Rest In Peace Jerry Reed

That good old boy Jerry Reed has died from complications from emphysema at the age of 71. Anyone whoe gre up in the seventies will remember Reed from Smokey and the Bandit as well as other films later on. He and Kris Kristofferson sort of paved the way for country music stars to get into…Read more

Stephen King’s “N.”

I am a pretty big horror fan and Stephen King is one of my favorites. I received the link to the animated episodes of “N” based on the short story which will be released in November in a new collection. A new episode is being released each day (a total of 25 ) so check…Read more

…and now for something REALLY nasty

Dude. Dude! Check out this video… Hope you haven’t eaten yet. Think that was bad? How about this exercise routine… Damn! I hope you haven’t eaten lately. Apparently I had just enough Absinthe to leave a slight buzzing in my head. I am also not the only sick fucker around either. I found both of…Read more

A Macabre Weekend…

I’m running short on time this morning but wanted to get a post up prior to going to work. I mentioned a little while earlier that I had a pretty busy weekend. It wasn’t so much busy as it was just staying away from the computer and doing other stuff. I posted a bit about…Read more

The Dark Knight

Originally I was thinking about taking the eldest daughter to Six Flags today but the wife has to leave fairly early to go see the Braves play tonight. Maybe we will go on my day off next week. I think that she and I are going to see the new Batman movie today. I’ll have…Read more

Silly Sunday

Image via Wikipedia I absolutely dislike my grandma Trish. Occasionally she is really crazy, then last week she just disturbed me… I begged her guidance thinking about literature on the African subcontinent, but then she was all: “Get out! I am so sick of hearing about the African subcontinent all the time!“ At first I…Read more

Silly Sunday

I very much dislike my nephew Junior. At times he is really difficult to handle, but then last week he just disturbed me… I could really use his help talking to someone about luck on the African subcontinent, but then he began yelling: “No kidding?! I love the African subcontinent so much!“ At first I…Read more

Say What?

I am in a terrible mood this afternoon. Not just a bad mood, but an extremely ugly mood. Pissed off at the world. The kind of mood that makes you want to snatch someone’s scrotum out and shove it down their throat. Or just write about it. That kind of ugly mood. There doesn’t seem…Read more

Oldies But Goodies…

One of the things I inherited from my father is a love for 50’s and 60’s rock and roll. Everything from the Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly to the Animals and the Zombies. The wife tunes out most of it, disliking anything prior to the ’70s but she puts up with it. After having read…Read more

June 1st: Hollywood Studios

More Disney photos. Just what you wanted on a Monday afternoon… 🙂 Sunday we decided to go to Hollywood Studios. First we had to have breakfast. I had made reservations for the Ohana Friends breakfast there at the Polynesian Resort. It’s ‘family style’ which is sort of like a buffet all you can eat, except…Read more