Gary Hilton's Confession

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  1. It is chilling how matter of fact he describes this. This confession was given as he was directing them to find the body. It makes me wonder why at some point she did not try to wack him over the head with something in his van as he appeared to have alot of crap and he claims she was not bound all the time. She was very brave nonetheless. I cannot imagine keeping someone alive for 3 days,taking care of their needs as he says and then killing them. Why did he keep her alive for 3 days. He knew by the 2nd that he was not going to get any cash from here. I think the more they dig into this guy they will find he has been out there for years doing this. He has more than 4 murders attached to him, it is obvious.
    What is sad is that all people know of people like him in thier towns. The guy is sick beyond words and should have been of the street.

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