Happy Thanksgiving!

Hopefully all of you folks out there are having a great Thanksgiving, even those of you who don’t celebrate.
This year is sort of a first for me on Thanksgiving and it’s not a good thing. Those of you that know me from my old site know that I run several restaurants so Holidays are not something I get to spend with my family. We celebrate Christmas on whatever days I happen to be off closest to Christmas. Most years it’s the weekend prior to the holiday. Last year we celebrated a couple of days later. My kids are used to Santa coming at weird times.
Thanksgiving though isn’t a huge holiday in the restaurant business. You get a great breakfast and then it dies around 11am and picks back up from 7pm until about 10. No big deal. I’ve always managed to shoot out of work in time for the family to drive to my aunt’s house in Stone Mountain. This year however, due to my grandmothers health, they are eating at 2pm. I’ll be lucky to get out of work by 2:30 and that’s if my three store managers get all of their shit done on time. I don’t leave until they do. There’s no way for me to make the hour and a half drive to Stone Mountain so this year the wife and girls will be attending without me. Sort of depressing actually. I had to go in to work supper supervision tonight and the entire way to my Bremen store I was cursing under my breath and had decided that this would be my last fucking set of holidays working. It won’t happen of course but I certainly am not very happy about it.
I guess once I get out of there I’ll come home and put up some more Christmas decorations and then take a nap or something. Hopefully the wife will bring me a nice plate of turkey and dressing.

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