REAL Social Networking

I am constantly amazed at how things on the Internet are so intertwined, and becoming more so each day. What can I say, I’m easily impressed. So many of the social networking services are becoming intertwined using OpenID and other APIs so now I can post from Facebook (as I am now) and have it update several sites at once, as well as Twitter.

FireEagle, Twitter, Facebook and boatloads of other stuff all just sort of comes together and although it may not actually be useful, it’s certainly entertaining.

Fire Eagle tells you where I am and in turn tells my blog, I can update Fire Eagle from several different sources. The one I seem to be using mostly is Twitter, which also posts updates to my blog as well as MySpace, Facebook and anyone else that strangely enough seems to be following me. There are some pretty cool GPS apps that also work with Fire Eagle but unfortunately they are crap on my Blackberry.

Even ICQ and AIM updates my blog. I have been using this pretty cool plugin for MT called Action Streams. It does a very good job at updating from my Digg, Twitter and Flickr accounts. The rest are sort of hit and miss but they seem to be improving.

I still haven’t decided if all of this really cool integration and ‘following’ is a good thing or not. Living in the public eye is a bit over rated. The good thing is that I can always turn the updates off. At least for now…

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