Thursday Thirteen #12: Thirteen Reasons She’s The Love of My Life

It’s been quite some time since I participated in Thursday Thirteen. Prior to going to the Bahamas as a matter of fact because I had fully intended on putting this list up then, for Valentine’s Day. I’ve just gotten busy. Wednesdays and Thursdays (and now Tuesdays) are extremely long lately and I have been coming home late and just posting scheduled stuff if anything at all. Anyway, I am glad to finally post this! I am not normally prone to posting sappy bullshit, particularly for meme’s and stuff like that but what the hell!

I am actually posting two of these. This is the one I started in February. The one for later today is a theme that they have going on!

Thirteen Reasons I love my wife

  1. She manages to put up with my chauvinist pig attitude with a smile (and a smack)
  2. Can’t sleep without her anymore
  3. I feel complete
  4. While we both have things we do apart, sometimes it’s just more fun together
  5. She puts up with farting in bed (although that might be mutual)
  6. She has given me three beautiful children
  7. Sex (hey, it’s a healthy part of any relationship)
  8. After 20 years I am still learning new things about her
  9. She learned how to cook (thank god)
  10. She understands it’s OK to just be together and be quiet
  11. She puts up with my job
  12. She knows I am a pig and accepts me for what I am!
  13. She’s the most beautiful woman I know

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4 throughts on "Thursday Thirteen #12: Thirteen Reasons She’s The Love of My Life"

  1. Beautiful list Richard. I’d write something like that for my husband if he weren’t in the dog house. Happy TT!!

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