends, just leave her and let her get into the car with these boys. There are alot of people in this country missing who didn’t WILLFULLY get into a car.. WE need to concentrate on finding them.

  205. The hate that is conveyed in most of these messgaes is astounding! It’s no wonder there is no peace and respect in this world with the attitudes that are represented here.

  206. Dear Anonymous:
    I assume you are either European or maybe South American from the way you sound. No, the problem with AMERICAN mentality is that we are not tough enough!
    We sit back with the false hope that morons (with their heads stuck up their ass) like you can govern and police their own societies so that we AMERICANS’ will not be forced to come to your rescue. Just look at EUROPE, oh… say… around 1941 or so. If it were not for the AMERICANS’ “going to whatever country they want, and doing whatever they want” the “Euro-Peons” would have very short hair cuts and swatika’s tatooed to their foreheads, so don’t come around with that bull about AMERICA.
    Sure, we are not perfect, but if it were not for the American news media, and certain leaders in this country applying political pressure,(“doing whatever they want”) the Natalie Holloway case would have faded to black months ago, and the (Prick) rich boy “player” as he likes to call himself, would be raping someone else right now.
    Remember when they tried to pin it on the two Black men right from the start? I’m sorry, you wouldn’t have heard that, you have your head stuck up your ass.
    Well here’s what we do, blame it on the Black man, the crime is solved and everyone will be happy, right? Oh No, here come the AMERICANS, I guess we’ll need to do some real investigating!
    That’s why we go to whatever country we want and do what we want, we have to kick a little ass to get things done!
    That’s why we are in Iraq… hello, are you listening… you will never hear me if you don’t get your head out of your ass!

  207. u don’t have kides if u did u wouldn’t wright shit like this. u are sick and a trashe person. so stop puting things about N. HOLLOWAY. online sicko. have a hart i for get u don’t have a hart if u did u would put something so sick online. get a LIFE……………….

  208. From Rebel Yell:
    Just so everyone will know, the above posting, “Dear Anonymous”, was posted by me!

  209. Yes, I have KIDES, I also have a daughter. I wish they didn’t have to live in a world where they could not travel to a beautiful Island Paradise and be fearful of their life!
    Learn to spell!

  210. pepole put bad things about the familey . and it isn’t right thay are hurting and I couldn’t go on without my child you have them thinking you will not let anything happen to them but then some thing or some one comes along . the haters need to stop and think how would u feel if it was some that ment something to u . u would be hurt. so stop puting bad things put good things. and if u can’t say good things.stay off this web site. I will be praying for the familey and the hurtfull pepole. angels are waching u……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  211. Everyone here is bashing Aruba and for what? Is it the authorities fault that Natalie got into the vehicle with three complete strangers? If she was such a spirited individual shouldn’t she have known better than to even take of sip of alcohol? Everyone says make the US get involved in a country that does not belong to us. That is like telling the Afghanistan people to come into America and investigate 911.

  212. I am sure that the majority of Aruban people are a very just, and law abiding people. I feel sorrow for them just as I feel sorrow for Natalie Holloways’ family. I’m sure they want to wake up tomorrow and be told this was all just a horrible nightmare.
    Just as Natalies’ family wishes they could.
    It just makes me angry that nice people cannot travel to other countries, or for that matter, walk the streets in their own communities, and not be in fear of getting killed!
    However, everyone posting on this site knows that certain people on the Island were hoping the disapperance of Natalie would just be forgotten without any real investigation. I mean, come on, get real!
    If it were not for Almighty God and Natalies’ strong willed family, God Bless them, these threads would not be posted on this site and all of you know that. We would be ranting about some other.
    God was angry at the children of Israel. Jesus was angry at the merchants in the Temple. Moses even argued with God about the fate of the children of Israel when they turned to idolatry.
    I think the Almighty will allow me this anger I feel for a little while.
    I wish I could physically help her, but I cannot.
    So, I guess I will just be angry… and pray to the Father for justice.

  213. “Nancy doesn’t deserve what happened!
    However, I do agree with those that think she walked down the dark alley…
    And to DMAN….what do you mean its not about Nathalie! Of course its about her. There are numerous fuck upS by american authorities everyday. Nancy Grace is an idiot plain and simple. She’s making a shit load of cash over someone’s pain…she’s no saint. I don’t watch her show anymore.
    NATHLIE didn’t deserve this….but she should be used as an example for thousands of people who travel on their own and make mistakes.
    Really what the hell do you know abou KARMA? Don’t dwell in things that no one has answers for.”
    Get it right, Its NATALIE didnt deserve this. Never did I say she did. And AGAIN NO THIS IS NOT ALL ABOUT NATALIE!! Its about the fact that she disappeared and who screwed up the investigation??? And now what?? Ive followed this case everyday for the last 2 1/2 months Ive seen nothing but bullshit coming from there. They MIGHT HAVE finally gotten something to go on but I doubt it. They are idiots. I NEVER said Americans did a better job or however you put it, We do have just as bad cases here that are unsolved. DUH !! We are also not a 20 X 6 island either. KARMA !!

  214. dudes,
    she could still be alive and hiding somewhere or somebody could of kidnapped her. if you remember the women was missing for ten years, you could beleive natalie is alive. the found the women that was missing in a cabin in the middle of the woods, ALIVE, hiding because she didn’t want to be found. that could be the case with natalie. we can’t know she is dead unless they find her body or if nthe suspects tell them that they killed her and tell them what they did with the body. so please people, have faith!!!!! she could be alive and well somewhere!!!!!

  215. I hope and pray that Natalie is ok, but it doesn’t look like it is going to turn out that way. I agree with most of the e-mails. Something is wrong with Aruba officials and police. You would think they would want to keep people coming to Aruba and solve this so people can have confidence in them and continue to visit their island. Now Aruba has a black mark on their country. I hope that this will be solved soon so that the family can find closure. Someone needs to confess and get it over with. No matter which on did it or if all of them had a part in it. The truth will come out one day, so why keep delaying it? I agree that we as Americans should not go to Aruba because they have showed the world that their justice system sucks..My prayers are for Natalie and her family. God be with them through this terrible time in their life. God Bless all of the people that have helped this family.

  216. The coverage of this has run longer than the MJ trial and getting more print than the Kennedy assasination.
    Why hasn’t the press interviewde NH room mate at the HI? (eg. were you concerned when you woke up and she wasn’t there?)
    Interviewed any of CC employes? (Bartenders etc)
    Interview any of her class mates that saw her last at CC? (what was she doing while waiting outside CC)
    The press has not pursued the Hollway side at all and never talk about it. Just the same old clips and interviews day after day!

  217. PEOPLE the point is …. be careful when travelling! God bless Nathalie!
    To Rebel: Yah its true america did help during world war two! But there were inner motives to this…just like most wars they join. If you want to go around “policing” the world…then things like 911 will continue.

  218. Remember Suzy Lampugh, the real estate agent in London, England who disappeared more than 16 years ago when she turned up to meet a Mr. Kipper.
    If the Royal Malaysian Police Force were to investigate this case charges would have been laid within a week.Torture the 2 indian brothers and the dutch colonialist son and you will get an answer. They are all involved.

