I will be switching this site as well as Shadowscope from Movabletype to WordPress shortly. I have run MT since 2002 or 2003 and while I really like the extensibility of it MT has become more of a pain in the ass than it’s worth. Comment spam has become overwhelming and the only way to keep from having it is to force people to sign up as members. For awhile I used Disqus as my commenting system as I do on Sick Crimes, but MT and Disqus don’t seem to play very well together, thus the fact that you couldn’t get to my posts for a while. My web provider basically refused to help out, just telling me I had to edit the php, which I don’t know shit about.

That’s another story entirely but considering the fact that I pay them $350 a year to host my fucking sites the least they could do would be to fix the fucking problem. Instead I am forced to switch to a blog software that at least I know works very well. MT development is slow anyway and it’s difficult to get the plug-ins to work together at times. As much as I like Movabletype it’s only with a small bit of sadness that I dump it for something modern and useful.

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