What Brings You Here?…

It’s funny some of the things people search for on the Internet. Fortunately when you come here a record of your search terms comes along as well and I get to see what brought you here! Some of the things make sense and some don’t. Here is a smattering of the wonderful searches that brought folks here over the last hour.

Ajax Foster Care Numbers – While I wouldn’t be searching for foster care this is a completely normal thing that I might find myself looking for. I usually start out by searching for “so and so home page” and normally the address and phone number are listed there. So why did they come here? Fuck if I know. I have posted in the past about Ajax, as in Javascript and I have also posted about foster care as in the FLDS but how the heck did they find my sight with that search and actually get off the right track. Apparently in Google Canada I am number 6 on that search. The township of Ajax and phone numbers is #1 but the article I wrote on the FLDS children must have been more attractive than their initial search.

Single Moms Looking to Date – Oh hell yeah. I don’t have them beating down my doors but if they are looking for a date I can find them one for a nominal charge but I get to take pictures…Believe it or not I am #1 at Google for this search. Sweet. Gotta keep that one.

The next two were from Blogcatalog and someone going through Google to translate one of my entries on Brianna Denison into Italian.

The Doll Palace – I wrote a review of this site that my daughter uses well over a year ago. Nothing particularly amazing.

Brianna Denison – Obviously I wrote several posts about Brianna and quite a bit of traffic from them.

Funny Interests – Funny interests? Not I apart from my goats…

Watching deleted Youtube Videos – I always get hits from this. It’s the 10th and 12th most searched for term that brings people here.

Americans are Uneducated – Apparently someone has been spending too much time here dumbing themselves down. I am apparently #1 on this Google search, resulting from a post I wrote entitled Sevenload Thinks Americans are Uneducated LAST March responding to their comment on my site about Guantanamo Bay and the execution of Saddam.

Last but not least is the latest search which was Stuff People Stick Up Their Ass…Now there’s someone after my own heart. I used to get nasty searches for Beef Curtains and other stuff quite often but lately they have all pertained to murders and missing people, which of course I have been writing about. It’s nice to see there are still degenerates on the Internet. I’ll bet the bastard was looking for pictures too!