Yet Another Cookout…

OK folks. I was going to spend my days off this next week (the only week in July that I actually have two days off) either in Hilton Head or Destin but I think we are going to stay in town. I would love to go to the beach but I want to conserve a bit of cash. After spending well over $6k for ten days in Florida last month I need the break anyway. Thursday I think I will take my oldest daughter to Six Flags instead. The Marine and I used to do that every couple of years and we always had a pretty good time.

We are going to host a cookout either Thursday or Friday, whatever is better for folks. I’ll send some emails out but if you don’t get one that doesn’t mean you aren’t invited it just means I don’t have your fucking email address. Shoot me an email or call me if you want to come. The number is 770-313-3231. If’n you think it’s a bad thing to post my number on the Internet, hell it’s already there anyway. Leave me a voice mail because if I don’t have you in my contact list I WON’T answer the fucking thing anyway but I will call you back. Maybe. Let me know if you want to come and I will email directions. Also tell me which day it should be. I know that Friday is probably the best day for folks since it’s a work day, but since it’s summer time I figured Thursday might be acceptable as well. I can drink Thursday since I am off Friday but I have to behave myself Friday. Not that I get drunk and act stupid or anything, I just get drunk and act stupid. Oh yeah, kids are welcome too. Gotta have small moving targets.

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  1. ….. I’m working on the logistics…… I will let you know in the next few days…. if I come, it might be for only the day and then skedaddle back that night….. but dammit, I want to make it!…

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