Georgia Renaissance Festival

So it’s been a couple of days since I’ve had the opportunity to post anything. Nothing particularly exciting has been going on in my world. Same old, same old. Work, go to the gym, tan a couple of days a week, sleep. I have one more day until I get a couple of much-needed days off though. Sunday I’ll have to call and get my staffing and go in if I can’t get the stores staffed but other than that I’m off. It should be interesting calling Sunday morning. The manager that’s off today and tomorrow has messed some stuff up and knowingly hid changed her figures so that she wouldn’t look as bad on the weekly reports. Can you say Enron?

The thing is, we don’t let it go as long. As soon as something like that is noticed we dig through the books and fix the problem. Oh, and then any money that’s missing after we fix it? The person fucking with the numbers gets it taken out of their paycheck. If those bastards from Enron and Worldcom were made to pay back everything out of their personal fortunes it never would have happened.

In this manager’s case it was only a couple of hundred dollars but it’s not the first time. I will most likely write her up, that’s of course if she doesn’t give her notice first. As long as I get my days off this week I don’t care anyway. After Monday I have two managers going on vacation back-to-back which means a long stretch for me.

Oh by the way, the Georgia Renaissance Festival is going on right now. I had originally planned on going last weekend but as I couldn’t find a babysitter at the time we elected to stay home. We ARE going this Sunday, so any of you reprobates that want to meet up out there, come on down and look for my bald head which may or may not be sporting the hat I picked up last year. Hell, I may even wear my purple ren fest shirt. Probably not though, I figure it’ll be T-shirt weather. It looks to be pretty cool. The Royal Lipizzan Stallions are there this year. I’m interested in seeing the show. Also if you buy tickets off their web site (the link above) you save a couple of bucks.

If you’re afraid to hoist one with me and just want to check it out later or something I think it runs until the first weekend of June. That’s when we normally go, the last weekend, but we will be in Disney World at that point.

Hopefully I can get some more good tramp stamp pictures this year. Should have seen my ass chasing down some of the women last year trying to get a good shot.