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Updated – For some reason when I set it to registration only things are screwed up. The site has been online for several years and my database is huge and full of crap. Eventually I need to just back up all of my comments and posts and do a complete reinstall of Movabletype. Rather than go that route I have left it set up where you should be able to authenticate using one of several forms of OpenID as well as registering here. Authenticated users get their comments posted immediately, anonymous ones will have to be moderated by me.

Due to the fact that too many people like to call each other names from behind “anonymous” we are going to a membership setup here. It’s still just a normal blog and still free and all that stuff but you will be required to sign in first using a valid email address. You can use whatever moniker or handle that you want or even anonymous but if you are going to be spouting bullshit you won’t be able to hide behind it. Besides, if I get sued or have comment records pulled by law enforcement at least I’ll have a bunch of email and IP addresses to turn over to them and something to protect myself.

It will take a bit of time for the site to rebuild itself completely, so if you try and comment on anything in the next couple of hours it may give you an error. Be patient and if it’s still screwing up in the morning, shoot me an email or text send me a direct message via twitter (the link is on my sidebar)

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