Poop Cookies…

The wife has been experimenting the last couple of days with some recipes from Food Network or something along those lines. Check this out…

poop cookies 002.JPG

Looks like someone took a crap on my kitchen counter. I don’t know what all is in them but cocoa is involved for sure. I was quite hesitant to eat it but being the coward loving husband I am I tried one. I always try things the wife makes unless it involves squash.

Here’s a close-up…

photo by: bytehead

Damn, how the hell did that get in with the bunch? Here’s the actual photo…

poop cookies 004.JPG

They are actually pretty good. They are light and crunchy. I don’t usually like my cookies quite so crunchy but they are quite tasty.

…even if it does look like somebody took a squat in my kitchen…

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  • Good morning, Richard. I am pleased Joran gets his hearing today, Feb. 6th. I hope he is released. I think people are foolish to believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty – except in Aruba. There were so many things going on that night – a party on the party boat, boats going in and out of the beach, Jossie Mansur’s illegal immigrant gardener’s illegal immigrant son who was “trolling the beach because his apt. was hot.” Why no air conditioning, Jossie?
    The immigrant son may have been trolling for drugs from Dompig’s drug dealing brother-in-law; the fishermen were there (why was a crab trap stolen if they were there?) – and a fisherman was quoted as saying “nobody was on the beach,” at the time Natalee disappeared, so he had to have been there to see that, but not to see the crab trap or Natalee being stolen. There was a car parked near the rest area near the fishermen’s hut; there was Croes, who was the d.j. on the party boat (he certainly had binoculars and watched the beach); there were people from the island and from the hotels who frequented and purchased drugs from Dompig’s drug-dealing brother-in-law; and there were the Kalpoe brothers who dropped Joran back to his house (I should say Satish) – and Natalee had insulted the Kalpoe brothers when they were in the car after they left C & C. So it baffles me when I hear people being so hateful to Joran and his family. They deserve a break from all this hate and the accusations. If there is proof later that he did something – they should pursue it then. If not, lets be American about this and proclaim that Joran is due the same respect we expect here in America, “Innocent until proven guilty.” With all that going on at that beach, why pin it on one guy there – Joran.


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