So back in May the powers that be ‘re-aligned’ our organization. I probably wrote about it a bit. I dropped two of my stores and picked up two more. No big deal. It put me working closer to home and was a bit of a raise. The only bad part is I have psycho woman working for me, but even that wasn’t too bad.

A couple of us are getting moved around again and while I’m not particularly happy about it I will be a good boy and do what I am told without too much bitching. I am losing my store in Villa Rica, GA and picking up the one in Tallapoosa, which is almost to the state line. It means probably one more tank of gas a week and considering gas prices, that’s a big deal. I guess it’s a good thing they reimburse me for all of it but it also means a pay cut for probably a month, maybe two. After that I will be OK. In addition to the new store I am also getting a new manager in one of my other ones, so it’s basically another new district. I’m interested in seeing how this progresses over the next few weeks.

I have almost finished the application for promotion. It’s not really an application as much as it is a self-assessment among other things. I will most likely have it ready to mail in by Tuesday. Once they receive it my vice president will have to sit down with me and give me an interview, at which point either he will say I am ready for promotion and put me on the list, or he’ll give me a development plan to work on and I have to go through the whole dog and pony show once again.

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