  219. Torture? Seriously what country are you from. If they did that to people in America would you stand for that…or whatever country you are from. You probably are from America….as long as you don’t torture your own right? fuckin retarded.

  220. First off may the lord be with you.. THe goverment there sucks. Some one find her so her family can put there lives back togeather. my heart goes out to you guys.. someone has answeres,,, speak up if this was your child you would want help so help her… may god lead you to her and punish who ever took her away…

  221. Natalie holloway, RIP
    i think this whole case is soooo sad
    and to those who are saying natalie is in the media too much: this case represents all the missing children in the USA, and i think they should keep it in the media for as long as possible, and keep up hope for the holloway’s and their search for closure.

  222. and the add on to what i just wrote: i am reading everyones notes from above and i am wondering why the people on this site can not be civil. Debating over this topic is understandable, but there are some personal remarks towards each other which are uncalled for. Just thought i would say that spelling and comments should not be attacked. This comment will probably get attacked, wouldnt be suprised!!!!
    see yall

  223. My question and concern is:why didnt the chaperones check all the rooms by a certain time everynight to make sure the kids were in their rooms? Also didnt any friends of natalies see her leave with 3 guys and try to stop her?

  224. Someone actually stopped me at a rest area because they thought i was natalie holloway.
    I dont understand how this trish person can be soo hateful. as far as we know we only get one life and it shouldnt be wasted..and maybe natalie’s was. she didnt deserve whatever happened to her just because of some bad desicions. we all make mistakes but i would never wish someone harm from it… unless it was a sick child molestor or an animal abuse person..you know that sort of thing.
    i bet trish that you may say you wouldnt care if people where glad you were dead..but it would hurt never the less. please be considerate AT LEAST ..of her parents and people that love her and keep hateful and rude comments to yourself.. out of respect for others and yourself also.

  225. Someone actually stopped me at a rest area because they thought i was natalie holloway.
    I dont understand how this trish person can be soo hateful. as far as we know we only get one life and it shouldnt be wasted..and maybe natalie’s was. she didnt deserve whatever happened to her just because of some bad desicions. we all make mistakes but i would never wish someone harm from it… unless it was a sick child molestor or an animal abuse person..you know that sort of thing.
    i bet trish that you may say you wouldnt care if people where glad you were dead..but it would hurt never the less. please be considerate AT LEAST ..of her parents and people that love her and keep hateful and rude comments to yourself.. out of respect for others and yourself also.

  226. My concern is the United States should be putting pressure on the Aruban Government for some answers. Why would the Aruban Officials not want to turn the complete investigation over to the FBI. Hell, that would sure go along ways towards patching up their Tourism industry and if the FBI didn’t solve the matter, then I believe it would let them off the hook.

  227. Hi, I am just amazed, some comments that I have just read are completely out of topic and very stupid …
    I had the opportunity to live in Venezuela for 5 years and came back home not very long ago … it was the best experience ever, I also went to Aruba maybe twice or three times a year during those 5 years in South America. In every place in this world you’ll find the bad and the good people..so anything could have happen. But when living there I could see how american girls behaved , how they were drunk all the time, letting anyone touching them etc…. I am not saying anything about Natalee, I’m just talking in general. Also for your information, in those countries they believe that we ( americans) are a bunch of ignorants…and let me tell you that after reading some of your postings…I have to agree that there are many!! How could anyone say that they are selling whites as slaves in Venezuela??? PLEASE!!!! don’t be so stupid!!! have you ever left the little town where you live??? IDIOT!! Slavery??? just remember waht we did in our country not long ago, just remember how many black people we killed and discriminated…how can you talk about slavery….
    Stupid people, get a life!!

  228. Trish, you will answer to God for your horrible comment. It’s obvious you have no children. If you ever do, God help them. May I suggest some counseling
    dear??? YOu desperately need it!

  229. I just cant believe all of the hate! I hope that all of these awful people dont have to suffer the way that Natalie and her family have suffered. Me being a mother can not even imagine what her family is going through. My heart goes out to the family and to Natalie. Hopefully there is such a thing as miracles and she is alive and well. My best wishes to everyone else as well.

  230. Joran Van Der Sloot was released Monday, and immediately left for Holland, tentatively to attend college.
    Apparently Beth Holloway Twitty is leaving, or has left Aruba, having exhausted all the avenues that she could pursue. From what I have read it has been stated that she is going to try and pursue other means.

  231. Jug Twitty is in this up to his eyeballs along with the Mansur’s. Who sent Natalie there? Before he married Beth did that school go to Aruba for a Senior Trip?
    He is eyeball deep friends of the Mansur’s for years and the Mansur’s have been trying to destroy the Van der Sloot family for years.
    Look at his body language toward Beth. Beth looks like she is at the total end of her rope.
    The ONLY information the United States has been fed has come from information the Twitty’s have come up with, some with the help of Jossy Mansur.
    Since the judges were from Curacao, perhaps there really is NO Evidence against the boys.

  232. I don’t know much about Aruba and people over there.I am coming from Bosnia and Herzegowina and we are also in the huge pain for all what happend to Nathalie.
    I hope and pray for her return to her family.
    This way i would like to encourge her family to keep strainght; and wish to have influance on the law inforcement to slove the case.
    Her family should know what happend to their daughter and bring her home alive or dead.She is a little angel and must be taken home.
    Dear family Holloway, i feel your pain and my prayers goes to you.God bless you.Deep in my soul i feel that she is alive and that she will come home.
    I would like if i could do more to help you.Be strong and do not ever lose hope for her returning.
    Lots of love to you ,
    Michael Markin, Mostar- Bosnia and Hezegowina,Eastern Europe

  233. Hey! Paulette Lynn!
    Smoke a cigarette instead of the crack you are smoking! From the sound of your last post I think you may be down to your last brain cell!

  234. Hi I agree with Alison where were her so called friends.I’m an American living in China for five years now,and I see Chinese people really know how to take care of each other.If someone drinks to much they will be sent home by a friend or somebody else. It has happened to me many times here in China,even just meeting someone for the first time they will send me home.

  235. I hope they will find this pretty girl and put closure to this awful time for Nat’s family. This morning on the view Star Jones said they only get air time is because she is white. I saw that this star Jones is a bitch and she wouldn’t know what it’s like to not be able to find a love one. I pray that nathalie comes home alive and well.

  236. The arrogance of american people never ceases to amaze me. In truth it is not arrogance it is pure ignorance of the rest of the world. TRhe attitude to the mising stupid american girl in aruba is the exact reason why the rest of the world has such a low opinion of America. I can just imagine the outcry in USA if the positions were reversed and the Arubians adopted the same Hysterical attitude against America. This from a countryu that claims to be the most powerfull in the world but still cannot stop low land from flooding after a storm ot heavy rain. THIS PROBLEM WAS SOLVED BY THE DUTCH 400 YEARS AGO !!!@!!

