SecureZIP Express Software Giveaway and Contest

    If you have used computers for any length of time, think about how many companies you know of that have been around for over a decade. I'm not talking about companies like Microsoft or Apple or even any of the application companies like Intuit. All of them have proven histories of course but I'm talking about the smaller guys, in this case PKWare. I've been using their products since the early nineties, most specifically PKZip for DOS and then Windows. They have really come a long way over the last 22 years since they were founded. PKZip was a must-have for old BBS system operators like myself back in the days before the World Wide Web came along and even now Zip is the standard for compression amongst most PC users. Linux fans will take issue with this and while I also like running Linux and use GZip compression Zip is much more well known.

Anyway, on to the reason for the post. PKWare is giving away a free non-commercial license for SecureZIP Express for anyone to download and you can also win some pretty cool prizes in the Decrypt and Drive contest such as a Honda Scooter, bicycles, a Nintendo Wii and Mario Kart for the Wii, gas cards and iTunes gift cards. You can play the game daily in order to try and win one of the great prizes but it needs to be on the computer that you have installed SecureZIP Express and the digital certificate.

To enter the giveaway you need to download SecureZIP Express at and then go to to register.

One of the really cool things about using SecureZIP Express is that you can compress and encrypt your files using a digital certificate so that whoever the file was encrypted for doesn’t need a password. It’s a nice way to carry around files on an SD card or USB drive. Remember the old days of carrying around files on floppy? Thank goodness those are gone 🙂

Anyway, head on over and download SecureZIP and enter to win their giveaway.

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