Such a Slacker

Obviously I’ve moved my header from Shadowscope. I am going to be putting a new one over there more related to the subject of what I’ve been blogging about there. You know, dead people, trailer trash, meth heads. All I have to do is go to work and shoot some photos and post ’em. bwahaha.
Unfortunately I’m not fucking kidding.
Sorry I haven’t put a post up since Helen other than the tramp stamps, although the last two have been nice at least. Need to find a good thong picture for Thursday I guess.
I just received an email from an adoring reader at Shadowscope. hee. Check this out.

Do you ever think that for one moment or one day you could ever write a blog without swearing? Try it. Try to be classy for once. You might just get your message across.
Disgusted by your language.

Well fuck you very much you fucking slut. Thanks for the email Dianne. Did you ever try a day NOT reading it if you were disgusted?
Actually she does have a point though, which is one of the reasons I moved this crap over here and left the Crime Blogging at Shadowscope. I wanted some semblance of ‘professionalism’ over there. It’s hard though some days not cursing about some of the scumbags I write about there.
I wanted to get on and bitch about what a hard week I have had since getting back from vacation but I think I’ll save that for tomorrow provided I make it home before midnight.

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