  237. Its really amazing….America can solve all the problems in the world…if you don’t get want you want oh just dump some bombs and the army on whichever country that have offended you…
    So whats the big thing forget about the Arubiuan Goverment..just send in your FBI…take over the country to look for a nice pretty white girl..wonder if she was black if fox news would be paying so much attention..oh one more thing is this the same country the great USA that was kicking black people asses not so long ago..please the world is watching..and secondly the USA is not the law of the world….try and respect other countries and their goverments…May God Bless America

  238. Hi people, it’s just sad how the Alabama governor requested a boycott for a small island like Aruba. It is not OUR fault that Natalie has gone missing ! No, but blame all Aruban people, because Natalie is missing…… that will solve the problem, so why isn’t the governor of Alabama boycotting his own state for all the people that are still missing.
    I have always loved the USA, and yes i am an Aruban.
    It’s sad how an ‘educated’ man like the governor of Alabama would like a nation of 300+ million to boybott an island of 100.000 people because of a girl that has gone missing, this is just sad. So technically speaking, all the missing adults, teenagers and children in Alabama makes the people of Alabama criminals? Why doesn’t Bob Riley fix the problems his own state has before opening his mouth, and if i’m correct there are currently about 130+ missing in the state of Alabama !! So why doesn’t Bob Riley boycott his own state ? Ignorant man…
    My heart goes out to Natalie Holloway, and for the Aruban people, who are suffering because of this.
    Our island is safe and because of 1 person that has gone missing doesn’t make it an unsafe place. Things like this just happen, name me one country where nobody hasn’t gone EVER!!!
    I live in Aruba and i wouldn’t want to live elsewhere. What happened in Aruba was a shock to all Aruban people, but then again, what can we do ? nothing.
    God bless Aruba….

  239. I think all of the interest in one missing person is all due to the media. It shocking how they can control our lives. The point is it’s fine to report the case but not day after day after day, after day, every detail. Nobody that I can remember missing has ever been reported on like this. It is the unfairness of the media in whom they give attention to that is causing so much hatred toward this case and subsequently to Natalee and her family. There is no need whatsoever in reporting this every single day. When there is a break, then let us know.

  240. hey,
    i think that the investigators are not giving ther peopel that want to help the holloway famil, i know that my dad was taken to do underwater searching for her, and I barely know anything. i think that they should give us more to work with!

  241. wonder why the seach didn’t invole freezers
    i heard of such things
    the search was not done like it should have been

  242. It hasn’t been just one person. It has been 2 there was a girl by the name Amy Bradley I believe that had gone missing as well. So no I don’t think Aruba is such a safe place. I have never been there to be honest. I have been to Cozumel and Cancun though. Just becuase Aruba may seem like a nice place doesn’t mean that it is perfect.

  243. this is a concerned mother .i don’t know how anybody could make all those nasty remarks that we read on the computer, what if that was your daughter or even a son that had got lost or whatever i hope natalee is still alive,i am praying for her .if i was the aruban goverment i wouldn’t want any body to think bad about my country i would want to get in there and help find these girls that got lost the u,s, a, wouldn’t treat you like that. i hope the best for natalee. rose hardin

  244. i pray for this beautiful child her family and friends.and may all our prayer help find this child alive and may god be with her where every she may be may he walk with her and hold her and keep her safe please god find this child and bring her home safe god be with the Tweety family and god i pray be with this family .god bless us all

  245. This board, for the most part, is sick. Hellooo?!? Someone is missing! Granted if she would’ve have been from one of the richest towns in Alabama, no one would care. If it were a person that had little money and lived in the ghetto, no one would care. It sucks that these things happen. But I am sick and tired of seeing the kids of wealthy familes being the only ones that are publized about. For those that are calling Natalie a ‘whore’, who cares?!? No one deserves to be hurt no matter what they are. It is not fair that you say that about someone you do not know. It’s disgusting. Since I am imagining some people on this board do not have children, how about imagining this is your mother, or your grandmother, your best friend. And sadly, if someone was missing in the US, unless they were from a wealthy family, Tiffany (from the post above) no one would care. If this were a black female from the ghetto, you would care. Our society is sick. Our world is in a sick, sad place at the present time.–Melissa- Anniston, AL

  246. A DOSE OF LOGIC: Since we are unable to round up all the bad guys, perhaps the “innocent” must drastically change the way they live, play, travel, party, date, etc. There is too much trust, not enough education or common sense and the wide-spread notion that “it won’t happen to me”. If these flaws in the way we live and think are eradicated, then people will stop disappearing.

  247. all those stupid gay retarded boys did it. who else would have? these aruban people are mentaly ill if they don’t know that.

  248. By the way, other cancerous flaws in our “human” behavior are evident in most of the comments above, especially the previous one. Review all of them and decide for yourselves how many are constructive and how many are pointless. Furthermore, this immature, irresponsible style of communication can be found all the way up to our leading politicians, which is why our nation is gradually flushing itself down the red, white and blue toilet. It’s the worst kind of tragedy that we are letting our precious “home” slip through our careless fingers. And religion is NOT the answer; a president with a brain is NOT the answer; and a senseless war is certainly far from the answer. The solution is: the people need to become RESPONSIBLE and start working TOGETHER as a TEAM, NOT for themselves, NOT for their political party and NOT for their god. The country, the “UNITED” States of America, needs to be considered “a single living entity” to be continuously nutured by ALL its citizens. Only until we can establish this frame of mind can the serious, controversial and ongoing problems – domestic and abroad – be solved. Easier said than done, I know. But I also know that the bad guys, here in our neighborhoods and everywhere in this world, are winning. They want all of us dead. And while their quest is a lofty one for sure, they have succeeded in severing America down the middle. So as long as we bicker amongst ourselves, complain about unimportant issues, disrespect each other, blame other people and call each other schoolyard names, we’re finished, history, the END.

  249. Her death is tragic, but what really is starting to aggitate me is why we, the USA, is worried about one girl. Why so much coverage for her, who was she? People get killed everyday and some don’t even make the news, so why her? What was so special about this girl?

  250. Natalee Holloway: Money and Politics
    Hyscience has a post up dealing with the political donations that have flowed to some Alabama politicians from, of all places, Holland. I wonder if that PAC would like their money back, now?
    Incredible but true! Money from a Dutch company went to Governor Bob Riley, Senator Jeff Sessions, Senator Richard Shelby and member of Congress Spencer Bachus. And now they are all supporting a boycott against Aruba?

  251. mr.and mrs.halloway.
    you guys are in my prayers for your daughter.i am sorry for what happened. i hope you guys find out what happened to her.

  252. Don’t yell at Trish for the F*@k Natalie comment. If you notice, the person who sent the comment is listed BELOW the comment. The hateful person who made that comment was a coward and did not put their real name down. They used the ‘clever’, and I use that term very sarcastically, name of F*@kNatalie. I think that everyone else will agree, if you have nothing VALUABLE to say about the situation, don’t say anything at all! I too pray for Natalie, her friends, and her family. The truth will be revealed on judgement day and the guilty party (or parties) will have to answer for their crime.

