Say What?

I am in a terrible mood this afternoon. Not just a bad mood, but an extremely ugly mood. Pissed off at the world. The kind of mood that makes you want to snatch someone’s scrotum out and shove it down their throat. Or just write about it.

That kind of ugly mood.

There doesn’t seem to be any particular reason for it, although there were a couple of minor things that set me off. Nothing I am going to go into though.

No, I prefer to sit here and revel in my pissed off at the world mood and imagine beating someone’s head in with a bat. Preferably someone that’s not much use to society. Like politicians or the IRS. Speaking of the IRS, they can just suck my left nut. Just the left one though. I wouldn’t want them to get too much enjoyment out of it and they’ve already sucked the blood of the rest of everything anyway.

So what do you do to get out of your bad mood?

So I’m not in quite such a foul mood anymore. Not overtly angry anyway. I made myself a pot of coffee and stepped outside for a smoke. I am still not my overly chipper (yeah right!) self at the moment but I don’t feel like strangling puppies anymore.

While I was outside my neighbor across the street was also outside. He’s not allowed to smoke inside either I guess. They are pretty cool. They also happen to be the only one’s right around here that I know. We aren’t getting together on the weekends and barbecuing but we speak when we are outside. It’s more a matter of timing than anything as far as doing anything. They came over for one of our parties last year and this last one I think I just didn’t run into them to invite them. Nobody has lived in the house next to us for over nine months now and the one on the other side that our friends moved out of, the Addams Family just moved in yesterday. We are friends with a few families in the subdivision and our kids play together, but I really don’t know my neighbors well.

That’s not a good thing and I think it’s indicative of our society as a whole. We don’t have neighbors anymore, just people we wave too. People are so transient, not working in their communities, moving constantly. I don’t feel like that’s a good thing. Something’s missing.

Crap, now I’m getting all taciturn. Fuck this, I’ve got other stuff to do.

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  1. With anger issues like this you could easily slide into a job with the McCain campaign. Though McAngry might not like you cutting into his rage.

    Hope you feel better now.

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