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I still seem to not be interested in blogging in the least. I go through this for a while a couple of times a year. Sooner or later I will get past it and start blogging regularly. Not for lack of material that’s for damn sure. I can at least post more about the Disney trip anyway I guess, and upload some more photographs.

So I posted last about our third day at the Magic Kingdom. The girls had a great time, as did we and they got to meet all manner of Disney characters.

Disney World - Stephanie's Pictures 068.JPG

Disney World - Stephanie's Pictures 073.JPG

RePete and Holder rode behind Pete and myself on Dumbo…

Disney World - Stephanie's Pictures 083.JPG

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 124.JPG

While we were on Dumbo I put my camera on continuous shoot and took around 30 pictures. I had to stop because it was starting to make me queasy but it was pretty interesting. If I had thought about it I would have just caught it on video.

Pete had to try and pull the sword from the stone…

Disney World - Stephanie's Pictures 086.JPG

We had to have a much needed stop in the play area at Pooh Corner for the girls. I have already posted a couple of the photos with RePete playing in the water. Here are a couple more of the area.

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 081.JPG

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 088.JPG

Here are the wild animals…

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 155.JPG

Later that evening we had supper at Chef Mickey’s, located in the Contemporary Resort which is pretty close to the Magic Kingdom. It’s also the hotel we stayed at last time. One of my favorite pictures is the one with the three kids standing in front of the Mickey ears behind the resort. Of course the Marine wasn’t there this time but we did manage to get a photo of the rest of us at the same place…

Disney World - Stephanie's Pictures 091.JPG

Got this one of the girls at the same place.

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 176.JPG

The girls were very happy to meet Minnie Mouse at Chef Mickey’s

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 186.JPG

After supper we went back to the Magic Kingdom. All of the parks either open early or stay open late a couple days a week just for the people that are staying in one of the resorts there and MK was staying open until 2am on that Friday. We made it until right around midnight, at least some of us did. This is shortly before we left…

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 192.JPG

That was a pretty good clue that it was time to leave. I will post more about the 31st later. Saturday the 31st we spent the day at the Animal Kingdom and then went back to the Magic Kingdom for the Princess and Pirates party they have been having this year.

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