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So I decided to check out Google Chrome and downloaded it the other day to check it out. I am back to using Flock again as of this morning but I am still not happy with it.

I really liked Chrome and probably could have come to use it as my default browser. As a matter of fact I had even set it as default until last night. It is faster than Firefox, Flock and IE 7 (and 8) on my system and used quite a bit less memory. I also like the way it compartmentalizes the tabs and memory usage. If one of them became non-responsive the rest were fine and I could kill the task without crashing down the other 25 tabs that I might have open at the same timr. I was very impressed with it. Using Flock, Firefox or IE for a couple of hours and a bunch of tabs and windows open I usually have to kill the whole process after a couple of hours and forget using iTunes and actually listening to music at the same time. WIth Chrome I was able to not only listen to iTunes but keep several different windows open and working at the same time.

So why the switch back to Flock?

I spent two and a half hours working on a post last night. Several thousand words. Shadowscope was apparently offline for 40 minutes or so for some reason so the last autosave Movabletype had done missed 3/4 of the post. I wasn’t aware of it because my connection was fine. Anyway, I went to publish the entry and of course got a DNS error. When I tried to go back to the previous page most of the entry was gone. I wanted to cry. With Firefox and Flock I can spend an hour or two working on an entry and if for some reason my draft isn’t saved on the server I can go back to the posting form and most or all of it will still be there. I have even used Task Manager to kill flock and when I reopened a new browser window it has saved my entered text. That in itself is worth sticking with to me.

I don’t even mind not having access to plugins. If Google would add in saving of text entered into forms I would switch back in a heartbeat. It’s just not worth losing two frigging hours of work.

I used to use Windows Live Writer to post blog entries but it’s too damn buggy, which is why I switched back to the MT interface in the first place.

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6 throughts on "My Take on Google Chrome"

  1. Hey,How goes it?
    I wondered why there was no new posts,ive been checking in forever and no new ones,LoL
    I understand by your post you are up to your ears in working on the site,
    I am offering because i do respect your site and i know you only deal with the non garbage rule,and i am not perfect and usually want to finish my own things,dunno why,its silly really…….LoL
    But if you need help you can email me shorthand or unedited posts you want to add and i will edit and all you have to do is cc&p from my emails,because i am human and don’t want to post directly but offering because i know you’re busy and it’s as important to you as it is to me!
    The offer stands,Be Safe,

  2. I certainly appreciate. I very well may take you up on it. I also have a way to ‘promote’ comments to a full entry and will occasionally do that as well.

    I’ve been posting, just not as much about Caylee. The last post I wrote about the Anthonys was yesterday morning and I updated it last night. It’s an extremely long page (haven’t found a way to paginate it correctly yet) but you can always find the newest stuff toward the top of the page at

  3. She was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, speeding and resisting arrest. All the charges were dropped after the DA reviewed the video but the woman is suing the Sheriff’s Department.
    Her kids were also left alone in the van for 40 minutes in the cold while she was being arrested. Someone should file child abuse charges against the officer for that as well.

  4. Hey, again, Richard! I don’t disagree with you on any of the points you’ve mentioned on this incident. I would, however, like to add that if we were counting points on either side, I believe the cop would have won for jerking the mom, when she was on the ground submitting, and then rolling her around into the lane of traffic. If ever there was a recipe for disaster that was it. In those actions, the jackass cop put her, himself, AND the children in the car, in jeopardy. From what I have read, that road was fairly busy.
    Did you ever find a picture of the cop? The law enforcement people in the cop’s county, seem to be playing any pictures of him “close to the chest”!

  5. Oh certainly. People are assholes and don’t follow directions. Cops are trained to deal with people like this and are supposed to be much more sensitive to the nuances of the way people behave. Just the fact that he did an about-face and told her that she was under arrest after arguing with him and then dragged her out of the car shows a severe lack of give-a-shit about the people he’s supposed to be protecting. It’s the same kind of attitude that people in government service get after they have been there for awhile, as if we are here to serve them, not the other way around.
    Still haven’t found his picture yet. It makes it easier when they have a Facebook or MySpace account. Will keep looking though. It’s harder to find info about deputies. Local cops within towns and cities tend to do community outreach and visit schools and other businesses and there is usually some type of photographic evidence of that but the deputies, not so much. Same thing with State Troopers.

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