Dinner at the Grand Floridian…

Last week I posted about Hollywood Studios and Epcot. The same day we went to Epcot we had reservations at 1900 Park Place (I think that’s the name of the restaurant) at thr Grand Floridian Resort. Since it was a character meal we didn’t want to miss it. For some reason I thought it was an Alice in Wonderland type thing but apparently it was Cinderella and family. Here are some of the photos.

The pictures are pretty crappy. I had not had the chance to experiment with the camera’s lighting settings yet. It’s not like I’m trying to sell them or anything, it’s the memories that count.

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 419

The girls were very happy to see Cinderella but it was the evil stepmother and stepsisters that stole the show.

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 424

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 425

Mean faces…

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 426

Disney World - Richie's Pictures 432

Disney World - Stephanie's Pictures 186

The wife is going to kill me for posting that one…

Disney World - Stephanie's Pictures 188

A very content RePete.

We had intended on going back to the Animal Kingdom the next day as there were several things I wanted to do that we didn’t get to do on our short day there but by the time that last day rolled around I was so fucking tired of being there that I wanted an easy day….The last day of our trip next time…

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  1. I have visited Epcot before. It was a very nice stay for me!! You guys must have had a lot of fun there 🙂 Uve got great pics and cute kids! It took me about 5 minutes to load em all since im on dialup but was worth it 🙂

  2. it’s possible that mariam may not have ever known that there was any reason to worry about this man. he may have been such a good liar and actor, she may have felt very comfortable with him. everyone is so quick to blame the mother. let’s worry about the asshole that killed her son.

  3. You are most likely correct in that assumption. Too often people (including myself) will assume that everyone in the house should know what’s going on but that’s not always the case.

  4. Maybe Christopher did not do this. Maybe he is being framed by Miriam. Maybe Miriam did it. Just because he has a prior record doesnt mean that he did this. He may have been wrongfully accused. Just becasue he was charged doesnt mean he has been convicted. We are ALL innocent until proven guilty. So lets not pass judgement where its not our duty and wait it out and see what happens. I hope they catch the person who did this and the person who did this spends a very long time in prison but that person may not be Christopher Gilreath. Just something to think about.

  5. You might be right about him not doing it although it is obvious he is guilty of not registering as a sex offender as the law requires and had a gun which is also against the law for a felon so let’s say for a minute that he didn’t kill the child. He’s still a law-breaking douchebag who chose to hide the fact that he is a convicted sex offender.
    That having been said, it is our court system that requires the presumption of of innocence until guilt is proven. What does that have to do with me or this website? This isn’t a court of law and the right to a trial by a jury and the presumption of innocence do not apply here.

  6. First off i just want to say your all redicilous except for the one that said he may not of done this. Okay for one he didnt hide that he was a sex offender. It happend in 1996. He was 26 when he was convicted as a sex offender. And first off it was for him being with a 17 year old girl. Not some child she was his girlfriend. Secondly yes with the way cops work and headlines they make it seem like he is guilty. But what you dont know is that the so called good mother according too wittnesses that will testify in court beat her kids. So how about you stop pointing fingers at him when he didnt do anything he is a good man. And i say this because he’s my father. So no he didnt do it. And also the not showing he was a sex offender will be dropped because you only have to for 10 years. And i believe that means after 2006 he was fine. So stop calling him a douche bag. Hes innocent and i hope for once the court system gets this one right and instead of putting an innocent man that looks guilty in jail they put an abbusive mother that killed her own kid and just doesnt want to take blame in jail.

  7. If he is innocent I hope that does come out so that if he is let go. It would certainly suck to be wrongfully accused of anything like this.
    I can certainly understand the fact that the girl (when he was 26) was his girlfriend but the fact is that she was a minor which makes him a sex offender.
    I am not sure if it varies by state but just about any reference I have read is that you have to register anywhere from 20 years to life, depending on the severity of the offense. I believe that after ten years you can apply to have that requirement taken off if you aren’t a level one offender AND can show them that you haven’t committed an offense in the last ten years.
    If the witnesses are going to testify in court then why isn’t she in jail in Gilreath’s stead?
    As a convicted felon he would have been aware that he can’t own a gun. That in itself is also enough to get him locked up for a while and if it really was his gun that was a stupid mistake.

