DC Madam Commits Suicide

Just two weeks ago Deborah Jean Palfrey was found guilty of running a high-end prostitution ring which catered to the Washington D.C. elite. Thus the moniker “D.C. Madam”.

According to police in Tarpon Springs, Florida, Deborah Jean Palfrey was found dead earlier today, having hanged herself in a storage shed near her mother’s mobile home. Her 76-year-old mother Blanche Palfrey found the body. You can read more of the report at CNN as well as Yahoo! News.

Palfrey left a suicide note, actually more than one. There were at least two (I don’t know the exact amount) handwritten notes that explained why she killed herself. Palfrey had not been sentenced yet but prosecutors estimated she was going to receive a sentence between 57 and 71 months.
Last year Palfrey told ABC news that she would never return to prison after serving time in the 90’s for prostitution related charges. She damned sure didn’t lie about that one.

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