I feel like I just took one up the butt

Procrastination is my middle name. Well, actually it’s Harrison but that’s Latin or Greek for Tomorrow. or Something like that. Anyway, the point is I stayed up late and finished my taxes last night. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh?

I probably would have filed an extension first but dammit that rebate will be needed now. I only owe the State of Georgia a little over $200. Heck, that’s a little less than I paid them last year. I had to pay them $281 last year. I also made $32,000 more this year. Fucking weird. Too bad that’s only about 10% of what I owe the federal government. I feel like someone just stuck a big dildo up my ass with the words Internal Revenue Service written on the side of it. Yeah, that long. $2232. After my $1800 rebate I end up only owing a little over $400, which is right around where I prefer to keep it anyway. Christ, $2200 used to be about 11 weeks pay back when I started with my company. 11 fucking weeks! Hey, I think I just heard a truck drive up there. Didja hear that?

Tax Rebate – Money you earned that the government took forcefully that you should feel good about getting back from them in a case of largess.

I think I want to throw up now. Too bad they won’t let me apply the rebate toward my tax payments. That would be cool. But, no. They want me to spend it and help the economy. I’ll spend it alright. On the bills that I won’t be able to pay when I write them a $2200 check later this afternoon. Bwahaha.

Actually the check may be a few days later. I need to wait until the last day of the month before I send it in. Wonder if they will take a post-dated check…

So things aren’t going to be any less stressful around the Miles casa the rest of the month. If I can quit losing so much damned money out of one of my stores perhaps I can recoup some of it before summer vacation gets here.

You know what really sucks about this whole thing? I took an 85% increase in pay, maybe close to 80, but now that I have sent in a new W-4 to take more out of my pay in conjunction with the fact that I have doubled my retirement deductions I will be bringing home the same or less than I was as a store manager. That’s fucked up.

Tax Day! Time for your once a year reaming at the hands of an overgrown government bureaucracy. And do you think all of the rhetoric from Shrillary and Obama is for real? Fuck no, they don’t care. They say they care but just like George Bush, Ted Kennedy and all the rest of the assholes on both sides of the aisle, they think that it’s a drop in the bucket for the sacrifices they make to ‘serve’ the American public. Now I really want to puke. Fucking assholes.

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  1. Riled is an understatement. It hasn’t been too bad, unless of course you work with me and then you were subjected to rants about the IRS, the Fairtax, sales taxes and just about any other government deal I could think of bitching about.

  2. For all of you who already have him tried and convicted; please let me remind you that in The United Sates of America a man is innocent until proved guilty.
    While the media seems to have jumped to the same quick conclusion as the District Attorney I believe that Guy Heinze is innocent.
    There are far too many questions that have not been answered not the least of which is the murders he is charged with would be physically impossible for one person. There were many people in that trailer of an age that they could defend themselves against one person or at least run away. There are windows as well as the door. And whoever committed this awful crime ( at least 2 maybe more) could not be the son, uncle, brother that Guy is. He states himself as does his brother that “he is no saint” (who among us are) that does not make him the mass murderer of his own family. I want the facts and proof of this monstrous act to come out and I believe that Guy Heinze will be found innocent – IF this case makes it to court at all.
    Look for the real killers.
    Greg Howard
    Boston, MA

  3. I totally agree, being in possession of marijuana and hiding an illegal shotgun do not mean that someone is a murderer. The 911 call sounds genuine and although this guy seems to be of imposing stature I also can’t fathom how one person could kill 8 people, by beating them no less–that takes time and if the victims knew the killer, it strikes me that they might be more inclined to try and escape or fight back. That this man would be so pathological as to beat to death someone with Down’s syndrome as well as a toddler does not jive with his neighbors’ and other family members’ assessments of his character. I hope that justice is really done here and that the courts don’t rush to convict him because he’s poor and they could care less. The police owe it to the community as well to continue to investigate the crime until Guy Heinze is convicted of acting alone beyond the shadow of a doubt.

  4. Im glad to see other people thought this. I agree with all above statements. I think there are far to much of our population i locked up and far, far to many have been wronfully convicted in this country. How ever many people it took to kill those poor people get to run free while they scapegoat this young man, and as they alway do scapegoat marijuana as well. This country contrary to its sparse population density, has more prisoners then any country in the world.The United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics admits that, statistically 8% to 12% of all state prisoners are either actually or factually innocent.
    Some consider this an acceptable sacrifice, but I challenge them to remember that for each innocent convict there is atleast one free criminal, able to continue committing crime.

  5. I have a strong feeling he didn’t do it. I also have a feeling that the police didn’t do much to look for the real killer/s. This guy is just being used as a scapegoat.

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