  8. I was very interested in your comment because I worked at the daycare that joshua went to. we were the last persons to see him alive. we know the kind of mother miriam was we want her in jail as much as you do. I hope you comment back because i would like to discuss some things with you such as the dogbite. and some of the events that led up to joshuas death.

  9. I am also interested in hearing more as well. I may be a jerk about wanting sex offenders and murderers locked up but I am well aware that there are a lot of people that are jailed when they shouldn’t be as well and it would be nice to get it right.
    Jeska, I am assuming you are referring to Miriam. I know I’ve received several emails inferring that she abused the children. As someone who worked at the daycare would you care to comment on those accusations?

  10. All I can say is that both Joshua and Maria had multiple wounds on their faces. Miriam said they were dog bites and she said she had the dog put to sleep but on the day of Joshuas death he had another wound on hip lip area both gilreath and pinckney said it was a dog bite. There was no dog when police arrived. this “dog” had been “put to sleep” weeks prior.

  11. i just got back on and saw your comment. i would like to talk to you too. i can tell you about the dog bites. also miriam didnt have the dog put to sleep. theres a lot people don’t know. and about my dad being on the registry, he only had to do it for ten years in the state where he was charged with statutory rape. he didnt know that she was underage she lied to him. it was almost fifteen years ago and he was a lot younger then also. people are calling him a monster but hes a good man. he has three kids of his own that he treats good. he cared about joshua and that little girl. he didn’t harm joshua.

  12. Hey Jeska – I need to talk to you about this case. I am Chris’ defense investigator. Please tell me how I can contact you.

  13. Well im not sure that I could help you much. The only thing that I know about the case is hearsay. I have tried to follow the case because I worked at the daycare about three years ago.

  14. Jeska – Maybe not, but you never know. I’d like to talk to you anyway. You can call me or email me and we can talk back and forth for just a minute or two. Please and thanks.

  15. The autopsy reports said that the boy died in the evening the day before. This alone is enough to convict Gilreath and Pinckney for the murder. They were both at the home and if Gilreath knew the boy was injured and didnt seek medical care for him that fact alone should show what kind of monster he is. As for the “mom” what kind of monster is she? I know if my child was hurt or if some one (boyfriend or not) was beating my child they would have to break everybone in my body to keep me from helping my child. That alone should say that she had something to do with it. Who knows she could have been the one doing the beating. I myself am pissed because Gilreath got a bond and Pinckney hasnt even been charged yet. A BABY is in the ground and the ones who did it are going to be walking the streets. I shure would hate to be the ones defending these two when it comes time to meet God.

  16. Baby. I’d love to know how you had access to the autopsy reports since they haven’t been released yet. The testimony at the probable cause hearing was that the M.E. couldn’t put a time of death on the case. If you have information on this case that I don’t have I’d very much like to talk to you.

  17. O.k my mistake the beating took place the day before. This only proves they had at least twelve or more hours to get the poor baby medical attention.
    (This is the exact article where I got the information, if it is not right it is the reporters fault not mine.)
    “On Friday, Miriam Pinckney called 911 at about 7 a.m., Moss said. Authorities found the 2-year-old boy dead in his bed. Pinckney, Gilreath and the Pinckneys’ other adopted child were home at the time.
    Investigators believe the beating took place in the afternoon or early evening the day before, Moss said.
    At first, the Sheriff’s Office treated the incident as an accidental death.
    “We weren’t sure how bad the abuse was,” Moss said.
    Later Friday, authorities arrested Gilreath on charges not related to the beating. The charges in connection with the boy’s death were added after the Georgia Bureau of Investigation released its preliminary autopsy results Saturday.
    That report indicated that Joshua Pinckney suffered multiple blows to the head, Moss said. He declined to say whether a weapon was involved. Officials are awaiting the final results of the autopsy, including a toxicology report, Moss said. He was unsure when those results would be available.”

  18. My name is not baby – You’re correct that it was the reporter’s mistake, yet the problem is the rush to judgment based solely on what the media tells us. There is no proof whatever that the child was beaten before he was put to bed. None. Moreover, there is no motive nor instrumentality and, again, the M.E. was NOT able to establish a time of death. You have to see the danger in being taken in based solely on emotions. If you were siting on a jury you could easily convict an innocent person. Be very careful in forming hard and fast opinions without evidence.

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