Been Awhile

So I logged in this morning to clean up the several hundred spam comments that have collected over the last few months and realized it had been five months since my last post. DAYUM! I don’t normally neglect the site quite so much. No excuses. I guess between the crime site, work and Facebook I just haven’t gotten over here. I can’t promise but I’ll try and rectify that. It’s not as if I don’t enjoy writing here, as a matter of fact it’s a nice break from all the douchebags I get so much enjoyment making fun of.

So what’s been up since I posted in February?

Still trying to get my pay cut promotion. I’ve applied twice this year so far. The first time I was put on a development plan. I’m currently waiting on my SVP and AVP to interview me again. Hopefully they’ll put me on the list this time. That doesn’t mean instant promotion but it does mean that should something come open it might be offered to me. There are currently about 25 people company wide that are on the promotable list for that level, so I actually have a good chance. Quite a few of them aren’t willing to move anywhere, which narrows the playing field a bit. While I won’t move across country I am more than happy to take anything within about three hours from the house.

My district has been realigned since February, which means I have different restaurants than I did this time last year. It looks like they’ll move me around again at the end of the summer. Doesn’t mean much in itself.

I did get a new mode of transportation though!


2010 Dodge Challenger SE. Just the base model but I’m damn sure loving it. 3.5L V6, Automatic, black interior. I’ve always loved classic cars but with all the mileage I put on them it doesn’t make sense to have anything that’s not 100% reliable. Not to mention the fact that as long as I have less than 100k miles the company pays my maintenance costs, tires, oil changes, tune-ups, brakes, etc… Can’t fucking argue with that. The RT models have a few bells and whistles that they leave off the SE such as fog lights and wide rims. I’ll add that later. As long as I have the dealer do it they’ll add it into the warranty.

I’ll try and stop back in tomorrow or Friday if I get the chance.

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