Cheap PDA Stuff

I’ve got a thing for gadgets, specifically PDAs. I’m not sure what it is but I like the idea of being connected and being able to do my computing in the palm of my hand. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be though. I’ve gone from a Palm M100 to a Palm Vx, HP iPaq, Motorola Q9m, Samsung i730 and finally a Blackberry Pearl. My favorites are the Blackberry, the Moto Q and the Palm M100 believe it or not. My Palm’s were a much more intuitive and easier to use interface than any of the Microsoft WIndows CE offerings. The Windows Mobile gadgets also tend to lock up and once I combined them with my cell phone they really make a mess of things when they are having memory and lock-up issues and you are trying to use the phone at the same time. Not fun.

I like the blackberry as well. I’m not sure what benefits the bigger Blackberrys have over the Pearl other than more screen real estate though. That’s what I miss using it. A bigger screen and a touch screen interface. Eventually if Verizon ever gets the iPhone I may go that route. I like the iPod Touch that I gave the wife for Christmas and as long as I can sync my calendar and contacts with it I would be good to go.

Anyhow, I like to check out accessories to go with my PDA as well. Preferably cheap PDA accessories although I prefer the quality to be something I am willing to use. has plenty of Cheap PDA Accessories for my window shopping as well as when I get ready to order stuff. There’s nothing better than being able to find cool stuff for my phone/PDA than being able to find it while I’m sitting on my rear end 🙂

They’ve got some pretty neat stuff as well. Stuff that I haven’t seen in the local Verizon store either, like an official Mickey Mouse finger strap thing with a flashing LED that lights up when you get an incoming call. Sweet. I have a pen that does the same thing but Mickey is even cooler. I also found a Krusell leather case I want. It has the thing on the back that will fit on a swivel clip. I hate the belt clip on the back of my Verizon Case. It’s a decent quality case but when I asked if they had one with a swivel clip the dude told me that they pretty much quit using them because they break. That’s not an issue for me (well, not much anyway) but I like being able to clip it on to my pocket and get it off easy. The last couple of days I have just been carrying the phone in my pocket. It’s about a third smaller without the case and if I can’t have one I like I just won’t use it. I may just have to spend the $22 and but the Krusell case when I get paid, well, maybe in a couple of weeks. It may take all my extra money for the next few weeks to pay off the IRS 🙁