  253. To qoute – “I watched a video with Greta Van Sustern on Foxnews.com where she pointed out how they were feeling very unwelcome, it was obvious that they were not wanted there”
    On vacation all I could get was FOX news and I know why teh Arubans hated this stupid women. She did Natelle’s case no service with sensational reporting. I switched off. FOX news is the most bigoted and biased news program I have the displeasure of viewing.
    Having seen Dr. Phils program on the aduction/murder I am now trying to find out more about the case in an attempt to protect my own children.
    My heart goes out to all families in a similar situation.

  254. I think that Natalie Holloway is being held as a slave or prisoner in either Indonesia or Brunei. When all is said and done, the two boys and the guy with the boat are all involved.

  255. People who Critize Natalie Holloway are straight up ignorant. She is being held captive somewhere and they have nothing to say but to call her a whore. Shame on them.

  256. I pray Natalie comes home safe and soon. Who knows, if she is not alive, what happened to her except for her, her God and the people who took her. But they will be punished eventually in one way or another. All of you who have such horrid things to say about Natalie or eachother need to take a good hard look at yourself. Who raised you? Satan himself? Grow up, and if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all, as most of your mother’s should have taught you!!

  257. I personally think that they buried her body on the island. We will find out after someone comes across her.The boys all know what happened and they won’t come clean due to the father feeding the boys with the legal info they need to stay out of jail.

  258. I think she is buried on the island.We will find out when someone uncovers her. The boys know where and they arent saying because the Dad is feeding them full of just enough legal advise to keep them out of jail.

  259. Who is Natalee Holloway and why all the press about Abura not “doing thier job.” There are thousands of missing people right here in the good ‘ol USA that our government has either quit looking for, never looked for or doesn’t give a rats behind about. When we clean up our own mess, we can start talking about the shortcomings of other countries. Personally I think Ntalee spent a week with Joran not thinking about the home. She had a great time. At the end of the week Joran took her back to the hotel and got ready for the next wave of tourists. He probably had a new girl every ten days. Upset by the end of her summer romance Natalee wandered off, waded in the ocean and got caught in the undertow -especially if she was as drunk as reported. There’s probably no murder. No white slavery. Nothing more than a tragic accident.

  260. So much time is wasted in finding Natalee..Everybody by now knows that the Aruban Government has covered up the whole issue and those boys in question. If I were Natalee’s father instead of sending a bunch of people to find her body, I would have hired a tough guy. All one needs is to bend the arms of those two skinny boys and they will start singing in a few seconds…Just one twist of the arm and the truth would have come out months ago

  261. When I read all of the nonsense that is written above…it makes me more convince that americans are just plain foolish…because your country has tons of money do you think that you all can run rough shot over other people goverments…who the hell does beth think she is…the answer…a white american wanting to do what she likes in aruba, BUT THAT AMERICANS FOR YA…NO RESPECT FOR OTHER PEOPLE GOVERMENTS…where were all the chaperones…maybe fucking off thiers heads too..too busy to look after the stundents..get a life people…what about the missing people/children in the states….why can’t your police find them..opps….maybe a cover by the people there….clean up your back yard first yankees ….then look over the fence at other countries.

  262. I think we need to go ‘bomb’ Jason’s home….after we remove all the children and animals that pedophile has kidnapped…MORON

  263. Just as I said typical american…do agree with what other people or nations have to say…just go bomb…idiot you don’t even understand what I was saying in my letter soldier…remember your country is not the only one with bombs…

  264. The post on Nov 20 with the poster using my name in the post is just someone who is following me around on the internet, trying to slander me. I did not write “F**k Natalee Holloway” etc, and would never do that. This person is demented and psychotic, and doesn’t even spell Natalee’s name right.

  265. did she just recently call her mother or not? i heard she called her mom and was on the line long enough to say she had been sold into prostitution. true or false. i am dieing to hear more.

  266. Is it true they found Natalee’s body in a shallow grave…Has anyone else heard this or was this just another tab?

  267. I just want to say how sorry I feel for the family, no one deserves this,I just had 3 pople in my in my family to pass away since oct, I even lost my little niece, her kidneys failed, but as bad as that is, I can’t imanage how it would to lose one of my children, my hope is that “no” american never go to aruba again, it will really hurt thier toursim. gGod bless the family

  268. My heart and prayers go out to her family she will be found alive God does not abandon his children and she is truly one of them

  269. let me begin by saying how truely sorry i am for what the Holloway family is going through. Having lived in Aruba and having friends who still live there today i want to respond to christina and all the other who wish to damage arubas economy. Why would u want to punish and entire nation for the actions of one maybe two individuals. Aruba did nothing to that girl. an individual did. i understand that they want their daughter back but bankrupting an island won’t do that. Imagin for a second that one of your family members went missing in the US and u returned to the precint contantly for 5 months. after about the 4th week the officers would be so sick of you especially if the had no evidence and if u brought their precint bad publicity. what more do u want the police force to do? how many open missing persons cases are there in Alabama alone let alone our nation as a whole? compare that to the total open missing persons cases in aruba of 1.

  270. Jason Brown first of all learn to spell then second only reprimand people if you know what you are talking about.The reason that people are saying to “boycott” aruba is not because they blame every person in the country but because they blame the government they gave up on the search unofficially after only several weeks the united states has been and will continue to look for her until she is found alive or dead.

  271. God’s Child…get real…..who cares if Jason can spell or not….do you understand what he is trying to say? then that is all that matters…
    Boycott is not the answer…this does not solve the case or tell us where Natalie is…if these 3 individuals are guilty then woe unto them…but every citizen of Aruba should not be punished.

  272. First of all, we don’t know what happened to Natalie. She was reckless and as a result, she’s missing. Let’s face it, getting drunk in a foreign country and wondering off with strangers isn’t the smartest move, is it? Maybe she was killed, maybe she drowned, maybe she is hiding, maybe eaten by a shark, maybe abducted by UFOs. Who knows?
    You can’t hold suspects forever without evidence here in the US (though that may have changed under the current administration) and apparently you can’t do it there. The Arubans have their own justice system and when you go to a country, you have to realize you will be expected to respect their laws and live with their ways.
    Many Americans think that the world has to bow down to them. Remember the kid in Singapore who caused all that mischief? He was caught and sentenced to be caned. Americans protested that he shouldn’t be caned although that’s the punishment their courts dealt out.
    I suspect that Aruban law enforcement did what they could. I imagine the Aruban police didn’t like letting these suspects go but there’s no murder without a corpse or at least some evidence. To treat Aruba as some sort of “Conspiracy Island”, the police as incompetent and the people as indifferent is naive.
    Lastly, anyone know where OJ was at this time?

  273. Why didn’t someone get these guys together in a deserted building and torture them for the truth. Obviously they know what happened and of course they should hve included the Vandersloot fathr in the festivities.

  274. All I have to say is for all you people saying “fuck Natalee Holloway”…you are probably going to burn in hell..no one deserves to die like that..or to be taken away from their family..i hope that they find her alive

  275. I am sort of split on the whole situation. I do think that it is very sad and i am sure very scary and upsetting to those that are close to her, of course i don’t wish a horrible ending and i hope that she will return safley.
    on the other hand if she went off with those guys then that was her own stupidity.
    i mean look what can happen.
    maybe she didn’t go off with them and was forced. i don;t know but if she did then this is a hard lesson that she learned.
    Anyways, to the family and friends; don’t give up. i hope you all the best.

