…and so it begins

Pete was on the cell phone a couple of days ago chatting with one of her friends as girls do when she dropped it in a bucket of water.

She was watering the plants out front.

And talking on the phone at the same time.

It was the wife’s phone since neither of us believe that the kids should have a cell phone.


Needless to say the wife was not terribly impressed by this. We set it up with the blow dryer on it for 40 minutes or so but no go. It was on when it got dropped and it didn’t have the chance to dry out properly before it got turned on again so the circuit board is fried. A couple of the keys work but you can’t dial out, answer or make calls or do anything else useful.

Luckily I took insurance on her phone when I got it, and the same on mine. In general I believe that you shouldn’t take any type of extended warranty on any kind of electronics as it’s not worth it but with each phone upgrade we get the phones are more expensive and if you are in the middle of your contract and the phone dies you get to pay full retail rather than getting the deal that new folks do.

Luckily for us I took the insurance. It’s a $50 deductible and they have already shipped her new phone out. I did manage to back up her pictures and contacts using Bitpim rather than pay the extra $10 that Verizon rips you off with charges you for transferring the stuff to a new phone, so she won’t have to pay for it.

I still have a bit of phone envy for the new iPhone 3G but I am pretty sure that I won’t get one. AT&T doesn’t offer 3G where I live or work, the iPhone has useless GPS and no Bluetooth so it would just be an expensive MP3 player. What a waste. Maybe I’ll get an iPod Touch instead for Christmas or something. I’m leaning toward one of the touchscreen Blackberrys that’s supposed to be out before the end of the year though. I’ve really grown to like my Blackberry and while the HTML browser leaves a lot to be desired it’s still the best game in town. The only problem with upgrading is that I’ll have to upgrade my accessories as well. Cell phone holsters, extra battery, memory card, USB cable if it doesn’t come with it, the list goes on. The case or holster is particularly important for me. I would prefer to just keep the phone in my pocket but it gets such heavy usage at work that I have to wear it on my belt or hanging out of my pocket. The only issue with that is that I beat the crud out of my phones. My current case has paint all over it, scratches, grease and all sorts of other nasties.

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