Under the Weather and Out of the Loop

It’s been a pretty long and tiring weekend here at the Miles casa. I ended up going to the emergency room late Friday night with a kidney stone which I finally passed earlier this afternoon. It’s amazing how much pain something so mall can bring you. Getting the damned thing out was almost anti-climactic after the weekend. Due to the pain pills that the doctor gave me I slept pretty much 20 hours yesterday, thus the lack of posting here or anywhere else for that matter. Yesterday was the first time I’ve had to call in sick to work in about six years.

I am still pretty groggy and plan on going to bed at a decent time tonight, but I do have a couple of quick posts planned to go up. While I have to be back at work in the morning I also have to pay a visit to my doctor and perhaps a urologist as well.
Just glad to be back on my feet. I though I was dying Friday night 🙂
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