  276. Seems like this has become yesturdays news, you do not hear about this as much on the news anymore. What has happend to her and the situation? Is this how we live we forget one tragedy when another tragedy occurs? How sad, i hope that one day we will all learn the answer to what happened.

  277. if aruba had Allowed The USA to Interogate Those Boys the Case would Have been Over a long time Ago,thats a fact

  278. Does anyone know how to get a message to the Hollway family? I work for an organization in Huntsville Alabam called the Homicide Survivors Program. All our services are free and we do counseling, support groups etc…we are trying to get a support group started in Birmingham and I would love to see if anyone in the Hollway family would like to help get one started. Thanks!

  279. dumpig seys haulaway is notalie.
    I think she got into coke and is probably alive, maybe in south america. They say she disliked her domineering mother. (to quote Joran, “she’s like hitler”). And I don’t understand how people are able to lie in court. I thought they threw the book at you for that sort of thing, although I just read of another case here in Ontario where prosecution witnesses lied under oath, I suppose to force a

  280. it’s a tragic moment what happen to that poor & unfortuanant teenager,but if you look at the fact of this case.We have no fingerprints of natalie,no bones,no traces of hair,we search and search and search but found nothing.People have said that our lawsysteem is wrong/corrupt.I’ll give my opinion about this matter as fellow arubian, we live like you in a democracy, we rules and laws, in any lawsysteem not everything is perfect our systeem is not worst than yours or better.let me give you an example we weren’t the ones that let oj simpson,the so called juice free or let people who endanger small children lives,it doesn’t mean that you americans do not care about your lawsysteem it’s just you need to improve your laws and so do we, we have a low crime rate and remember LOW compared to ALABAMA in every district of that state.boycotting ARUBA has not brought a solution to the case, it has made it worse because now you have made the words of joran’s supporters come true, all what BETH wants to do is DESTROY ARUBA.So it has made arubians unite together as one rally against the boycot,so the focus has not become about NATALIE HOLLOWAY, but us vs them.i will conlude my statement by saying this we must not fight againts each other but figth together to find a solution to this case, GOD BLESS ARUBA and GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  281. We get a lot of American tourists here in Canada too, and they all seem to have the attitude that they own the world and we should server them

  282. I think that who ever you kids are that are writing this terrible nonsence on the computer needs to go to the Lord and asak for forgivness,you have no idea what this poor child may have suffered before she was lost out there somewhere or possibly killed,please consider her mothet,father,step father and all her loved ones,dont hurt those that have not hurt you,do unto others as you to would have them do unto you.

  283. I have 3 small children and could not imagine them being somewhere that i could not see them or even know what they where doing. i can not understand or even begin to know how the twitty and holloway families are going through.this is a very tragic thing that has happenand we are all so helpless to you and i am sorry. we are a very come together state(al.)and try to do all we can…. my deepest sarrow goes to you and your family………you are in our PRAYERS each night!!!!!!!!!love to all blazer family….

  284. I hope they find Natalie safe and sound.Condolenses, my hopes,and prayers go out to the Holloway’s. I know someone in Aruba that was friends with her.

  285. Everyone on this board is a moron. I just came back from Barbados and everyone on that island (locals that is) seems to believe they arent finding her body in Aruba cuz its not there. Its in Venezuela and she may still be alive they all believe that she was taken there and sold as a slave and those three boys set it up by drugging her.

  286. I just wanted to add how sorry, I am for the family, to lose someone while they are just about to experience what life is all about is so heart breaking! To all the family I am truely sorry for your loss and if there was a way for me to bring her back, I would…

  287. this is for richard who wrote on June 14,i was reading these comments, and i just want to say that yes, your prayers are ALWAYS answered. God answers all prayers in one of three ways: by either saying ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ or ‘wait’… and as hard as it is to believe it, God is always in control. he knows everything we don’t about Natalie. LET US KEEP PRAYING FOR HER!

  288. Nine months has past since Ms. Holloway went missing. My heart aches for her family. My life has gone on. I have had a birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and several other holidays since she become missing. But, not one day has gone by that I haven’t thought about her, her family and the dirty creeps that are responsible. I pray for her, her family and all who knew her. She is greatly missed and she needs to be found. If she’s alive, I wish her well and if she’s dead let her be found. The Lord will take care of those responsible.

  289. Without evil we would not know what good is. So when I read something negative with profanity I know where your coming from and consider the source and grab the bull by the horns and do my best to destroy evil with goodness god bless you and may his blessing deliver what you deserve according to how you treat others.

  290. I think that a psyhic would be the best bet to find Natalee. I watch court tv all the time and the psyhics always find out what happened, even if it’s been years.

  291. How could someone abduct another? It is really shameful to think that this type of episode would occur to this woman. She was removed possibly from her hotel. This is why I think security personnel need to be around these spots more. They really need more police and tighter measures.

  292. How could someone abduct another? It is really shameful to think that this type of episode would occur to this woman. She was removed possibly from her hotel. This is why I think security personnel need to be around these spots more. They really need more police and tighter measures.

  293. I imagined that our God could help such a person. I do not believe she had a large fault in this situation, really I do believe she was happy to be on her trip and really just enjoying her stay. It could be that she might of only had a little to drink or maybe she was drugged or something. We don’t really know. A large class trip that she was attending seemed to be faulted by lack of monitoring personnel. This is a sad thing and I cry just hearing about it everytime I hear the news about the suspects and the leads.

  294. I just read the Stupid hate article ” fuck NAt..” and i was shocked , how could someone be so heartless and stupid , i have to say iam not american , but i have been following the story from day 1 , actualy iam from a place so far away Egypt . but the story still touched me . To the writter of this stupid article , i hope you lose someone so dear to you to feel what her family is feeling .

  295. My heart goes out to the Halloway family and their great loss.
    It makes me think, for life to continue on this earth, among other things, the human family needs a crash course in respect for the humanity and others in general.
    Any person who looks at another human with an eye
    given to personal gratification without regard for the other is a jeapordy to joy and stability of the human family. Do they qualify for life with the rest of us?


  297. my heart doesnt go out to that greedy family.. if there is no evidence there is no case..they just want to be in the media all the time there a greedy family trying to get money out of that dutch family..
    why want money ?it wont bring ur kid back..but they don’t care about that they just see dollar signs like most of the American … and that so called dr phil is a right idiot.
    people who believe in him are thick like that family crying there lil eyes ut on national telly HOW PATHETIC .. if they had the change they would drag micheal jackson to court to get money out of him and all..
    greedy family makes me sick

  298. I have been to Aruba since Natalie was mising. I am young, hip, and cool and I have children(impossible to believe, but true). I have experienced many a thing, did my share of partying. NO PARENT DESERVES THIS!!! Do not post the crap you have been. I walked the island and kept looking for clues. No one should go through this!! If you are going to post, keep it NICE!!! We were all teenagers. Natalie, I am sure, is sweet and kind and does not deserve any negativity! This is a person you are posting about!! Think about that!! Would you want strangers to judge you?? Amy

  299. I hope that Natalie is found safe and sound. I pray that if anyone has caused her harm will come forward, because God will be the DEFINITE judge of them! To all those who say “F**k Natalie”~ I pray for your mean heart. You are truly evil if you could say something like that about a person.

