48 Hours

So the girls are leaving in the morning for Hilton Head. Kind of sucks that I won’t get to go because it means that I will never get to see our friends again as they are moving overseas. Some days my job sucks.

I’ve been pretty busy this weekend as my store in Temple has been hosting the local police department. They are raising money for Special Olympics (in case some of my employees need a second career as a retard) and they sit on the roof until tomorrow night or until they raise $5,000. It’s a pretty cool thing to do and they all seem to be having a good time, at least when it’s not raining.

I don’t know how much fun I am having though. Two of my three stores have gotten a bit out of hand with some of their costs and employees just flat out stealing and in the case of the one in Bremen, the manager just doesn’t seem to care less, at least not enough to change anything and fix the problem so I, along with one of the other district managers, have to go in for every single shift change now. That means being out of the house until 10pm every night but still getting back up by 5am, AND I have to work three doubles over the next seven days. I am not all that excited about it, as a matter of fact, combined with the fact that I’m not smoking I have pretty much been a bastard to several people that work for me and unless they fix the shit I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.

Speaking of the smoking it’s been 48 hours since my last one. Actually it’s more like 53 now. 3,180 minutes. 190,800 seconds. I started writing this post prior to going in for drawer change earlier this evening but I didn’t get it finished in time. Even if I had, we had no Internet until a short while ago. Anytime it thunders within 150 miles Charter High Speed goes down and tonight was no exception.

I haven’t slept since Wednesday night, even tried to nap today and was unsuccessful until about 15 minutes before the wife came in to wake me up. I guess it’s because of the lack of nicotine. This sucks and I really want a smoke, even with the Chantix. It would be much worse without it though. The next few days are going to be the toughest though. With the wife and kids not being at home I won’t have any reason to feel guilty if I smoke. Now that I’ve managed to go two days though I really don’t want to screw that up.

I’ve been trying to keep busy so that I don’t think about it but that only works for so long. The working out is part of that. I did make myself go to the gym this afternoon after I went ans spent a hundred bucks on a freaking new tire. I had apparently gotten a nail in it but it was so close to the inside edge that they wouldn’t plug it. I made sure that they showed it to me first. The Wal-Mart folks are usually pretty cool about it anyway. They are more than happy to patch or plug a tire if that’s all it needs.

I suppose that’s about it for today. I am rambling, even more than normal and I thing maybe a hit of nyquil might just do the trick and let me sleep for a while. I have even been dreaming about smoking when I do manage to catch some sleep and I would like to avoid those if at all possible. Anyone have a couple of ludes available? That might just do the trick 🙂 Maybe I just need a new hobby to take my mind off of it. Working out at the gym is only good for an hour a day or so. Perhaps I can take a couple of hours and go down to Fulton Industrial and sodomize winos or something. Any takers?

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  1. …. well, good luck…. but whatever you do, don’t put the videos of you and the hobos up on Youtube… I hear that’s how a lot of people get busted these days…

  2. I recall reading something about that. Something about Taco Bell and free food.

    The assholes were just aiming low, that’s all.

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