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I mentioned yesterday that I had had enough of Disney by this time. For our last day there we decided to spend the first part of it at one of the water parks and then go to Downtown Disney that afternoon.

I’m glad we got to be able to go. While I didn’t particularly want to go spend a fortune on stuff in the stores there I did want to go do some window shopping and have a bite to eat there. We canceled our dinner reservations at the Animal Kingdom and decided to just eat somewhere at Downtown Disney instead.

Although there is a ton of entertainment and we really enjoyed the several story arcade it’s mostly made up of Disney shopping and boy do they have some stuff to check out.


There were a ton of Disney pins. If you haven’t been to Disney before you won’t know the import of the pins. See the lanyard around Pete’s neck? It’s full of the collectable pins. All of us, including myself succumbed to this and we now have a shitload of Disney pins. You can trade them with some of the Disney cast members for other ones you might want and apparently it’s a pretty lucrative business on eBay as well.

I can understand that. We also give pins to our employees at work and they just love to collect, buy and trade the pins with each other and really love it when they have something someone else doesn’t. I have an entire desk drawer full of that crap at home. 22 years of working for them. I may just have to put some of them up on eBay. The Olympics pins we gave out during the ’96 games might actually be worth something to someone.

Anyway, they all got to get a couple of pins. I think all total I probably spent two hundred bucks on pins and freaking lanyards while we were there.

2766391962_2163be64e8[1].jpgThere was also a store that sold nothing by Mr. Potato Head. It was pretty cool. There were a couple of tables inside where the kids could put together Mr. Potato Head so we let them play for awhile. There was also an area with Star Wars Potato Head and I had to make sure and get a couple of pictures of these guys.

I particularly like Darth Potato Head and the Sith Potato Head.

We let them run around and play in there for awhile and then moved on to something else.

2765546193_bea151017e[1].jpgWe thought about going to the Crab House but then decided on something else. I still wanted the picture of the old steamboat restaurant though.

I think that the favorite part of Downtown Disney for everyone was the Lego store. Man, they had some really cool stuff.

THIS is the Lego guy…

Lego guy and I got to talking for awhile and he was form some place in bumblefuck midwest who quit his life and job to move to Florida and work at the Lego place…

2765546677_3b14199edc[1].jpgLego guy was working outside where they have several tables for folks to build stuff out of. He’s in charge of making sure everything is cool and nobody takes the Legos. He also makes sure to let everyone know that he’s the one with the wheels. If you wanted wheels on your Lego car you had to see him and god forbid you lose the fucking wheels.

I see a fucking serial rapist in the makings…

I caught a case of the crabs there…

2765546767_8e1732b24c[1].jpgMaybe not but it certainly sounded good at the time…

After wandering around we decided to have dinner at the Wolfgang Puck Cafe. It was ok. Pete decided she wanted Sushi.

2765546905_3cac5aacab[1].jpgThe only problem with Sushi is that if you are eating outside and it’s 85 degrees it does
n’t take long for that shit to get nastified.

Even Pete agrees…They screwed up her order the first time but finally got it right. What with the heat and humidity she didn’t eat very much of it.

That was pretty much it. We went back to the resort and may have swam for a while but the next morning we high-tailed it back to Georgia. Unfortunately I had chosen to let them automatically charge me for everything so as to save time so I wasn’t able to ditch the final bill. Since we paid for the lodging, food and park tickets way ahead of time the only stuff I had to pay for was what we actually purchased and any extra meals. I think it came out to around another $1100 so the damage could have been worse.

I love going to Disney but for us the time constraints just kill you. Even with having a week there we still weren’t able to do everything we wanted to without cramming it into 15-18 hour days. I think the best way to go would be to spend about three days in each park. 14-21 days. I’ll have to hock my fucking retirement for that one though…

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