Better Late Than Never I Suppose

Earlier in the year I wrote extensively about Brianna Denison’s murder and the search for her killer. He is still at large and law enforcement as well as Brianna’s family are still trying to bring her justice.
I used to get a feed from the Journal-Gazette but apparently it’s not working for me anymore because I just came across this article about the Denison Blue-Ribbon Campaign.

On Labor Day, tying a blue ribbon around your tree, mailbox or vehicle antenna in memory of Brianna Denison will remind the community of the importance of personal safety.
That’s the hope of Denison’s family and the board members of the Bring Bri Justice Foundation, aimed at making sure all women and children are safe in Nevada. Denison’s killer, who authorities say was a serial sexual predator targeting college neighborhoods, has yet to be caught.
On Monday, the group is launching “Tie a Ribbon for Bri Day” to coincide with school returning to session. Blue ribbons will be available at Reno and Sparks area Starbucks and Scolari’s locations.
Community members are encouraged to tie more ribbons, or replace those that have gotten tattered.
Blue was Brianna’s favorite color. The blue ribbons became a connecting symbol for the community who first searched for her when she was missing, and then demanded justice upon her death.

The foundation had a place flying on Labor Day with a banner that directed people to the foundation’s web site which is the official site dedicated to Brianna Denison.
The vision statement for the Bring Bri Justice Foundation includes:

  • Bring Brianna Denison’s murderer to justice.
  • Promote legislative and legal efforts to increase consequences preventing violent crimes.
  • Promote public awareness assuring the safety of all women and children in Nevada

Go check out the website if you have time and donate as well.
You can mail donations to:
Bring Bri Justice Foundation
PO Box 10892
Reno, NV 89510

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  1. I have a question about the time difference between when Brianna was kidnapped and when they say she died. She was missing for about a month, right? But they are saying when they found her, she’d been dead for a week? Do they think he kept her alive for a couple of weeks and then killed her? It doesn’t make sense to me, but maybe I missed something. Thanks.

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