At The Gym

So I went to the gym finally. Spent about an hour yesterday evening, maybe forty minutes. I’m only slightly sore and I didn’t even feel it until I started typing. It was not very crowded which is a good thing. I spoke with the owner for a few minutes and he took me through a walk-through of the place and started me on a regimen of about 10 machines I need to use daily. Fuck.

It’s not that I am just lazy, I am the epitome of sloth. Up until this last decade or so I have never been in bad shape. Other than running from police and other sundry authority figures I have never worried about exercise. I’ve even had people ask if I work out. I was insanely blessed with a fine metabolism and my upper body strength was just fine. Except that now my weight has migrated and now that I am 41 my shoulders are hanging out about my waist. It’s hard to diddle myself when I have to reach around my gut…

Anyhow, I enjoyed my workout and plan to go back today just as long as I can get out of work at a decent time. It should be less crowded at 2 p.m. as well. I don’t particularly want the fucking audience, although that’s just me being self-conscious. Everyone else is there for the same thing too aren’t they? You know, to look at the hotties. Anyway, it’s time to head off to work.