Don’t Ask Me to try the Chocolate Milk…

Image via Wikipedia ahh. Mother’s Milk. The drink of life. Children have been drinking from the fountain of wonderment for thousands and thousands of years. It carries nutrients and all the thinks one needs to grow healthy and strong until you are old enough to eat and drink on your own. Hans Locher is cooking…Read more


Image via Wikipedia I left work around a quarter till two this afternoon to head for the grocery store and pick up a few vittles for this fine Fourth of July. A nice thick tenderloin, red onion to grill up in garlic butter and a six pack of Corona. I love Sam Adams but it’s…Read more

Post Without A Name :)

So we are most likely leaving this morning. We don’t have to check out or anything since I did the express check-out deal, which is sort of cool. Originally we had planned to go to one of the parks today and then stay at a hotel halfway home but the wife and I are both…Read more


I’ve had false teeth for about 17 years now. At the time the dentist spoke with me about getting dental implants but back in 1990 they were very cost prohibitive and at that time my insurance would only pay so much. As a matter of fact I ended up getting them done right near the…Read more