Another Sleepless Night

I didn’t sleep any better last night than the couple before. I guess it’s my body craving the nicotine or something. That or I’m just not used to sleeping by myself any more in combination with the other. I tossed and turned and finally managed to get to sleep after midnight. I woke up two or three times and looked at the clock.

I had intended to mention a couple of more things in that post about work but my browser crashed and I ended up publishing just what I had auto-saved at that point.

It’s pretty cool. Her (the manager I was writing about last night) is graduating from boot camp the last weekend in April. Good for her. He’s in the Navy and although he’s a squid I can’t disparage him too much for doing what he believes in. We need more young people like him to participate. Anyhow, the weekend he graduates is also Talladega Race weekend. Nothing to be done for it, I have moved her vacation so she can go to graduation. It will be a rough weekend because I have another manager off the very same weekend as well and it will be pretty busy that week. I will also have two of my managers taking back-to-back vacations and that’s going to be hard.

The only reason I really don’t like it is because I was going to make her take her vacation the week of the Rodeo. She is the owner and one of the organizers for the Waco (Georgia) redoe and always misses several days of work during the rodeo and even when she is at work is even less involved than normal. I know she’ll miss at least three days during the weekend of the rodeo in May, so I will just have to make sure she only gets one the week prior and count those days she misses as her days off. I don’t know why they just haven’t scheduled it that way before anyway. I need to find out the date so I can go ahead and get my itinerary finished and turned in pretty quickly.

It’s about time to go to work. Hopefully even with the bullshit today won’t be too long of a day. I want to try and work out this afternoon and have a bunch of stuff here at the house that needs to be done as well.