Tyson’s Cancels Labor Day Holiday…

In Shelbyville, Tennessee more than half of the plant workers are Muslims. That in itself is no big issue. Other than the fact that they worship a religion that specifically tells them to enslave and kill unbelievers it’s just another crappy religion. The problem lies in the fact that the Union negotiated into their newest contract with Tyson Chicken that in the eight paid holidays workers get off they have to ditch Labor Day, a non-religious holiday for workers and they now get the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr off of work. It only effects union members. Non-union workers still get labor day off with pay.

In addition to the Muslim holiday the Tyson chicken plant in Shelbyville also has a special Muslim prayer room inside. You think their is a chapel for christians or jews? Fuck no. So why should the Muslims be treated any different?

My personal opinion is that Tyson is a chicken business and as such has nothing whatsoever to do with religion and they just need to tell people to take care of their religious bullshit on their own time. I don’t even have a problem with folks taking off special days for their religious beliefs but why the heck should a company have to pay them for their off time? Take a personal day if you want to go pray to some blood-sucking spiritual higher power.

I read a story over at CNN Money last year which tells how some businesses deal with Muslim staff and thought it had some pretty good ideas. It’s kind of a give and take. Tyson should never have signed that contract with the union. Instead, they should allow for the eight paid holidays and leave it up to the individual workers as to which day they want to be off. Their answer is just another way to act like the dumbasses in Britain that are making concessions so as to not rock the boat.

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2 throughts on "Tyson’s Cancels Labor Day Holiday…"

  1. The wife and I were both discussing this earlier and we agree.

    What really pisses me off isn’t the holiday thing. That’s more of a union issue than anything. People that are fucking stupid enough to get involved in a union deserve what they get.

    What pisses me off is the fact that they have a prayer room in the plant for the Muslims but you can bet your ass there isn’t one for Jews or Christians. None of them have any business in a workplace but if you are going to appease one then appease them all.

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