Imus Has Foot In Mouth Disease

Don Imus

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So apparently Don Imus made an offhand remark about suspended Dallas Cowboys quarterback Adam Jones and the fact that since he’s black that explains why he’s been arrested six times since being drafted.
The poor dude just seems to keep sticking his foot in his mouth. The problem is that he’s right and most of his listeners know it but since he’s so visible to the American public it’s easy to offend someone. Here’s a clue for ya’. If you don’t like what he has to say, change the fucking station.

According to CNN, Imus was making a sarcastic point that police unfairly target black men and that he was defending the football player. That’s actually pretty believable but brings a point to the forefront. There has to be a reason why he would be unfairly targeted. How about the fact that the stupid SOB keeps breaking the law. Rule #1 is that jail is no fun and if you don’t want to get arrested, don’t break the fucking law.

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