Great Intentions…

I never did get to go to the gym today. I had every intention of getting started, I even got there and two women were already there using the equipment I was going to get started on. Rather than hang out as well as being embarrassed because I really don’t know what the fuck I am doing I feigned a cell call and beat it.

If I can manage to get my ass out of bed on time in the morning I will try and get there between five and five thirty tomorrow morning, that way I can get a shower in afterward, prior to heading off to work.

Speaking of getting out of bed on time, I didn’t wake up until shortly before seven this morning. That’s like two hours later than normal. I think part of it is because of my sun burn and the rest is due to the fact that my body is just pooped. I have worked something like six weeks with five days off, maybe six. I am supposed to be off Thursday and Friday this week and had planned on being off two days the next but since one of the other district’s and myself seem to be overlapping again I don’t think I will get both Friday and Saturday. I have already told her I am willing to give up my Saturday that week but I get the following weekend off. We’ll see how it goes I suppose.

That’s about it for tonight. I spent a few minutes working on this logo creator thingy that I have to write a review for on another site, that was pretty cool. I’ll post some screenshots later. How about some of these taglines…


Shadowscope…better than the bomb

…sleep is just a cheap caffeine substitute (of course I’ve been using this one for several years anyway).

Shadowscope…better than a fart in a hot tub!

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  1. We had a gym membership for about a year, same problem. There were always other people there using the equipment, or there were strange people there I really didn’t want to be alone with. (Can you say men than look like they just escaped from the prison population)

    Solution, a treadmill at home, hand weights you can purchase at Wal-Mart. That’s all you really need, or maybe a yoga mat to do sit-ups and push-ups on.

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