Glutton for Punishment

So I sent in the paperwork for the next promotion today. I still have some of my continuing education crap left to do but most of them are pretty quick. I guess the wife and I are going to have to sit down and discuss where we are willing to move if that should come up. It’s a damn site easier to get promoted if you are willing to relocate.
Hell, I don’t even know if they would put me on the promotable list. Chances are I will end up with some type of a six month development plan rather than a promotion this time but I have been in my current position for a year now and we are only growing. Hell, the only reason we don’t get bigger faster than we already are is because of people. That’s pretty much how it’s always been though.
There are a lot of possibilities as far as where they could send me. We’ve got hundreds of restaurants around the country. Around half of them are franchise but we still cover everywhere from Texas to Florida up into the Carolinas. Somewhere on the gulf coast would be nice, although the wife doesn’t want to move to Alabama or Mississippi because because of the school systems. Hell, I could end up in east bumblefuck south Georgia somewhere for all I know. I already live in west bumblefuck so it wouldn’t be much different.

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  1. She’s definitely right about the schools here. I can testify that they suck donkey ass. Well at least my kids school does. Good luck with the promotion I hope you get it (if ya want it). 🙂

  2. I don’t know that they are great anywhere. What’s sad is that since they think so little about the educators that the good ones (and probably most of the mediocre ones as well) choose to live elsewhere. I suppose there are still some good teachers though but in general you get what you pay for.

  3. At my kids school, there have been teachers who have told the kids “I don’t care if you die tomorrow you better have your homework at your funeral” and “I hate all of you and I never want to see you step foot in my class again”. Fortunately for me, I have never had to deal with bitchy attitude from the teachers, but I have the principal and that didn’t go over to well for neither of us. It’s gotten to the point where we have considered homeschooling our, but here in Alabama it’s not homeschooling its churchschooling or some crazy shit like that. You have to go through a church to home school. But at least I know that my girls were getting a good education. The older two turned in their text books today. Still a month left and they have no books.

  4. What area do you live in? We are talking about the Pell City area. That’s around center point for the new division that’s going to open up within the next year and would keep me working for the same people. It’s also only an hour and a half away from where I am now, which is good because I may end up renting the house out rather than selling later on.

  5. there nothing in life such as a sure thing or a free meal. guess we all have to take risks some time. I think u r still young enuf to b out there taking the heat. bear the unpleasantness of moving n upheaval. look at yr long term goals

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