  300. In re: to the GREEDY FAMILY…. did you ever stop to think that Natalie’s grief stricken mother is trying to keep her daughters case alive by filing the lawsuit??? Money has NOTHING at all to do with it!!!! The mother has done nothing but keep the heat on the Van der Sloot family since her daughter vanished… Even if she did want money from the Van der Sloot’s, Im sure it would be to fund her daughters missing search! More power to her!! Your ignorant comment “Greedy Family make me sick” is disgusting and evil. I cannot believe there are people in this world like you. Beth Twitty my heart goes out to you…

  301. there are a whole lot of posts here, some of them prove to be nonsense brought on my racism, bitterness and a craving for attention. All my father and I can say is that we hope for the best for both the victim and her family. And I do believe that despite the heartache you surely are experiencing right now, God has his reasons and the results are always for the better. We might not be able to see it, but that is simply because we humans are inferior to his supremity. Trust Him, for He is good.

  302. All’s I have to say is that I know I did a lot of stupid things when I was a teenager…but no one deserves to go through this…not a family, not a friend, not anyone! But what were her friends thinking? That is what I do not understand…dont you think that her friends wouldn’t have let her go without them!??!? Me and my best friends went to Cancun, and not for a moment did we let eachother go anywhere by ourselves. Even our best guy friends wouldn’t let us walk outside the hotel by ourself. Where were her friends?? Chicks before dicks….we always used to say that. Even if my friend refused to go with me…I would have told her to freakin bad…and pulled her ass back to the hotel with me….not a choice! But I pray that God is there for Natalie’s family…and that justice will be served!

  303. All’s I have to say is that I know I did a lot of stupid things when I was a teenager…but no one deserves to go through this…not a family, not a friend, not anyone! But what were her friends thinking? That is what I do not understand…dont you think that her friends wouldn’t have let her go without them!??!? Me and my best friends went to Cancun, and not for a moment did we let eachother go anywhere by ourselves. Even our best guy friends wouldn’t let us walk outside the hotel by ourself. Where were her friends?? Chicks before dicks….we always used to say that. Even if my friend refused to go with me…I would have told her to freakin bad…and pulled her ass back to the hotel with me….not a choice! But I pray that God is there for Natalie’s family…and that justice will be served!

  304. I hope they find Natalie. She, her family, & her friends are in my prayers.Oh and Trish F.Y.I no 1 like s you too much either Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are most likely going to hell 4 that coment!!!!!!

  305. I have been following this story from day one. I cant believe some of the ridiculous comments out there. This is an American teenager we are talking about. She was obvisously taken advantage of. She was there to have a good time and celebrate the gradution of high school. Cant you remember that time in your life. Coming from a small town I am sure she wasnt aware of the possibilites of predators like Joran. He looks “almost” normal. I think he put something in her drink and sit back and waited. When I saw him in the interview he gave He was LYING through his teeth. I along with everyone else in the world want to know what happen Natalie. where is she!!!!! I would also like to hear from her friends that she was with that night. Do they know something whay havent they been interviewed? If they have why havent we heard what they are saying. To Mrs. Twitty and Mr. Holloway my heart goes out to you. I think of Natalie everyday. It must be hard for you. I think that the task of finding her is what keeps you going. You havent even began to mourn yet, save some inner strength for when this is all over. God Bless you all!

  306. I have been trying to read this message board because I am intersted in other’s theories and ideas.
    However, there are posts on here that seem to just take up space and serve as someone’s chance to take up a cause.
    So aside from racial remarks, opinions on parental responsibilty, lectures on common sense and anti-american sentiment, does someone actually have a plausible theory? I have some questions from the threads above:
    1. They found an arm? When did that happen?
    2. What happened with the underwear and condoms? Did they say why they didn’t pursue it any further?
    3. Is there anything in this case that proves that the three boys did this? What makes the majority of people so sure? Was it the lying?
    I have no opinion on this case. I am just curious what other’s think about the whole thing.

  307. Jason,
    You are right. America doesn’t care about what other countries think. We never have. You can hate us all you want.
    Quite frankly, we will do what is best for our safety and freedom, whether you “agree” with us or not.
    Your just mad because we have the bigger stick.

  308. all i can say for now is WOW! This site has its ups and downs! because more than half of these coments are retarted and who could ever say crap about a girl they dont even know and some parents who had just lost a child?? huh???? This girl did nothing wrong neither did her parents! Natile was just having fun, with a bunch of her classmates! And celerbrating the end of being a child!! so what does she get for having a good time??? i bet you all who said F*** natlie could answer that!!!!!! and for that person who said “call her cell phone” how dumb could you get?? i bet that was the first thing that any one did!!!!! ALso for the person who asked bout her firnds seeing her and stoping her !! If any of her friends saw her leave whit 3 guys i bet those 3 guys would be in jail by now!!!!!! and The chaprons dont have to cheack in every ones rooms !!! they not kids any more!!!!!!”I think she is on the island. I see her in a cave or something like that in the lower Northeast side of the island. about 3 miles from the coast. I have dreamed this several times since she disapearred.” who ever wrote this i got some advise for you….. GET SOME SERIOUS HELP!!!!!!! if you think that im riping on all of these people well iam because they are stupid!!!!! my opinon in this mystery case is that natile is not alive, but there is a chanse that they could get her whole body if her family hurrys up and figuares this case out!!!!!!! and i think that we do need more help !!!!!!! like where have has the US FBI been this whole time??????

  309. all i can say for now is WOW! This site has its ups and downs! because more than half of these coments are retarted and who could ever say crap about a girl they dont even know and some parents who had just lost a child?? huh???? This girl did nothing wrong neither did her parents! Natile was just having fun, with a bunch of her classmates! And celerbrating the end of being a child!! so what does she get for having a good time??? i bet you all who said F*** natlie could answer that!!!!!! and for that person who said “call her cell phone” how dumb could you get?? i bet that was the first thing that any one did!!!!! ALso for the person who asked bout her firnds seeing her with 3 boys and stoping her !! If any of her friends saw her leave whit 3 guys i bet those 3 guys would be in jail by now!!!!!! and The chaprons dont have to cheack in every ones rooms !!! their not kids any more!!!!!!”I think she is on the island. I see her in a cave or something like that in the lower Northeast side of the island. about 3 miles from the coast. I have dreamed this several times since she disapearred.” who ever wrote this i got some advise for you….. GET SOME SERIOUS HELP!!!!!!! if you think that im riping on all of these people well iam because they are stupid!!!!! my opinon in this mystery case is that natile is not alive, but there is a chance that they could get her whole body if her family hurrys up and figuares this case out!!!!!!! and i think that we do need more help !!!!!!! like where have has the US FBI been this whole time??????

