So here I am. W00t! Three posts in the same month 🙂

Told you I would be back. I really need to post something on the crime blog but I am procrastinating. Actually there are about six stories waiting on me to get it done but I just figured I would stop in here and ramble for a while.

I think I am going to start posting at Shadowscope again. Mostly the weekly memes and photographs that I used to post all the time. Maybe some of the payperpost stuff as well. We’ll see. I’m not too interested in writing reviews on shit I haven’t used but stuff I like? Yeah, I might do that…or not.

Today seems as if it has been dragging on forever. Got up around 4:45 this morning and chugged down a cup of coffee or three while I was writing a post at Sick Crimes. By the time I was finished I had to get my ass ready for work, which was pretty uneventful.

I spent the day in my ‘good’ store today. I always like ending my week there. When I say ‘good’ I mean that I personally had a hand in hiring or training most of the associates or have worked with them for the last decade so they know how to act, they are a team and most of them never call in or come in late. It damn sure makes my day go much smoother.

Perhaps it’s not procrastination that’s kept me from the other site today. I’ve been sitting here for the last twenty minutes just staring at the screen, attempting to finish this post. Guess that means I’m done. Perhaps I’ll get online later tonight.

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