Just a So-So Day…

So I think I mentioned yesterday the Temple PD was out raising money at one of my stores this weekend. Either they must have hit the $5k mark or they just decided to throw in the towel early because they cleared out around 3pm today. If they just decided to shut down I don’t blame them. The weather this weekend has been pretty crappy and it’s been pretty darned slow this weekend as well.

The girls have left for South Carolina. I spoke with the wife shortly after I left work this afternoon and they had just gotten to Bluffton. I guess they will be back later in the week. I have Friday off so I think they are planning on being back by then.

I unfortunately have to go back to work tonight. I was supposed to be working a double shift today but with the wife and kids leaving town I decided to come home for a while to let the dog out. They are fine anyway and don’t need my non-smoking stressed out personage up their butts all evening.

I think I will spend some time surfing a couple of blogs I haven’t had the chance to visit in a few days. Speaking of blogs I like to visit, if you go to Parkway Rest Stop on occasion tell the guy with the big hair my fucking IP address is banned and neither myself or my wife can get to his site from here. I need to just get Jim’s email from someone else I guess and send him a not but I just haven’t had the time.

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  1. Howdy —

    I have no idea why youse guys can’t get to the site. Please send me your e-mail addresses, and I’ll see if I can fix that.

    Jim at parkwayreststop dot com

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