  310. I saw the dutch dude on Fox ..Either he is telling the truth or he is an excellent actor..much time is wasted..why not Beth send some tough guy in Aruba and ask him to twist arm of those two skinny brothers..It wont take them more than a minute to confess what is the truth ..

  311. If you are posting negative things about Natalee Holloway, you should really be ashamed of yourself, that is so ignorant! Do you realize you could be talking about a deceased 18 yr old girl?? If you say something ignorant about her, you should hope that something doesnt happen to your relatives! Maybe they’ll forget about them too!

  312. The arrogance of your people is asthonishing. The idea alone that god, if he was not a figment of some schizofrenic idiot’s imagination, would bless this country of deceptive leaders and ignorant followers, would make him commit suicide instantaneously. Why do you people, who have done nothing holy or sacred at all, who do not live up to the teachings of this imaginitive god, and who have a history of killing, exploitation and discrimination towards other people think this presumed god would choose you as his favorite people.
    Anywayz, besides the fact whether or not Nathalee is killed, the parents behave like barbarians. It would not surprise me if they had some part in the disappearance of their own daughter, because when you accuse with such fierceness, it might be that they are hiding something…..
    Anywayz, who cares, it’s just one person…..if you people are really that upset by this, why not look at the real and more sever problems in the world…..

  313. Can’t believe this is still not solved. Watched the interview and I feel from the comment that the younger brother wanted to be left out, he might have returned to beach.

  314. natalee holloway and family
    are lying cows.. u cant justice someone without proof and there is no proof so get a life and leave her in peace
    she’s dead… we all know that by now he probably drowned cos of overdosing drugs and booz..
    these things happen… sad but true

  315. I am so tired of hearing about Natalie Holloway that I’ve stopped watching a lot of the news-talk shows, particularly Greta on Fox, and I’ve turned off Rita Cosby more than once.
    This case is a non-story. Tens of thousands of young people, past the age of majority, are missing and not in contact with their families. In a small portion of those cases, something bad did happen. But here you have an absolutely extraordinary case of media-created sensationalism. And that led to every imaginable kind of search. Dig up the whole island. Search the ocean for miles beyond the shore. Do military flyovers. For months and months on end! If there was evidence of foul play, it would have been found.
    It makes me want to ask, where is Osama?
    This is a non-story. If it had been reported once, in a two minute story with a picture, then revisited two weeks later, that I could explain. This is madness. She ain’t gonna be found, and I think everyone knows it. They just can’t let go. I guess the people who manage these programs and determine their content feel a sense of power in being able to bring life (and justice) to a standstill in some little country.
    It’s media bullying. Boycot any program that dwells on this long over-done fantasy.

  316. What the us lady has worte above is not acceptable. If you had lost your daughter or son you would be doing the same thing she is!!! She might be doing more than you cause she actually cares about her daughter!!! Eventhough you may think that she might not return but a couple of years back (i can not rememeber her name) but she appeared and she was fine you never know what God can do through him!! Just have faith and put it all in the LORD’S hands and everything will turn out how it is suppose to!!

  317. Diddly squat could have been a more pc but she is correct. If you are White especially blonde & blue eyed you are News if you are of color than [b]’forrgett ii!’t[/b].
    All this they did this & that to her is sheer supposition, nobody knows what happened. For all we know she was so drunk that she went for a swim & was caught in a undertow. I understand the mother’s feeling of loss et al BUT she does her case & thus her daughter a great disservice trying to pass her off as an innocent. Innocents don’t go drinking & riding with strangers ignoring her friends’ request to come back to the resort, etc.
    And if you want to lay blame: It can be placed right @ The feet of the Chaperones, especially the one who knew & did nothing. He now claims that it wasn’t his job to watchout for the kids. Guess he dosen’t know what the dictionary definition is.

  318. even though i did not know natalie holloway she still looked like a good friend why would somebody do that to her and they should confess

  319. even though i did not know natalie holloway she still looked like a good friend why would somebody do that to her and they should confess and i know its hard for natalie holloways friends because i gone thruogh this before ive lost 1 of my dads dad and 2 other people in my family

  320. wow,their are a lot of heartless,and ignorant people in here.I am a mother who lost a son.He was 19,missing for 6 days.We found him,he died in a car wreck.Its the most horrible thing a parent can go through.So for those of you that havent a clue what its like,at least respect those who do,and especially the parents…I wouldnt want this on my worst enemy!!

  321. WOW so many questions about her disapearance …. I have a question …this is a Q for Natalies mom, and I know your reading this ! Why did you let your daughter go down there in the first place? I am sorry for your loss Mrs. Halloway but I have no more sorrow for you than all of the other mothers that lose there children. Unfortunately your wealth cannot help you. Kids go missing everyday but the money wasted on your poor judgement is not justifiable .
    RIP Natalie!

  322. WHY DID SHE LET HER GO DOWN THERE?? sometimes our kids get old enough,we cant stop what they do.And,your comment that you feel no sorrow for other mothers?? do you have children?? and even IF you do,you could NEVER know the hell it is to lose a child,regardless of what kind of money you have!!!

  323. Kids grow up. We have to try and protect them as they do new things, but we can’t shelter them their whole lives. My son has been to Cancun. If something had happened to him, I don’t know what I would do. If I had not let him go, because of some witless fear that “something” might have happened to him, that certainly would have done no good. Might as well not let your kids drive either, or go to the mall, or even leave the house at all.

  324. Oh Glenda since you frequent this site so often…. try reading a little more carefully. What was said before is that I do feel sorrow for mothers that lose thier children, however I feel no “special sorrow” for natalie’s family… Point being kids disappear everyday and unfortunately only the well to do and the “blonde bimbos” get national t.v time… I feel that better parenting may have kept her away from the accesive drinking and the drugs and of course the whorish behavior … Just think if Mom would have been a little bit better at raising her child she might still be around today.

  325. This comment is directed to Kelly Teno…
    I have read..and re-read your statements very carefully, and conclude that you should try defrosting that frigid heart of yours a little bit before making comments such as yours. It matters not whether a family has money, or dirt poor, when a child comes up missing and presumed dead. All hearts hurt the same when a child is lost. Did you know Ms. Holloway personally to decide that her behavior was whorish? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone..do you qualify?? Doubtful to say the least. And by the way…I take terrible exception to the blonde bimbo slur that you made. My daughter, as well as myself, happen to be blonde..but not bimbos. At least I am teaching her that it is wrong to make hurtful presumptions about others for any reason. Lastly, try strengthening your vocabulary skills honey..Accesive drinking?? Perhaps you meant to say “excessive”

  326. I have read most of the statements that are listed in this site, and some of them are just plain disgusting. I can’t believe that some of you can say the stuff you have said. You are talking about someone’s child that may possibly be dead. God help you if you don’t have children yet. If you all are so sick of hearing about Natalee WHY are you even on this site? I hope that she can be found alive, but it is very unlikely. I have two kids and I can not even begin to imagine losing one of them. They are the light of my life. I am only 23, that’s just a few years older than Natalee. SO I remember how it felt to be able to go out and be crazy with your friends. She only did what all of us have done. I’m sure we can all recall a few wild nights if we think about it. Anyway, my heart goes out to her family. May God be with you. I know losing a child is enough to question your faith, but keep the hope alive.

