A Passel Full ‘o Cheer

Face it. I’m. a. pig.

Just ask my wife, she’s had to live with me for twenty years and it only gets worse 🙂


I can’t think of too many things more fun to watch than a bunch of frolicking cheerleaders unless it’s a bunch of cheerleaders frolicking in person. W00t! You’ll know when you’ve been hit by this hot cheery bunch

Check this video out…

OMG. I laughed my tail off watching some of the video at their site over at Squad81. Not only that but you can send out a cheer to other people (or just hang out and play with them yourself as well). Cheers for great happenings in a person’s life such as Can’t get a date, you suck at sports, you’re ugly and finally got lucky. If I could embed some of the cheers over here, believe me I would. As it is you need to head over to Squad81 and check them out yourself.

While you’re there check out the sweepstakes they are offering as well. Sign up and if you win the Squad81 Cheer Squad will be invading your space and bringing along with them a new wardrobe full of Squad81 clothes. I don’t know if I’m eligible or not after writing about them but I darn sure entered the contest.

…time to go to work, I can’t stick around all day playing with cheerleaders.

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