Wordless Wednesday – 1969…



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9 throughts on "Wordless Wednesday – 1969…"

  1. Love the older pictures, you know before the whole digital age. I am sure it was a bit harder to get the perfect shot. Love the bathrobe!

  2. Hrm. I have tried three times to leave a comment. I thought maybe it was just being moderated so I quit trying, but now someone else’s comment shows. HOW?! How did they do it?!

    I just wanted to say how cool this vintage photograph was, and ask if it was from your childhood (I peeked at your profile and saw that it’s possibly you or an older brother in the photo).

    Anyway, have a happy WW.

  3. I love vintage & older photos even if I don’t know who is in them. It’s just awesome to get that glimpse of life when people interacted with each other in person on a regular basis. 😛

  4. I looked in the spam comments and there was nothing there and nothing in the error log either. Very weird. I use a pretty straightforward spam catcher, obviously no captchas or anything like that.

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