  327. I agree with you Lori! As for “letting her go” What don’t you understand Kelly? SHE IS 18!!! Does any one remember that 18 makes you an adult??! How dare you say it was her mother’s fault you cold Bitch!!!

  328. This post goes out to “glenda” whoever you are. as a mom you try and protect your child from all the “horrors” of the world. it’s easier when they are just kids. But one day your child is going to grow up and they do things that you won’t necessarily approved of. think when you were a teenagers and all those things you know you shouldn’t have done. all you can do is pray and hope you raised her right.and one day yes, they become full pledged adults like you and me. scary but true. scary that one day you wil no longer have a say in what they do or don’t do.i don’t know what mrs. halloway taught her girl about starngers and dangers out there. but no one deserves to go through something like this. money or no money. sure she got more air time then other missing kids out there but that’s whole other issue there. imagine if YOU were to go missing, your parents would be worried about you the same mrs. halloway and all the other mothers you have no sympathy for. Don’t think about the coverage in the news, or how tired you are of seeing them on the news. Turn it off. and think about the PAIN that person’s parents are going through. Hopefully someday you will feel that pain. Maybe then you can have a little clue. ….

  329. How can a girl as smart as Natalee was, have made such bad judgement`s?
    And were was the adult chaperons at? I don`t get much time to watch the new`s, so I may have missed that?

  330. first of all my heart does go out to this girls family. I also believe as so many others that this kid is in some way responsible. And a daddy that is high up in the community sure must be a big help for this kid. I am really outraged at the crappy police work done on this case it really makes the Aruba authorities look pretty stupid but at the same time it happens here in the united states all the time too.I can think of a case right here in my hometown that is 20 some years old and the girl and her mother have never been found so its not just foreign countries. And id also like to comment on Natalies behavior as far as going with a stranger although she may have made a bad decision she was also just a child really and no one has the right to harm another person no matter what. I think we should at the very least learn something from this and educate our children about this kind of thing. If we can stop this from happening to just one other child it will be a good lesson learned. Last of all I would like to say I personally believe that she passed away the nite she dissappeared . I hope I am wrong.

  331. Wow, where to begin. First, I am an American and I agree that we should not be blaming other countries for what they do wrong. After all, there’s Bush – need I say more. However, the real problem has gotten away from so many of you that have written. Someone is missing – a person. It doesn’t matter what she did or how wild she got. We all have at one point or another. Pray for her, her parents and her friends. There is so much crime in this world – every country. There is good and bad. Let that go and don’t be consummed on blaming and running your mouths. I think about her and her parents all of the time. I think that is the worst thing in the world that can happend to anyone.

  332. I don’t know what happened to Natalie, all i can say is that… i hope she is found soon … so that way she can come home (if shes still alive), or so that her parents can give her a decent Funeral that shes deserves. To her family im sorry this has happend.


  334. this post goes to “erlyyn…i think you meant to make your comments to someone else,cause i am the one who HAS lost a child,and am not saying horrible heartless things that the others are saying!!

  335. ..it is stupid to go off alone with 3 guys…u may think a teen girl in her right mind..woudl not do this..
    but i am a local of the caribbean..and i’m not defending anyone BUUT…
    in the past …american teenage girls among others, usually seem to ‘lose their common sense’when they see that they can get a man of coloour or they can flirt in the caribbean.
    You have NO idea how these girls can change…within no time…
    so before u go ahead and assume that teen american girls in their right minds wouldnt do this…uhm they do …
    obviously…(whether that be the case or not)…
    it is plain and simple…she was STUPID to do this…that is a fact. When u are 18…u shoudl know hwo to think for urself, defend urself..and more importantly, know how to behave when u r horny..
    this is not to defend the caribbean or aruba BUT..it is a known fact and no suprise that teen girls on vacation are easy prey for local man whores.
    either way…
    let this be a lesson to others…honestly…the caribbean is not dangerous UNTIL you put urself or find urself in a situation and do not know hwo to act accordingly…
    blessed be..

  336. We have traveled to Punta Cana for vacation & was planning a trip to Aruba until this happened. Shock realization has set in & we now realize that outside of the posh resort in Punta Cana, this could have easily happened to us. We believe that all tropical hotspots outside the US should be worried about this case & upset how Aruba handled it. Being devoted parents, we have vowed to NEVER travel outside the US again. The US has some of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii, Florida, South Carolina etc. & we have decided that we will keep our hard earned money within the US where we know the laws & are protected should something happen. Instead of Aurba or any other tropical location outside the US, go to Disney or Myrtle Beach, or Maui, Honolulu, or Key West.

  337. They will get off free just like OJ did. They ahve money and they have politics.On their side……

  338. I have been keeping up with the details of this Natalie Holloway case anad I believe it is a horrible thing that could have happened to an innocent girl who was just trying to enjoy her school trip!!! Those boys sre stupid a** idiots and should pay for what they did to her!!!! Everyone prays that she is alive but even if time is to late we all know that our good lord is taking care of her in heaven!!!! I send my since apologies to the holloway family, this should have never happened to ANYONE!!!! Those boys need to tell the truth to make it easier on everyone!!!! Natalie was a beautiful girl and she did not deserve to have this happen to her!!!!!

  339. To all the sick people on here leaving horrible comments about Natalie and he family…it’s truely sad to see that you feel that way. Whoever Trish is, that left the NASTIEST comment about Natalie…I wish horrible things on you.

  340. To the person that posted about Natalie being stupid for leaving with 3 guys… HELLO…what if her drink had been spiked with drugs?? Ever think of that? She could not of been in her right frame of mind had this of happened…my heart and prayers go out to Natalie and her family!!!
    God Bless,


  342. It’s a tragedy for sure and regardless of how old the girl was, what she was like or any other issue involved…Things of this sort should NEVER happen. I have 3 daughters that travel in their line of work and I can never stress enough safety to them. That, to me, is the key to being alive. It should be a testimony to all mothers and their daughter all over the world to be cautious in everything they do. I really hope they find Nat alive……and in turn find out the culprits responsible for the act. In the meantime…PLEASE…all mothers and their daughter should be very cautious…we don’t need anyone else missing.
    Thanks for yout time… 🙂

  343. well, honstely. I want to think that shes still alive so badly. But i cant. I wish that nothing ever happend to her. Its a very sad and heartbreaking story. One of my VERY GOOD friends knew her like really close and i remember how upset she was when she found out. I think its very sad what has happend to her.. and ill pray for her remains and family everynight. thanks for your time =]

  344. i honestly and could almost say it was 100% that guy who was on the beach with her his brother who came back from picking his brother up who knows the whole story onnatalie holloway,if you go back to the beginning and go through the story he told nation wide how could you miss it????? after he was picked up by his brother from the beach,his brother then returned to where natalie was and from then on he knows the rest i am sure of it,this should be looked into more,