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So we are most likely leaving this morning. We don’t have to check out or anything since I did the express check-out deal, which is sort of cool. Originally we had planned to go to one of the parks today and then stay at a hotel halfway home but the wife and I are both ready to get the hell on and get back to our own house. The girls would be happy to stay for a bit longer I think but I want a couple of days at home prior to going back to work as well. The fact that I have been trying to quit smoking again hasn’t improved my mood much this week. It’s been seven days since I had a cigarette and some minutes I just want to choke the life out of something.

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  1. with all due respect, most people need to have their neck’s wrung. you are perfectly normal! and btw, congrats on stopping. it simply sucks, it just does, but you can do it! good luck.

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