There’s always one…

So I ended up doing nothing but lying on the couch attempting to nap and then went back to work this evening. I figured the nap would take my mind off of why I am having trouble sleeping in the first place, which is wanting a cigarette. I would kill for a smoke tonight but I didn’t go buy any. I didn’t even bum any. Normally one of the first shift waitresses keeps an extra pack in the filing cabinet but it wasn’t there tonight. Fucking foiled again!

I skipped the workout today, which is probably not such a great idea but I had originally planned on being productive and getting some work done here. I am behind the eight ball on some stuff. I’ve got taxes to file, not only for myself but for the Marine as well. He finally sent his W-2s and it struck me as funny for some reason. His Marine Corps W2 comes from Defense Finance and Accounting (listed as the company). I already knew that but for some reason it had slipped my mind and caught me in a minute or something. Rambling…fuck

Anyhow, if I didn’t have at least one incompetent under me I don’t suppose I would know what to do. One of my managers does whatever the fuck she wants. Literally. She doesn’t do her job and the last district manager she had couldn’t get her to do it either. MY last district manager before I got promoted, and she is good, so it’s not her fault. She has been in the store where she is at four weeks shy of five years. Holy cow, she got it right before I left the corporate office because they were talking about putting me in that store. Doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.

Anyway, she refuses to cook (part of the manager’s job description in a 24-hour diner), she refuses to come back and do shift changes when she is supposed to, she treats people unfairly and is generally pretty much high-maintenance, and needs to be replace. If she would take ownership of her problems and not just the successes and at least show she wants to fix things then the other stuff wouldn’t be a big deal but as it is she needs to be replaced. So eventually she will quit or they will get tired of her and offer her a position as a trainee again. Which means I will take her as a loss and lose $500 in retention money. It’s not yet worth it, but a couple more months of bullshit and then it will be. She left at 10:30 this morning because she was having an anxiety attack. This is apparently quite common with her. Now before anyone who really seriously suffers from anxiety attacks me, I just don’t give a fuck. If she can’t because of her physical/psychological makeup handle the job of running a 24 hour restaurant then she needs to find a new fucking career.

Anyhow, like I said, she just up and left at 10:30 this morning. The busiest shift of the week, she just up and leaves. She pulled her hostess off the door and put him in her place on the grill. I’m sure that went over like a lead balloon. No cash or commissary audits. No bank deposits. The waitresses have had the keys all day doing the drawer changes and pulling food to the floor when they needed it. No paperwork done this morning. They even paid themselves. No truck order, which should have gone in this morning. I had to run a $173 shortage on the woman last week as it is, which I really don’t like doing and it looks like chances are she’s going to eat another one this week. I was going to cook the next two days but I went ahead and called in one of the guys that helps me out now and then to cook tomorrow because I’m not touching any money or food tomorrow until I have had the chance to do a thorough audit of it, along with all of her paperwork.

I was there at 8:30 this morning and she was fine, so at least the paperwork (which should have been done at 7am) could have been done. My visit was probably the reason for her anxiety attack, because I expect her to do her job and have very quickly started being a dick about it. At least I consider it being a dick, I don’t yell at folks (often), I just don’t give her any alternative to what I want her to do. Her costs are way out of control and we have given her several ways to fix it. She refuses to implement any of them. I told her on Thursday after the meeting that I had to attend on my day off because of her food cost that if she couldn’t get it fixed this week that she would have to let someone go and that if she couldn’t figure out who was stealing, I would just start firing people randomly. Her biggest thieves are working 1st shift with her anyway, so that should be easy. I’ll start by letting the newest folks go and when the food cost drops I know I’ve gotten the right one. Every single one of them has had more than enough cash register shortages over the last three months to where I have reason to fire them anyway.

There she is, calling me on my cell phone, finally. 9:35pm. That’s what fucking voice mail is for.

Did I tell you I needed a cigarette. Just damn. Three days, four hours.